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Published on February 6, 2009

Author: harakiri


Slide 1: 06/02/2009 Passive Voice Quiz Instructions : Instructions You will be given sentences. Decide if they are in : the active voice or the passive voice If you make a mistake, you’ll do it all over again So take your time before you answer. The quiz is full of traps, so be careful! Good Luck Do this quiz : Do this quiz Are you ready? Madrasati2010 Of ten questions Don’t forget to read the comments by right clicking the page What voice is each of the sentences given, Active or passive? Slide 4: Madrasati2010 Hover your mouse and click Slide 5: Sorry! You have to do it all over again! Madrasati2010 Everybody wants to be her best friend. : Everybody wants to be her best friend. Active voice Passive voice 1. Madrasati2010 Choose the right answer -- or -- and click it. The car was being washed. : The car was being washed. Active voice Passive voice 2. Madrasati2010 I have been invited to the party. : I have been invited to the party. Active voice Passive voice 3. Madrasati2010 Leila had made a phone call before she left. : Leila had made a phone call before she left. Active voice Passive voice 4. Madrasati2010 She was eventually told the truth. : She was eventually told the truth. Active voice Passive voice 5. Madrasati2010 They have been working hard all day long. : They have been working hard all day long. Active voice Passive voice 6. Madrasati2010 You oughtn’t to do it this way. : You oughtn’t to do it this way. Active voice Passive voice 7. Madrasati2010 I was reading the newspaper at that moment : I was reading the newspaper at that moment Active voice Passive voice 8. Madrasati2010 I have always been advised to work hard. : I have always been advised to work hard. Active voice Passive voice 9. Madrasati2010 You will be applauded soon. : You will be applauded soon. Active voice Passive voice 10. Madrasati2010 CONGRATULATIONS : CONGRATULATIONS Yes you did it. Madrasati2010 Slide 17: Madrasati2010 Abdessalami On_Line

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