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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: pduranospina

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Abstract INACSL 2014... Orlando . Formación de facilitadores en simulación hacia el SIM-Coaching y SIM branding Creación de la marca personal, trabajo en equipo y liderazgo...la actitud para hacer apropiación de tecnología, socialización de standards de alta calidad y creación de equipos de alto desempeño en simulación

SUBMISSION ABSTRACT INASCL 2014 Creating the Personal Sim-branding: To promote the Sim-facilitator profile as an experience in S+EI (social and emotional intelligence) towards clinical simulation integrated Sim-coaching: for clinical simulation´s facilitators based on profiles of the actors of “Monster University Film” as a prebriefring Track 1: Lab Coordinator Novice Podium Presentation Author: Patricia Durán, MSc. Microbiologist. MSc.Education Coordinator of Centro de simulación integral en salud. Coauthor: Rocio Quintero. Director of Nursing Program pduran@funandi.edu.co Phone contact 0573173008135 Fundación Universitaria del área Andina. Pereira. Colombia, South America. ABSTRACT a) Background/Objectives: Not all simulation facilitators have the same “Sim-profile” and also not all health educators and nurses have been involved on simulation yet, perhaps because they doesn´t know their benefits, or they are afraid to change their methods of facilitation or are afraid of facing the technology. There is little evidence published on training towards personal Sim-brand: the personal branding of each simulation facilitator can be reinforced and developing using construction of scenarios, innovation and researcher program. It is main important to recognize the profiles of each facilitator, motivated and help them to auto-motivation, improve their own attitude towards sim-labs, creating a senior Sim-leadership teams around projects is the main initiative of this project. In order to protect patient safety, design scenarios, creating innovative materials, handle technology, create virtual scenarios y perform simulation design, leadership coaching conflict resolution, forming critical judgment and allow effective and affective communication, is required to have a team working together in the lab, the most important is to training them, because the human resource in the Sim-labs are our facilitators. Most of the training of Sim-labs is often focus on new technology, moulage, ways to create scenarios but our main objective of this job is to design “High fidelity coaching scenarios” to training also them in the concept that we call: SimCoaching, Sim-leadership and Sim-Branding.

Improving the communication, coaching and team work, motivating to the leadership and in the same way, using the standards published by the INACSL, the rubrics, evaluation forms based on profiles, and moulage scenarios creation. By means of the profiles of the characters in the movie Monsters Inc. University, (MS. Squibbles, Mike Wazowsky, Professor Knight, the simulator, James Sullivan, Dean Hardsrabble, Randy Boggs, Don Carlton, Terry Perry, Art) created by Disney, Pixar ID, designing instruments in Google drive, making videos HFS profiles creating characters and scenarios for these trainings. The human resource is the most important at the Sim-Labs According to Dr. Jennifer Kahannweiler, the author of the introverted leader, avoiding Conflict, give some ideas, about human resources, specially woman in know how to manage the healthy conflict that is natural and necessary to generate new ideas. That makes it particularly hard for introverts, who tend to keep their opinions to themselves, to contribute to conversations around big decisions. In the same way, Sim-labs needs: Observing, Providing feedback, Priorize, Questioning to encourage self-discovery, Leading Communicating, Trust-building, Problem definition and problem solving, Decision making and Conflict management.” (Donner & Wheeler, 2009) and creating a Sim-Personal branding, each facilitator can help to improve the team work by means of coaching agreements: Co-creating the relationship: establishing trust and intimacy with the client (Student), Communicating effectively: active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication; and Facilitating learning: creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal-setting, managing progress and accountability.” (Donner & Wheeler, 2009, p. 27) Using the Lasater rubric (Lasater, K. 2007) for clinical judgment, some categories as Noticing, Interpreting, Responding, Reflecting, Exemplary, Accomplished, Developing, Beginning are applied to the coaching scenario, in the same way it is possible to share and divulgate a good Sim-relationship and interdisciplinary teams for Sim-projects. b) Methods/ or practice used Pre-briefing: Orient in goals about Sim Coaching. Set the instrument design in Google Docs about Sim-Facilitator profile. Watch Monsters University Inc. And videos at our Youtube Channel prepare for this scenario. (Spanish version adapted for the authors). Each facilitator select the profile according to his/her perception of the profiles and print the ID at Monsters University ID Maker by PixarPlace.com: PREBRIEFING: Time 2 hours. 1. See Instructions and Objectives of the job at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXXUj20RqA 2. Watch the Film: Monsters University Inc. and the next orientation HFSV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgqB4Yws3-k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXXUj20RqA 3. Respond the next survey Design on Google Docs: 4. Print Personal ID at http://www.pixarplace.com/mu-id-maker/ Student: new in simulation Faculty: Experience in Simulation 5. And read chapter four, five and ten of the Sim-e book: http://issuu.com/patriciaduranospina/docs/simulacion_facultad_de_salud_final

