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Information about ACSA IDC Pan-european Healthcare 2013

Published on September 17, 2013

Author: CalidadAppSalud



Presentación de la Estrategia de calidad y seguridad en aplicaciones móviles de salud de la Junta de Andalucía realizada por Javier Ferrero Álvarez-Rementería en la cumbre IDC de salud, el 10 de septiembre de 2013 en Londres.

Acredita Mobile Quality and Safety Strategy in Mobile Health Applications Javier Ferrero CIO, Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality  

1.  About mHealth 2. The Andalusian Public Health System 3. The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality (ACSA) 4. Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals 5. mHealth Integration, Personalization and Regulation Contents

2005 near St. Peter's Basilica to bid farewell to Pope John Paul II Introduction to mHealth

St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican on March 13, 2013. A changing world, even if some ancient traditions remain the same. Introduction to mHealth

The use of mobile technologies in  addressing health problems can  transform the way in which health  services are delivered worldwide. About mHealth

About mHealth

Andalusia Surface: 87.597 Km2    Population: 8.302.323 hab. + 21 M Tourists/year Andalusian Public Health System Andalusia Primary Care Centres Public Hospitals Healthcare Professionals M€ Annual Budget (2013) Pharmacies 1.514 48 102.000 8.431 3.602

The Andalusian Healthcare Model Andalusian Public Health System 95 M appointments/year 121 M e-prescriptions/year 8.24 M individual eHR Patient-Centered Care Professional competences Process Management Clinical Management

Public foundation developed by the Health department of the Andalusian Regional Government to promote and develop quality policies in the Andalusian Health System. The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality Knowledge Management Process Management Clinic Management Patient Safety Competences Management Excellence in Management Quality of Care Professional Quality Improved Process Certification Certification (Accreditation)

Accreditation… why? Acredita Mobile To reduce variability To share knowledge and best practices To favour continuous professional development and excellence in care practice To ensure quality care service delivery To improve health centers organization and collaboration To promote efficiency

ACSA Accreditation Model  ACSA accreditation model grants a role to self-assessment in all the programmes.  Continuous improvement is based on the potential possessed by the people and organizations.  Accreditation means getting explicit and public recognition of compliance with the requirements to provide quality care and the beginning of a line of continuous improvement.  Accreditation is not an end in itself, but a dynamic, continuous and evolving process, which provides the opportunity to establish development options to grow in quality. The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality

Certification Activity The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality +27.000 training activities +50 training units +20.900 professionals incorporated into the process of accreditation of their competences +80 web pages +700 Health Centers and Units: primary care, hospitals, emergencies, clinic, management units, pharmacies, laboratories,, blood transfusion centers, etc.

ACSA Acreditation Model International Activity The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality Diabetes Reference Standards Expert Committee Patient Care Best Practices Certification Manual

Objectives - To facilitate learning and continuous improvement of health professionals. - To improve the delivery of health services, bringing best professional practices to the point of care. - To optimize the working time of health professionals, reducing the administrative burden. - To increase efficiency of operating processes of the Health Centres. Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals Development of a mobile application for reaching quality standards and best practices in real and daily work, the continuous improvement of healthcare processes and the accreditation of healthcare professionals skills. Solution

Accreditation in mobility Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals

Improvement through mobility  Bedside information, providing access to tools, utilities and references at the point of care.  Communication area, including a realtime chat with coordinators, tutors and other colleagues in the accreditation process, allowing documents sharing.  Push notifications service and social networks integration.  Access to information resources, such as documentary references related to the process, and links to metasearch engines, based on keywords and subject areas. Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals

Improvement through mobility  Simplification of the evidences submission process, through the generation of drafts; tools to incorporate new proofs on real-time (scanning of documents, voice recording...); automatic creation of reports from self- auditing processes; suggestion, by the app, of different evidences that can be completed using the same patient health record.  Enhancement of the submitted evidences accuracy, by using a checklist with all the requirements that ensure their validity. Creation of a FAQ list.  Assessment process planner, setting milestones and deadlines notifications, integrated with the device calendar.  Secuential self-assessment, according to the healthcare process and grouping evidences by tasks and type of patient Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals

Intel Case Study Acredita Mobile: focus on healthcare professionals

App development, integration and personalization - For citizens: Apps and PHR. - For healthcare professionals: Accreditation and Continuous Improvement. Project “It’s in your hand” mHealth Integration, Personalization and Regulation

Checklist verificationIncident reportingRecuerdaMed Service Connector Citizen health folder Ask about your Health A set of mobile applications to support the quality and safety of health care appointment with the doctor mHealth Integration, Personalization and Regulation Integration E.P.H. Costa del Sol (Malaga) H. U. Puerta del Mar (Cádiz) HARE Utrera (Seville) Recommendations for the design, use and evaluation of health apps mHealth Integration, Personalization and Regulation First reference guide for health Apps in Spanish language worldwide Developers Healthcare Professionals Users September, 2012

Health App Certification mHealth Integration, Personalization and Regulation Evaluation App Library Self-assesment May, 2013 …Sep, 2013 @CalidadAppSalud

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