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Published on November 6, 2007

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Slide1:  Janet M. Girten Deputy Laboratory Director Forensic Science Center at Chicago October 31, 2006 Slide2:  Forensic Science And Quality Assurance Agenda:  Agenda Personal Background Overview of the Illinois State Police Quality Assurance What is it? Why do we need it? Scientist level Laboratory level Global level Summary Personal Background:  Personal Background Born and raised in Chicago BS Biology, College of St. Francis Passed Chemistry only with the help of Salim!!!!! MS Forensic Science in progress, University at Illinois, Chicago Professional Background:  Professional Background Hired in 1987, Joliet Laboratory Chemist for 4 years First Scientist to be crossed trained in another discipline as a latent print examiner 1996 Transferred to the newly built Chicago Lab Group supervisor of Latent print section 1999 Promoted to Section Chief firearms/toolmark, latent prints 2003 Promoted to Deputy Lab Director Criminalistics-latents, firearms Biochemistry-DNA, Trace Chemistry Slide6:  ILLINOIS STATE POLICE IS THE THIRD LARGEST FORENSIC SYSTEM IN THE WORLD Slide7:  SCOTLAND YARD FBI LABORATORY Illinois State Police Forensic Sciences Command Provide all forensic services that are needed to the citizens of the state of Illinois:  Illinois State Police Forensic Sciences Command Provide all forensic services that are needed to the citizens of the state of Illinois Slide9:  10 Laboratories state wide Rockford Chicago Westchester Joliet Peoria Springfield East St. Louis Carbondale Training Laboratory Research & Development Laboratory Forensic Disciplines:  Forensic Disciplines Latent Fingerprints Footwear/Tiretrack Firearm/Toolmarks Forensic Biology DNA Drug chemistry Trace chemistry Toxicology Questioned Documents Forensic Science Center at Chicago 1996:  Forensic Science Center at Chicago 1996 Forensic Science Center at Chicago:  Forensic Science Center at Chicago What is forensic science? What is the goal?:  What is forensic science? What is the goal? Forensic Science Analysis:  Forensic Science Analysis ANALYSIS TO TESTIMONY:  ANALYSIS TO TESTIMONY Slide16:  STATE OF CALIFORNIA VS OJ SIMPSON That trial was a pivotal point for forensics. :  That trial was a pivotal point for forensics. COURT TV:  COURT TV Continuous live coverage Legal experts Expectation of conclusive physical evidence Slide21:  FORENSICS INTO THE HEARTS AND MIND OF THE JUROR Prior to OJ:  Prior to OJ Defense attorneys would question the police officers on their: CREDIBILITY INTEGRITY After OJ:  After OJ Defense Attorneys now question forensic scientists on their: CREDIBILITY INTEGRITY QUALITY ASSURANCE:  QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality Assurance:  Quality Assurance Quality is defined as accurate, complete and timely analysis. Quality Services begins with the initial contact with law enforcement, continues thru the analysis and ends with courtroom testimony. Quality Assurance program multi-faceted:  Quality Assurance program multi-faceted Forensic Scientist Casework Laboratory Audits System Accreditation Forensic Scientist:  Forensic Scientist Personality Traits Honest Ethical Unbiased Dedicated Career oriented Hiring Process & Ongoing Background checks Polygraph Random drug checks Repeated criminal history checks Annual performance reviews Casework:  Casework Case file reviews Random Reanalysis Proficiency tests Internal External Courtroom testimony monitoring Laboratory Audits:  Laboratory Audits Annual Internal Self-Check/Audit Annual External Audit by Command personnel Annual Quality System Review System Accreditation:  System Accreditation ASCLD/LAB ISO FBI DNA Quality Assurance Standards Slide31:  ASCLD/LAB American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Advisory Board Started in late 70’s 1982 Illinois State Police System first system accredited Reaccreditation cycle: 5 years ASCLD/LAB:  ASCLD/LAB Accreditation process is looking at TWO major areas: Are we meeting all of the criteria? Are we doing what we say? Do we say what we are doing? ASCLD/LAB ACCREDITATION:  ASCLD/LAB ACCREDITATION 151 STANDARDS OR CRITERIA 90 Essential criteria 100% 45 Important criteria 75% 16 Desirable criteria 50% If not successful-remediation and reinspected ASCLD/LAB:  ASCLD/LAB Team of inspectors from other crime labs Prior to inspection, reviews all policies and procedures During inspection, inspectors review case files, interview staff, go through administrative files Slide35:  ISO/IEC INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION/INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO/IEC:  ISO/IEC Headquartered in Switzerland 147 members 1 per country or economy Form committees Write the clauses ISO does not accredit Slide37:  General Req for Accrediting Bodies Guidelines for Quality systems auditing General Req for competence of Testing laboratories ASCLD/LAB NFSTC-FQS-I Any lab including Forensic labs Slide38:  Regional cooperations agree on how to apply clauses ISO/IEC:  ISO/IEC 1999 Forensic Community met in Australia Created “Forensic Standards Document” called Guide 19 G-19 ASCLD/LAB standards Amplification document to ISO 17025 ISO/IEC:  ISO/IEC ISO 17025 100 clauses for testing laboratories Guide 19 151 standards from ASCLD/LAB document Total of 251 clauses/criteria Slide41:  FBI DNA Quality Assurance Standards In order to participate in CODIS all laboratories must be audited against this audit document. FBI/DNA QAS 200 standards all must be 100% met Summary:  Summary ASCLD/LAB 151 standards ISO 17025 250 clauses Guide 19 151 standards FBI QAS stds 210 TOTAL 762 standards Slide43:  Happy Halloween!!!

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