Accelerometer and LED Sensor Array Based Remote Control Car

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Information about Accelerometer and LED Sensor Array Based Remote Control Car

Published on September 22, 2013

Author: abhi230789



 Project Guide : Prof. Ankita Patel  Project Co-guide : Prof. Kavita Joshi  Group Code : ETC15  Group Members : ANIKET BHOR ABHIJEET KALBHOR ABHIJEET KAPSE

OBJECTIVE  New Control Mechanisms.  Two Controls for a Car.  DUAL-AXIS ACCELEROMETER and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) configured as photo-detectors.

INTRODUCTION  Two-axis Accelerometer used as a tilt sensor  Detects how far the chip was angled from its neutral, (Horizontal) Flat position.  A digital o/p for both the x & y-axes  Which corresponds to how far the accelerometer was tilted & in what direction.

 A custom LED array was also used to control the car.  LEDs - Traditionally used as light producing elements,  They also produce a voltage corresponding to how much light they receive – brighter environments produce a greater voltage across the LED.  An Infrared Distance Sensor – For Obstacle Avoidance

Accelerometer LED Array Microcontroller on Tx Side Wireless Transmitter Module Wireless Receiver Module Microcontroller on Rx Side Motor Drive Mechanism IR Sensor (For Obstacle Avoidance)

FREESCALE MMA 7361L DUAL-AXIS ACCELEROMETER  An Accelerometer measures the acceleration  Used to sense orientation, vibration and shock.  Present in portable electronic devices and video game controllers. The accelerometer (MMA7361 L) by Freescale Semiconductor.


4 BUTTON SENSOR ARRAY  4 LED SENSORS – Forward, Reverse, Left, Right.  To accomplish this, each LED was connected to an LM711 op- amp in a non-inverting configuration.

TRANSMITTER UNIT Figure : Transmitter Schematic (For Example)

RECEIVER UNIT Figure : Receiver Schematic (For Example)

HARDWARE REQUIREMENT Components ATMega32 µC / 8051 µC MC13202 (2.4 GHz Low Power Transceiver for the IEEE® 802.15.4 Standard) X 2 [ZIGBEE Supported] Suitable Antenna (iBall 2.4 Ghz Wireless Antenna) X2 MMA7361L: 3-Axis Analog Output Acceleration Sensor IR sensor (From T.E. Project) LEDs for SENSOR ARRAY Other

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT Software Purpose Diptrace PCB Design Layout Keil µC Programming Flashmagic IC Burning Other ZigBee Compiler & Burner LANGUAGES REQUIRED: 1. EMBEDDED C / ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE 2 . ZIGBEE / SMAC PROGRAMMING IDE

SCOPE OF PROJECT (APPLICATIONS)  Scientific  Military and Law Enforcement  Search and Rescue  Recreation and Hobby

SUMMARY  Importance in the Robotics & Commercial Industries.

REFERENCES  Wikipedia  Using Light Emitting Diode Arrays as  Touch-Sensitive Input and Output Devices – Scott E. Hudson Human-Computer Interaction Institute Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh  - Cornell University  - ZigBee Alliance Homepage

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