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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: MarketIntelligenceat

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Wearable Technology Market (Sizing and forecast) 2014-2024: Abstract The study refers to the market for end-products or devices in the following major application verticals –Healthcare (medical and wellness), Consumer (sports & fitness, lifestyle computing & gaming, and fashion & apparel), and Enterprise & Industrial (safety & security, logistics), and defense among others. In terms of products, the report exhaustively covers smart Watch wrist wear ( fitness and special function devices), ring wear ( scanner), smart glasses, HMD/HUD, AR VR enabled headsets, smart textiles, wearable patches and other body worn products. The report has covered more than 300 players involved in the wearable ecosystem. Special insights on electronics component - Electronic and electrical components in all types of wearable devices and products are covered in detail. The wearable technology “market scope” is limited to market for any type of semiconductor device integrated into a wearable device and product. The key components covered and mapped to end use product and devices, include battery storage, memory storage, sensor and actuator, processor and controller among others. The report presents a detailed market analysis of wearable technology by incorporating complete pricing and cost analysis of components & products, product benchmarking, Porter‟s analysis and PEST (Political, Economic, Social & Technological factor) analysis of the market. „Market Classification‟ encompasses segmentation & sub-segmentation of the market by Products, Applications and Geography. The report deals with all the driving factors, restraints, and opportunities with respect to the global wearable technology market, which are helpful in identifying trends and key success factors for the industry. Lastly, the current market landscape is covered with detailed competitive landscape and company profiles of all key players across the ecosystem. The report also formulates the entire value chain of the market, along with industry trends of wearable electronic devices with emphasis on market timelines & technology roadmaps, and market & product life cycle analysis. This report covers a sub-market in this field - the wearable electronic components market in detail, segmenting the market by power supply components, networking chipsets, sensors, actuators, controls and displays & optoelectronics. This report‟s market scope canvasses the trend of wearable electronic products including the market for wristbands; Nike+ fuel band,

smart goggles (with display technologies along with HUD & HMD), footwear (including special ones with activity tracking sensors), clothing & apparel (including smart textiles) and others (ring scanners & neck-wear) for different applications across all industry verticals. The report also gives an overview of technologies into the field of computing, positioning (GPS, digital compass), networking (Bluetooth, NFC, ANT+), sensors (accelerometers, MEMS), displays (HUDs and HMDs) and image and speech recognition technologies. New & upcoming trends in this field such as wearable electronic devices with Multifunction capabilities and wearable mobile & wireless health applications are also considered along with fitness & sports, entertainment & multimedia, and enterprise & industrial applications. Lastly, the wearable technology market is segmented by geography across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and ROW (Rest of the World) and further sub-segmented by countries.

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