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Published on May 19, 2007

Author: cafemakers



"Achieve Grande Profits from your Coffee Service" presentation by Andrew Hetzel of Cafemakers at the 2007 National Restaurant Association conference in Chicago

Achieve Grande Profits from your Coffee Service (for not a latte money) Andrew Hetzel, Cafemakers, LLC

Demand exists for better specialty coffee

Restaurants are positioned to take advantage of this demand

Restaurant coffee is not achieving its full potential

We can learn from the specialty coffee industry

Coffee should be viewed as a prepared food

"If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." – Tom Peters

The coffee industry is making money

Coffee is the #2 commodity in the world behind…

Starbucks introduced espresso to mainstream America

The specialty coffee industry is worth over $12 billion annually

Consumer tastes are changing

We're undergoing a revolution of specialization

Coffee is the new wine

Restaurants are positioned to do more with coffee

Don't meet expectations, redefine expectations

Make coffee part of the dining experience

How do we know what's good?

How we taste

We taste with the whole tongue

Sweetness is caused by caramelized sugars

Bitterness is both desirable and undesirable

Sourness is caused by naturally occurring acids

Saltiness is caused by soluble mineral oxides

Try this at home…

Coffee offers the same complex experience as wine

80% of coffee's 1000 chemicals are volatile aromas

75% of what we perceive as taste is actually smell

Acidity adds life to coffee

Fat lipids create mouth-feel

"Cup" is also a verb

Arrange your supplies

Gather your colleagues

Grind each cup

Smell the fragrance

Pour the water

Sample the aroma

Break the crust

Slurp away!

Record your experience

Cool and repeat

Make it work for you

What you get out of it depends on…

Water is 98.5% of your coffee

Dairy is a seasonal ingredient

Don't buy coffee where you buy janitorial supplies

Good ingredients taste bad when improperly prepared

It's hard to assemble a blank puzzle

Automation is a tool, not a crutch

Think individual, think immediate

You can't sell the sip without the steam

Bigger is not better, better is

Do you serve a bottomless glass of wine?

Make coffee an integral part of the dining experience

How do we do this in our own organization?

The experience is only as good as each item

Treat your coffee like you treat your food

You can serve coffee as good as the best coffee shops

You can achieve a new stream of revenue from existing business

Andrew Hetzel Cafemakers, LLC (808) 443-0290

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