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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: Tommaso


Slide1:  QUALITY OF DRUG ADVERTISEMENTS FOLLOWING THE DEREGULATION OF MASS MEDIA IN INDONESIA Sri Hidayati, Siti Munawaroh, Sulanto Saleh-Danu International Network for Rational Use of Drugs – Yogyakarta/ Indonesia Background: Deregulation of Mass Media:  Background: Deregulation of Mass Media Enactment of Press Law No: 40/1999, publishing permit is not required anymore Liquidation of Ministry of Information which previously controlled the mass media (2000) Growing number of printed and electronic mass media Quality of drug advertisements? Slide3:  Objectives To evaluate ethical practices of drug advertisements To evaluate the regulatory status of drug advertisements in Indonesia To explore concerns of the regulatory body to the ethical aspect of drug advertisements Slide4:  Methods Design: Data collection: Observation of drug advertisements in mass media in 2 phases, before (1996) and after (2003) the deregulation of mass media Interview with key person in National Agency on Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC) Descriptive explorative study Indicators: Percentage of drug advertisements mentioning: Generic name Indication Contraindication Drug price The manufacturer’s name and address Drug registration number Existence of regulation and monitoring system for drug ads Source and Number of Ads Observed:  Source and Number of Ads Observed Slide6:  1992 1996 1994 2003 Health Law 23/1992 Ministerial Decree 386/1994 DEREGULATION: Press Law 40/1999 BEFORE DEREGULATION 1999 AFTER DEREGULATION Chronological events Slide7:  Findings: REGULATORY STATUS Health Law No. 23/1992: Drug information should be objective, complete, and not misleading Ministry of Health Decree No. 386/1994: Detailed rules in promotion of non-prescribed drugs Advertisements are regularly monitored by observing advertisements sampled from mass media. VIOLATION Sanction for promotional violation: written reprimand, instruction to stop the promotion, withdraw the promotional material Promotional violation at National level in 2002: 675 cases, 139 were categorized as breaching the law. Slide8:  Result: DECLINING QUALITY OF INFORMATION IN ELECTRONIC MEDIA In electronic media (radio and television), the quality of information in drug advertisements after deregulation declined, as shown by the falls of all indicators’ values RADIO TELEVISION Slide9:  Result: IMPROVEMENT IN PRINTED MEDIA In printed media (newspaper, magazine and billboard), a marked improvement has been achieved after deregulation as shown by the rise of percentage of all indicators, except the address of manufacturer. NEWSPAPER BILLBOARD MAGAZINE Slide10:  Discussions Regulations have been available for a decade, but the quality of drug information in drug ads is still far from expected Factors contributed: the weak monitoring system, weak enforcement for sanction in cases of violation. Monitoring should ideally be conducted with standardized forms referring both to the regulation and information approved during registration. Efforts are needed to encourage critical attitude to drug advertisements among general public. Slide11:  Conclusions The loosening of publishing/broadcasting permit unlikely affects the quality of drug advertisements Strong regulations on drug promotion are available (Law and Decree), but the enforcement and control system are weak The quality of drug advertisement is more dependent on the power of regulation implementation. Therefore, stronger enforcement and sanctions is urgently needed Slide12:  “Terima Kasih” (Thank You)

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