BRIEFING: Time: 1 hours: 1 Unit at CSIS Centro de simulación Integral en salud, 1 Facilitator. Construction of the scenario for 15 to 20 students 1. Plush monsters Inc characters 2. Cards with profiles of Monsters Inc. 3. Multimedia, videos and Sim e-book, personal branding. 4. Power point Sim-branding, Sim.coaching, Sim-leadership. 5. Computer for Project 1: Construction of EHR (electronical hearth records) 6. Computer with 3d Animations of Radiology 7. Print Guides and rubrics Adapted to Spanish, Online Elsevier Sim- standards INACSL. Prepare for these discussions (preparation is another introvert sweet spot) by using a process called AEIOU. Social and emotional intelligence (S+EI) is the ability to be aware of our emotions and the emotions and concerns of others and to use that information to manage ourselves and our relationships, both in the moment and over the long term. Early emotional intelligence (sometimes written as EQ) researchers and theorists included Peter Salovey, John Mayer, David Caruso and Howard Gadner, aka the father of the concept of multiple intelligences. In 1995, Daniel Goleman, change the concept to IQ. Cognitive intelligence. With the use of Sim-AEIOU: A – Acknowledge the other person’s intentions E- Express your thoughts and feelings I – Identify your proposal O- outline the benefits of the outcome U – understand and be clear about your mutual action steps Describing the principles and elements of Sim-Integral Coaching, an innovative methodology based on interactive participation alliance. With case studies, dialogue coaching, tools, exercises in self-awareness, personal growth and help to others. Designed to develop Integral Coaching skills who want to enter the world of coaching or simply benefit from the fundamentals of Integral Coaching to creating the personal branding of the sim-lab facilitator. DEBRIEFING Using the sixth generation, called: "Indirectly Front-Loading" that allows the facilitator noted contradictions within the process to encourage participation and learning about the same development. Levels of Professional Facilitators skills and visions in each process, will be key to capitalize the experiences of experiential workshops, in moments of inspiration that become Debriefing sessions in commitments for action. According to "Debriefing Yturralde Model" (Yturralde, Ernesto) of the 4 Elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire, model which evolves from the "experience" with the support of powerful questions, ranging in several stages: observation, reflection, adaptation or contextualization and application, thereby converting the "experience" to "experience" to elicit at different stages of processing.

c) Findings/ or evaluation data To discover that each Sim-facilitator, has their own “personal sim-brand”, the selfrecognized and reflected in the other to achieve common goals, understand the limitations, build capacity and create their own brand within the Sim-lab is the time and needed to encourage and motivate and auto-motivate and be more effective through the positive and effective Communication, creating attitude and which is recognized in the other outcomes that strengthen the profile of clinical simulation facilitator. By means of using some preferences as quiet time, calm reflection to become more selfaware and clearer about the positions and motivations of others. Being assertive and confident can be a mental game in sim-labs and also can replace negative thinking on a positive thoughts. When facilitators are tempted to doubt yourself and your competency, use breaks to recharge by taking a calming walk or writing in your journal. Make Time For Face Time Focused conversations are the best format for solving problems, working through conflicts and asking for what you need. Diversity experts tell us that a key way to overcome bias is to get to know someone different on a personal level. This means engaging in honest, open, and direct communication. Discussions that don’t happen in large groups but do off the factory floor and outside the conference room are more effective. When you ask for and give feedback to your teammates or boss, you build trust and get results. d) Conclusion/ Implications New simulation facilitators, not only nursing but other health programs around the world are uniting to become facilitators and educators in Sim-labs. Designing these scenarios can break the ice, give confidence, no fear and awaken attitudes using the same methods of facilitation provided to the actors in simulation. Likewise to integrate work teams must comply depending on the common goal. If the laboratory is in an innovation project, the profiles are not the same , if you are thinking or moulage multidisciplinary research or be a teacher training center in simulation. Then form high performance teams depends of the institution´s needs and must be improving in context of the overall lab objectives. Currently emotional intelligence and personal branding are important tools for shaping high performance teams. You're worth a center or a laboratory with the best technology implemented if there is no one route the processes. Train human resources simulation center , motivating , and playing is the most valuable because allows them to discover for themselves their skills as facilitators recognize the standards , glossary , create their own experiences and know the terminology used in clinical simulation in health . Those who have had the opportunities to see the movie Monsters Inc. Disney Pixar University and are working with simulation have felt any form of identification other with some characters, scenes and the movie content. And this is the time to build innovative scenarios to training facilitators and do it on the house host ... of this event: Disney ! ! . This work in turn allows coordinators, teachers and students are motivated and become multipliers be known as creators of their own brand in simulation , reassessing their

