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Information about accessiweb

Published on April 22, 2008

Author: Misree


A Web accessibility Quality Mark in France:  A Web accessibility Quality Mark in France Dominique BURGER Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale chair of the  Association BrailleNet INSERM:  INSERM Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Governmental Research Organisation > 200 labs in France 5 000 employees partnership with universities Association BrailleNet:  Association BrailleNet Created in 1997 To develop research on the applications of Intrenet for visually handicapped persons and to develop services accordingly > 40 member organisations Associations Manufacturers Research organisations Special schools Hosted by University Paris 6 – Pierre et Marie Curie Where:  Where Here Eire An understanding we share …:  Accessibility represents an immense potential for the inclusion of people with disabilities Access to Communication, E-books, E-learning, E-commerce, Tele-working, … More than 20 billions euros are spend every year in France mainly to help people stay home (2,3M people) An understanding we share … A basic concept …:  A basic concept … ‘  A digital information system is accessible when the data and services it offers can be accessed by any user with different technical plate-forms ’ Slide7:  An industrial problem 5 500 public Web sites in France, thousands elsewhere Hundreds of Web agencies concerned Great Variety of CMS systems, Assistive technologies Very limited resources No industrial solutio NoTechnical training No clear policies How to encourage a better accessible Web for all ? To share with you our experience and thoughts:  To share with you our experience and thoughts Find a way in a complex world:  Find a way in a complex world A heuristic approach Slide10:  WAI BrailleNet 1997 WCAG1.0 1998-99 2000 2001-02 WAI-IST WAI-DA-IST WAI-TIES-IST Circulaire Livre Blanc Guide BrailleNet Résolutions, Council, Parliament CIRE AccessiWeb 2003 ADAE Law 11 feb 2005 WCAG2.0 e-Europe 2002 e-Europe 2005 2004 2005 EuroAccessibility Support-EAM Outlines:  Outlines How does Accessiweb works Results Conclusions A Name, a Logo:  A Name, a Logo A name that everybody can understand (in different languages) Human Web Movement (going in) Clear simple « Do respect the WAI »:  « Do respect the WAI » People want a international standard Make them confident Save energy Nothing better Commitment to apply and defend the WCAG Braillenet takes part in the WAI EO activities since 1998 (WAI; WAI-DA; WAI-TIES) A label:  A label People want their efforts be recognised Stimulate competition 3 levels Transparent (criterias are public) Independent (3d party) A gallery Make people think better:  Make people think better Coherence in the message (same concepts, termes, …) Media (surveys, articles, proposals, …) Conferences Expert group Charter Discussion forum Technical seminars Inspection:  Inspection Scope: a limited numebr of pages selected with owners 3 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold WC A AA AAA Criterias 55 92 2-3 experts – at least one blind inspector Detailed report Publishable report (Summary) Code of practice:  Code of practice Country France Provider Braillenet Provider form  Non Profit Validity of Quality Mark 2 years Withdrawal conditions a) if website fails periodic evaluation (12 days time limit to repair) otherwise label is withdrawn ; b) at the end of contract Frequency of controls Mandatory 1 year after awarding, controls may be made after 6 and 18 months (not mandatory) Screening process In addition to periodic controls, complaints from users contribute to ongoing verification Transparency for public a) Label displayed on homepage b) a gallery Pricing Model Bronze (10pages)=2700€ Silver/Gold (10pages)=3600€ prices include 2 year periodic verifications and follow up Data protection Audit certificates (not detailed reports) are published Marketing minimal marketing, BrailleNet notoriety sufficient Publicity   Web site Feedback / Complaints channel website owner has to provide channel for complaints; complaints are received by BrailleNet and transferred to owners (12 day time limit to repair, if not: withdrawal) Results:  Results Accessibility is possible You can obtain from Web developers they respect technical constraints corresponding to accessibility requirement:  Accessibility is possible You can obtain from Web developers they respect technical constraints corresponding to accessibility requirement Accessibility makes usability easier Example: Grand Chalon and Readspeaker :  Accessibility makes usability easier Example: Grand Chalon and Readspeaker Public Recognition :  Public Recognition Accessiweb adopted by the French Agency for the Development of e-Administration (ADAE) as part of their technical reference documents; after a call for comments Web companies like it :  Web companies like it june 2005: 59 member organisations (87 AccessiWeb Experts) Actualys (1), Anazys (1), Arantis (1), ASCii (1), Atalan (4), Axance (1), Beesnet (1), BrailleNet (5), Business Interactif (6), Business Lab (1), CARDIWEB (1), CECIAA (1), CNRS (1), COM CI COM CA (1), Cosmosbay~vectis (5), CYO (1), Défi Sud (1), DRAC (1), DSI - Experts (1), e-dealiz (1), Eolas (1), Equallia (2), Eric GATEAU (1), Jean-Pierre GAY (1), Didier GRAS (1), Pierre GUICHARD (1), IPEOS (1), ITG Conseil (1), Idéal Productions (1), Euro-Information (2), Pascal LANDEAU (1), Philippe LECA (1), Christine LEPROUX (1), Christian LIEVRE (1), MAAPAR (2), Institut Montéclair (1), Neurosys (1), Nexint (1), Open-S (1), Groupe Optium (2), François PALACI (1), pixfl (1), PointCentral (1), Jean-Michel RAMOS (1), Nathalie RANDON (1), ReadSpeaker (1), groupe Reflect (1), Rezonova (1), Rénato SABA (1), Smart Agence (1), Groupe SQLI (6), TBWA-Interactive (1), TDF (1), Tektonika (2), Témésis (1), Urbilog (2), V-Technologies (2), Wcube-eQuesto (1), Webside (1) Influence on the Quality Process:  Intégration graphique et contenu Modélisation Base de données Développement des scripts d’accès aux données Assistance rédactionnelle Tests globaux Déploiement pilote Recette et Tests utilisateurs Modifications Mise en exploitation Version 1 Transfert de compétences Spécifications fonctionnelles détaillées Spécifications techniques Spécifications ergonomiques Paramétrage des outils de recherche Réalisation graphique L a n c e m e n t Validation Validation Validation Mise en ligne Suivi de projet Documentation Design development Exploitation Pilot Follow Up Assistance Analyse des connexions Référencement Décisions sur l'architecture globale du site Choix de l'architecture technique Décisions Sur la stratégie de référencement Accessibility Process Charte de navigation Normative validation User centered design Test : Multi plateform Multi devices Multi browser Multi user More precise functional specification Contents shall be structured Customisation shall be considered Influence on the Quality Process Frédéric Dulac, FR A community of interest:  A community of interest AccessiWeb Working Group 60 organisations (at least 1 expert) Commitments to reinforce accessibility, to respect the WCAG Active in technical seminars Lobbying force Future Challenges :  Future Challenges Large Scale Training International harmonisation ISO Certification ? Large ScaleTraining:  Large ScaleTraining Universities, technical universities Engineering schools Distance training (Experimental) professional training launched with the university Paris 6 in october International harmonisation:  International harmonisation Babel accessibility ?:  Babel accessibility ? AccessiWeb arg&@#@ !!! Drempelvrij... SeeItRight ! Biene Award BlindSurfer ? Euroaccessibility Support-EAM ISO Certification ?:  ISO Certification ? Could be an ultimate goal Complexity Obstacles Many questions Support EAM is exploring that possibility Thank you for your attention :  Thank you for your attention Contact :

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