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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: nicolabenson


Achieving Sustainability Sustainable Development ‘Meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

What Is An Ecological Footprint? ‘It is way of expressing an individuals impact on the planet, usually expressed as the number of planets needed to support the individuals needs if everyone on the planet lived in the same way.’

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Which Countries Have The Biggest Ecological Footprints? Can We Identify Any Patterns? Gapminder World - Website Link

Use an atlas to identify the location of the cities/towns shown in the tables below. Use two different colours to identify those places with the lowest/highest ecological footprints. Rank City Planets Consumed 1= Newport 2.78 1= Plymouth 2.78 3= Salisbury 2.79 3= Kingston Upon Hull 2.79 3= Stoke on Trent 2.79 6= Gloucester 2.81 6= Wakefield 2.81 8 Sunderland 2.83 9= Truro 2.84 9= Wolverhampton 2.84 Rank City Planets Consumed 51 Portsmouth 3.21 52 Cambridge 3.22 53 Durham 3.24 54 Southampton 3.27 55 = Oxford 3.40 55 = Canterbury 3.40 57 Brighton 3.47 58 Chichester 3.49 59 St. Albans 3.51 60 Winchester 3.52

Humanity’s Ecological Footprint Quick Skills Test 1.What was the ecological footprint of the world’s population in 1970? (approx) 2.Which year did the ecological footprint reach 1 planet? 3.What are the consequences of continually living beyond the Earth’s capacity?

What Does The Future Hold?

What can be done to achieve a Sustainable Future? Use the information on pages 163 and 164 to complete the diagram Use the textbook to write a definition of sustainable development here: Education Recycling Conservation One planet future Will technology save the day? Use the textbook to write a definition of ecological footprint here:

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