Accessible tourism from the Perspective of Deaf & Hard of Hearing persons - Muhammad Akram

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Information about Accessible tourism from the Perspective of Deaf & Hard of Hearing...

Published on October 8, 2014

Author: srains



A presentation from ICAT 2007 by Muhammad Akram

1. 1 / 11 “Accessible Tourism” in perspective of Deaf & Hard of Hearing persons by Muhammad Akram(Danish) Founder and Chairman DanishkadahPAKISTAN

2. 2 / 11 Introduction {I Am deaf, and supporting deaf and other persons with disabilities since last 7 years. {I have traveled 9 countries in Asia, middle east and Europe. {Am sharing my experience and observation regarding “barriers”faced by deaf & Hard of Hearing persons.

3. 3 / 11 1. Barriers at embassies ¾The Blind window at reception ¾Pay more if you are Deaf ! Attn: foreign ministries PHOTO N/A

4. 4 / 11 2. Traveling in Airbarriers and good practice ¾Onboard Flight safety Instructions ¾In-flight entertainmentAttn: Airlines Industry

5. 5 / 11 Good practice -Turkish Airline

6. 6 / 11 3. Traveling on landbarriers and good practice ¾Negative Experience ¾Positive experience Attn: Transport Industry

7. 7 / 11 4. In the Lodgings Luxury without safety ¾Safety in emergency ¾Accessibility Attn: Hotel IndustryPhoto: Miles MutiaPhilippines

8. 8 / 11 5. Is it “HALAL” What am eating? ¾Eating abroad and dietary restrictions Attn: Food Industry

9. 9 / 11 Summary ¾Embassies and Consulates (foreign Ministries) ¾In-Flight Safety & Entertainment (Airlines Industry) ¾Lodging Safety & Accessibility (Hotel Industry) ¾Transport accessibility (Transport Industry / Authority) ¾Food restriction (Food Industry)

10. 10 / 11 Question & Answers

11. 11 / 11 Thank you Our eyes listen ~ Our hands speak (akram) Shukria ہيرکش KhobKhun Arigatu Cámon Salamat TiremaKaish Vi naka Tank yutumas Sign Image From PAD

12. 12 / 11

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