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Published on April 30, 2008

Author: Panfilo

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Winter Alpine Physics Alexey Abrikosov, jr. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia Andrei Varlamov COHERENTIA, CNR-INFM, Rome, Italy Speed scales:  0 50 100 150 200 250 km/h Speed scales Speed skiing:  Monte Rosa glacier under Matterhorn; Maximum gradient — 62° Speed skiing Speed skiing tracks:  Speed skiing tracks Free Fall:  Free fall from 1000 m Free Fall Wind tunnel:  Wind tunnel Physical factors in speed skiing:  Gravity and angle Air drag Friction Physical factors in speed skiing Bobsleigh & Luge:  The sport of bobsleigh began at the end of 19th century when the Swiss attached a steering mechanism to a toboggan. In 1897, the world's first bobsleigh club was founded in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Eugenio Monti (Italy) won 11 world championships (1957–1968 ); Bobsleigh & Luge Track and speed:  Track and speed Addends of victory :  Addends of victory Push Ride Win! Centripetal versus centrifugal:  Centripetal versus centrifugal Physical factors in bobsleigh:  Initial impulse Gravity Air drag Friction Optimal trajectory Physical factors in bobsleigh Slide14:  Luge speed record 139.4 km/h Tony Benshoof The problem of optimal trajectory:  The problem of optimal trajectory What is the fastest way from A to B? Is the straight way faster? Brachistochrone:  Brachistochrone What is the path of quickest descent from A to B? The minimal time problem Other minimum principles:  Other minimum principles Brachistochrone — minimal time problem Cycloid:  Cycloid Johann Bernoulli, 1697 Alpine Skiing:  Alpine Skiing Special Slalom:  Special Slalom History of skiing:  History of skiing Cave drawing from Eastern Russia. (between 7000 and 5000 B.C.) Telemark skis.:  Telemark skis. New skis were shorter (about 2 m 40 cm) than other skis used at that time. Sondre Norheim (Telemark County, Norway, XIX century) Fridtjof Nansen:  Fridtjof Nansen Norwegian arctic explorer, zoologist and statesman; Nobel Peace Prize 1922. 12 times national champion in skiing; World record for one-mile skating. 1890 — book On Skis Over Greenland The first to cross the mid-Greenland ice cap on skis (1888). Nansen Gallery:  Nansen Gallery Telemark turn:  Telemark turn Basics of alpine skiing:  Basics of alpine skiing Ski robots:  Ski robots Skidding:  Skidding Work against friction A is proportional to swept area S Carving revolution of 1990-ies:  Carving revolution of 1990-ies Optimal trajectory:  Optimal trajectory With and without friction:  With and without friction Swing and parametric resonace:  Swing and parametric resonace Carving and acceleration:  Carving and acceleration Center of mass in motion :  Center of mass in motion Cross-country versus Alpine:  Cross-country versus Alpine Cross country Alpine Acceleration:  Acceleration What it looks like:  What it looks like Ivica Kostelic, World Champion in slalom, 2003 Altitude loss and speed gain:  Altitude loss and speed gain Speed control :  Speed control Passive — skidding and carving; Active — flexion–extension. Energy pumping:  Energy pumping – Physical factors in alpine skiing:  Physical factors in alpine skiing Gravity Air drag (downhill, GS, SuperG) Friction (skidding and carving) Optimal trajectory (slalom) Flexion-extension (slalom, GS) Gallery of Alpine Glory - I:  Gallery of Alpine Glory - I Gallery of Alpine Glory - II:  Gallery of Alpine Glory - II Gallery of Alpine Glory - III:  Gallery of Alpine Glory - III Acknowledgements:  Acknowledgements Yuriy Preobrajenskiy Slide46:  Skiing is not the bliss but a perfect substitute

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