Accessibility And Usability

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Information about Accessibility And Usability

Published on July 14, 2009

Author: pavithrans



Accessibility And Usability of both software and the web

Accessibility and Usability Pavithran Sakamuri

Contents • Software Usability • Accessible Software • Software Accessibility • Web Accessibility • Web Usability

Software Usability • Who are the users ? • What you want them to do ? • Accessibility • Naming conventions and Icons • Consistency • Simplicity

Accessible Software • ORCA – A screen reader • GNOME on Screen Keyboard

Orca – making desktop accessible

Software Accessibility • Keyboard Accessibility • Screen reader Test

Web usability • Navigation • Functionality • User control • Consistency • Help • Architectural and Visual clarity

Web Accessibility • Text Browser Lynx • Online Accessibility checkers

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