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Information about Active Kill Disk

Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Mahugani


Active@KillDisk© v3.0: Active@KillDisk© v3.0 © 2003 LSoft Technologies Inc. Active KillDisk© v3.0 Active Data Security Solutions Are Deleted Files Secure?:  Are Deleted Files Secure? Files deleted from your hard disk are still recoverable. Even files deleted from the Recycle Bin! Do not believe us! See for yourself with these applications: Protect yourself with Eraser Software Active@ UNERASER Active@ File Recovery Overview:  Overview Active@ KillDisk is a compact and powerful utility that allows you to eliminate all confidential data from PC hard drives and floppy disks. Use With Caution Data is erased completely, without any possibility of future recovery. Major Features:  Major Features Conforms to US Department of Defense cleaning standard DoD 5220.22-M Includes the most secure Gutmann’s data destruction method (35 passes) Compact (only 190kb) Runs from bootable floppy disk Runs independent of hard drive Operating System and File System Supports all types of hard drive subsystems: IDE, SCSI, ATA Standard and Customized data destruction methods (up to 99 passes) Command Line Mode allows automatic operation Virtual Tour – Step 1:  Virtual Tour – Step 1 A DOS interface screen guides you through the steps. Choose the hard disk or partition you want to kill and press [ENTER] Virtual Tour – Step 2:  Virtual Tour – Step 2 Set Security Level (Erase Method) Specify other erasing parameters like: Number of passes Verification Errors reporting Virtual Tour – Step 3:  Virtual Tour – Step 3 Added precaution. Type: ‘ ’ ERASE-ALL-DATA Virtual Tour – Step 4:  Virtual Tour – Step 4 Progress is monitored . . . Relax! Get a coffee, it’s a long process. Virtual Tour – Step 5:  Virtual Tour – Step 5 Done ! You can safely put your hard disk in the garbage can or donate it to someone. The erasing report is displayed and saved to: KILLDISK.LOG Command Line Mode:  Command Line Mode As an alternate to the DOS interface screens, type a command line from the DOS prompt: A:\andgt;killdisk.exe –eraseallhdds -erasemethod=5 -noconfirmation In this example, all detected hard disk drives will be erased using the most secure Gutmann’s method (35 passes) and no confirmation is required. If erasing a number of hard drives, create a bootable floppy with a Killdisk command line in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. With the disk in the floppy drive, all you have to do is Turn On the computer! . . . all data inside is gone forever! Why Killdisk?:  Why Killdisk? - DoD 5220.22-M compliant - Standard and Custom Security Methods - Compact-sized application No need to install on hard drive Easily fits on 3.5' floppy disk - Operating System independent - HDD-type independent - File System-type independent - Command Line Mode offers hands-off operation - Responsive Technical Support - Inexpensive solution Only $29.95US per license* * volume sales and reseller discounts apply Contact Us Today:  Contact Us Today Web: Sales: Support: LSoft Technologies Inc Active Data Security Solutions Phone: (905) 812-8434 Fax: (416) 352-7561 Toll Free: 1-877-477-3553

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