Absolutely Beautiful Spots in Singapore That You Can Actually Dive In

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Information about Absolutely Beautiful Spots in Singapore That You Can Actually Dive In

Published on October 19, 2018

Author: benedict10796

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slide 1: Absolutely Beautiful Spots in Singapore That You Can Actually Dive In Among number of water activities to keep you entertained and engaged scuba diving is one of the most preferred by many people. If you are in Singapore and want to enjoy the ultimate excitement of diving then you have chosen the right location. You will certainly enjoy the best diving experience which will also make it a memorable one to you. You can shop varieties of quality ​Diving Equipment ​​ ​​at the ​Dive Shop Singapore. ​​ ​​These products are of best quality that they guarantee safe diving. You can find different brands and the latest collections of ​Scuba Diving Equipment ​​ ​​at the shops in Singapore. If you are looking for the best location for scuba diving in Singapore then here follow the best places to choose: ● Pulau Hantu: ​​ This is one of the popular locations for diving in Singapore. Located in the Southwest corner of Singapore you can find low tide. The visitors to Pulau Hantu can walk between the two islands Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil. ● Singapore Wrecks: ​​ Sudong Wreck which lies 15 meters/50 feet of water will offer the strong currents that makes diving at slack tide. Whereas the Sisters Wreck or MV Iran Sarai is 50 meter/165 foot freighter that lies upside down at 18 meters /60 feet close to the Sisters Island is an other remarkable place to choose for diving activities. ● Pulau Salu: ​​ This is the small island on the South of Jurong Island. You can find many coral formations on the coast and this is a familiar place for scuba diving in Singapore. You can seek sharks dolphins and slide 2: barracudas in this island. Whilst talking about the current it is quite strong and you need to have some experience to handle it. ● Pulau Jong: ​​ This is a tiny island with rich marine life and reefs filled across. You can see parrot fishes and black-tip sharks in this island which are rare to be found anywhere else. The size and location of Pulau Jong creates strong and tricky current that are up to 3 knots. However due to the presence of choppy water during bad weather condition you need to check before you dive. ● Labrador Reef: ​​ This is located on the last stretch of coral reefs mainland. This is a popular spot for recreational divers and nature lovers who love to explore natural shore. You can see many interesting lives even at high tide

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