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Published on February 29, 2008

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection The ACE Program Plan:  U.S. Customs and Border Protection The ACE Program Plan January 28, 2004 Agenda:  Agenda Introduction The ACE Overview of Releases The ACE Deployment Key Objectives for Modernization:  Key Objectives for Modernization Enhance and protect the supply chain Enhance capability to protect America Transform U.S. Customs and Border Protection The Program Plan:  The Program Plan Creation Start Up Releases ACE Program Plan U.S. Customs and Border Protection Modernization ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Program defined, approved, budgeted and funded Built CBP, trade and other agency governance Established an ACE Secure Data Portal with CBP and 54 importer accounts (as of 1/9/04) Designed Releases 3 and 4: Periodic payment; ACE – General Ledger interface Broker & carrier accounts Automated electronic advanced truck manifest Consolidated inspector portal Truck e-Release EVENTS DRIVING CHANGE: Evolving and expanding mission priorities Creation of The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Realities and lessons from early phases FOCUS OF THIS PROGRAM PLAN Delivery of mission value with high priority functional capability Completion of ACE Development Conversion to a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) enterprise implementation approach The ACE Deployment The ACE Operations & Maintenance (through deployment) Incremental network upgrades ACE Overview of Releases:  5 ACE Overview of Releases ACE Overview of Releases:  ACE Overview of Releases ACE Secure Data Portal:  ACE Secure Data Portal Release 2 – Summer 2003 ACE Secure Data Portal Initial 41 account participants Review CBP entry data in near real time Manage issues and resolve problems more effectively Enable uniform customer support Support informed compliance Provide easy access to summary reports, Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), and compliance rate data National information ACE Secure Data Portal:  Significant Activity Log (SAL) Reports Over 40 download-able reports ACE Secure Data Portal Periodic Payments:  Release 3 – Spring 2004 Initial Account Revenue Periodic Statements and Payments (Monthly) Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Credit and ACH Debit Moves from transaction-based to account-based payments Enables importer accounts to designate brokers to file on their behalf Enables brokers to view entry summary historical data Expands account profile to include carriers Supports informed compliance Periodic Payments Periodic Statement Portal View:  Periodic Statement Portal View eRelease and Truck Manifest:  eRelease and Truck Manifest Release 4 – Fall 2004 Cargo and enforcement processing for trucks eRelease and automated truck manifest, including in-bond Consolidated interface for CBP Officers Transponder and proximity card Expands to truck carriers and their authorized agents initially at seven land border ports: Buffalo, Detroit, Port Huron, Blaine, Laredo, Champlain, and Otay Mesa Enables CBP Officers to make faster, better, earlier decisions eRelease and Truck Manifest:  CBP Officer decides to: As trucks approach border Radio Frequency signal transmitted to ACE CBP Officer at Primary checks ACE screen for results of targeting and selectivity analysis OR eRelease and Truck Manifest Automated Manifest Interface for Air, Sea, Rail:  Automated Manifest Interface for Air, Sea, Rail Release 5 – Spring 2005 Air, Rail, Sea, NVOCC and Deconsolidator accounts ACE receives Air, Sea and Rail AMS data from ACS Entry and manifest data merged for release processing Tracer increases control of the cargo release process Reference information to be made available Release 6:  Release 6 Release 6 – Summer 2006 Entry summary, liquidations, anti-dumping/countervailing duties, reconciliation, and supporting selectivity Automated manifest for all modes of transportation Admissibility process Couriers, sureties, FTZ, warehouse accounts Accepts all major types of entry including reconciliation entries Account management functions Expand to accept all types of payments Account view of export data Release 7:  Release 7 Release 7 – Spring 2007 EVERYTHING ELSE Drawback, full export processing, protests, account management for exporters, processing of regulatory audit Importer Activity Summary Statement (IASS) Multi-Modal Manifest to enable visibility of shipments transferring between transportation modes Expands selectivity and tracer to mail, courier, and pipeline Full Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processing Processing for manifest, cargo, conveyance tracking Deployment:  16 Deployment Deployment Highlights:  Deployment Highlights Goals Complete in December 2007: ACE in every site Minimize disruption to operations Workforce transformation activities Analyze and manage impact on workforce and trade Prepare managers and staff Provide training using instructor-led and computer-based methods Register and track trainees Provide on-site “help” during site cutover Scope 17,100 CBP users 800 PGA users 659,000+ Trade users 508 sites and 304 ports Template for each release Job-based, phased roll out geographically Infrastructure, then operations & tools 90-day pilot, 6-month site roll out Flexible sequence per CBP priorities Deployment By Location:  Deployment By Location Anchorage PORT ROLLOUT Deployment to large accounts and critical, high volume ports will accelerate migration to ACE, leveraging its value ACE Development Process Trade Coordination Focus Areas:  ACE Development Process Trade Coordination Focus Areas ACE Development Process Summary Status Overview:  ACE Development Process Summary Status Overview

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