methods of facilitation , evaluation, creation of scenarios and their attitude towards the simulation. It is expected that after these workshops: They improve teamwork, innovation output, scenarios, simulation inclusion in curriculums as improved knowledge on simulation for new trainers. In the same way, it permits to disseminate the standards and terminology and work for goals and strengthen research. This will help the coordinators and managers to self-Sim labs sustainability and to create reproducible scenario in all sessions. Use Networking Smarts: Quiet influencers use both social networking and traditional faceto-face networking strategies to be effective e) Relevance to conference themes According to theorists: Emotional inteligence includes some organizational spheres: spheres of being: emotions, body, lenguage, and three spheres for human:Being, having and doing. According to all objectives to construct innovations, future opportunities using Evidence-Based-practice, explore strategies to integrate technology into curriculum and practice, it is so important to motivate the human resources. To know the profile of your team, and each facilitator needs to print his/her own personal Sim-Branding, and in the same way join to a team Sim-coaching group for best production, and to improve de performance inside each unit and curriculum. Also, this is the challenge for the coordinator of the sim lab to program training on Sim-coaching, Sim-branding and make innovation on this field, to integrate interdisciplinary teams groups. Just with a motivate human resource and facilitator profile, working on a Sim-coaching is possible to create experiences toward new innovations in simulation and/learning resources while you re-visit some tried-and-true methodologies. Facilitators motivated can also integrated in the future simulation opportunities using Evidence-Based Practice and help to determine new directions for simulation and learning resource centers, explore strategies to integrate technology into curriculum and practice. References: Clinical Simulation in Nursing – June 2013 (Vol. 9, Issue 6, Supplemet, Page ii- iii Doi. 10.1016/j.ecns.2013.05.008). Flanagan Brendan. 2008. Debriefing: Theory and Techniques. In: Riley RH. Manual of Simulation in Health Care. Oxford. Pp 155-170. Goleman, D. Kahnweiler. J. The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength. June 1st 2009. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Lasater, K. (2007). Clinical judgment development: Using simulation to create an assessment rubric. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(11), 496-503 Tanner, C. A. (2006). Web-graphy: http://www.nursinglibrary.org/vhl/bitstream/10755/291009/1/McQuiston_Linda%20Smith_5395 4.pdf. Consulting on August, 2013. http://www.debriefing4.com/. Consulting on September 29, 2013 http://www.pixarplace.com/mu-id-maker/. Consulting on September 29. http://issuu.com/patriciaduranospina/docs/simulacion_facultad_de_salud_final. Consulting on August, 2014. http://leanin.org/news-inspiration/quietly-leaning-in-tips-for-the-introvert/. Consulting on October 2 2014. http://www.coachfederation.org/. Consulting on August 6, 2013. http://issuu.com/internationalcoachfederation/docs/0813cw. Consulting on October 13 2.13. http://issuu.com/internationalcoachfederation/docs/0813cw. Consulting on September 2, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXXUj20RqA. Consulting on September 29, 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgqB4Yws3-k. Consulting on September 29.2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDXXUj20RqA. Consulting on September 29, 2013.

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