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Published on March 11, 2009

Author: ssnapier


Army GroundAccident Report(AGAR) : Army GroundAccident Report(AGAR) SGT Scott NapierCompany Safety NCO114th Signal Battalion Goal & Objectives : Goal & Objectives Goal: To enhance awareness of the policies and procedures for accident reporting and prevention. Objectives: Understand degrees of accidents/responsibilities Learn how to fill out report accurately Appreciate importance of timely & accurate reporting Slide 3: 3W's of an accident Why Investigate and Report Accidents? : Why Investigate and Report Accidents? Save personnel & equipment Equipment deficiencies Training deficiencies Determine trends / scope of problems Provide commanders and senior leaders with a complete picture of unit readiness / costs associated with accidents It’s the law/required by OSHA/Army Regulations What is an Army Accident? : What is an Army Accident? Unplanned event/series of events that result in: Damage to Army property Injury to military personnel on or off duty Injury to on duty civilian personnel Occupational injury or illness Injury or illness or property damage to non-Army personnel / property due to Army operations Occurrences That Are Not Accidents : Occurrences That Are Not Accidents Damage / loss / injury due to enemy/vandalism/arson/riots Malfunction of component parts subject to fair wear and tear Non-occupational diseases e.g. hemophiliac or acute bee sting allergy Attempted suicide / homicide / overdose / intentional injuries Infective or parasitic diseases or poisonings Hospitalization for observation only Previous injuries Escaping or eluding custody or arrest Death due to natural causes Classes Of Accidents : Class A - $1Million or more in damage or fatality or permanent total disability Class B - $200K+, three or more personnel hospitalized, or perm. partial disability Class C - $20K+ or nonfatal lost time injury beyond day of accident Class D – More than $2000 damage but less than $20,000. Restricted duty or first aid given Classes Of Accidents Slide 8: Recordable Accidents ON OR OFF DUTY accident involving military or DoD civilian personnel resulting in one lost workday or a visit to a medical treatment facility. (excluding the day of the accident) -- or-- Property damage of $2000 or more resulting from an Army operation. Slide 9: Actions to Take Situational Awareness: prevent further personnel injury or property damage Gather information: a. Date/Time b. Specific location/intersection c. Individuals and equipment involved d. Weather conditions e. Identify the cause (do not admit to fault at the scene of a traffic incident) 3. Contact Chain of Command ASAP Soldier Supervisor/ PSG 1SG/ADSO CO Notification Procedures : Notification Procedures After an accident is reported, an assessment is done as to what type of report, if any, needs to be generated. The ADSO assists the Chain of Command in assessing the accident level. Soldier ADSO CO BDE Safety The ADSO will assist in the preparation of the accident reports, and submit completed reports back to the Commander who submits to the BDE Safety Officer within 14 days. The ADSO will NOT be directly involved in the investigation of an accident he/ she reported. Initial Report via telephonic or e-mail Investigation process with official reports Soldier Supervisor/ PSG 1SG/ADSO CO Who Investigates & Reports : Who Investigates & Reports Your safety Officer or NCO records the incident on DA Form 285-AB-R for all of your unit accidents, on or off duty, except: Class A or B on duty accidents Investigated by U.S. Army Safety Center (USASC) Accident Investigation Team 21st Sig. Bde and NETCOM Safety Office and appointed board Investigations of Class C&D accidents are only conducted when command directed, and they will be conducted by an independent investigator. Accountability for Army Accidents : Accountability for Army Accidents Who initiates report in order of precedence: Unit with opcon of equipment or facility Unit with opcon of most responsible person(s) Unit owning injured person(s) Two DoD Components? Each DOD component shall report its own losses. Slide 13: Immediate requirement for any class A or B Army accident Will be followed up by DA Form 285 for on-duty accidents and DA Form 285-AB-R for off-duty accidents by an Accident Investigation Board Not required for class C or D accidents DA Form 7306 Slide 14: DA Form 285 Requirement for class A and B on-duty accidents Accident Investigation Board Initiated Not required for off duty accidents Slide 15: DA Form 285-AB-R Practical Exercise Scenario #1 : Scenario #1 Read the scenario and determine the following: 1) Is this a reportable incident? 2) What class of accident is it? 3) What should you do now? 4) Complete AGAR if required Scenario #1 : Scenario #1 You arrive at your office on Wednesday, the 21st of December, 2020 and come across PFC Grumpy who had just completed showering after PT. After congratulating him on his 22nd birthday yesterday, you notice a large band-aid on his neck. He explains that he slipped on the floor exiting the shower and struck the edge of a metal chair, and had to have three stitches to stop the bleeding. He was given a 7 day light duty profile and some pain medication by the clinic staff. He was also scheduled for a follow up 10 days later. Scenario #2 : Scenario #2 Read your handout and determine the following: 1) Is this a reportable incident? 2) What class of accident is it? 3) What should you do now? 4) Complete AGAR if required Scenario #3 : Scenario #3 Read the scenario and determine the following: 1) Is this a reportable incident? 2) What class of accident is it? 3) What should you do now? Scenario #3 : Scenario #3 On Monday the 18th of May, 2008 at 1115 hours, SPC Biff Snodgrass 455-67-8901, 30 y/o, male, DOB 10/09/1978, was off duty and heading to a party. He was backing out of a parking space in front of Fred’s Grocery store and had come to a full stop. Before he could shift his car into drive he was struck in the passenger side, rear quarter, of his car by a civilian driver in a van registered to Bob’s Cleaning Service. Local police responded to the scene and cited SPC Snodgrass for improper backing. No injuries occurred and damage was estimated at $250. Slide 21: DA Form 285-AB-R Common Reporting Mistakes Injured person may not be the person who caused the accident - Need report for both UIC Exact Location No ECOD on equipment/vehicles Didn’t use codes from the handout Work Days lost (Block 22a) included days hospitalized Work days restricted (light duty/profile) counted weekends and DONSAs. Block 35 a. & b. - Almost always a mistake was made Described accident in wrong block Who signs?

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