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Information about Abraham the great nation

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: jericzabs

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   Leave his country Leave his kinsfolk Leave his father’s house

   Make him a great nation Give him numerous descendants Make him a great name and a blessing to others

Land: God promised to give Abraham a vast amount of land, the boundaries of which are promised to make Abraham a great nation  Kingdom: God promised to make Abraham a great nation  Blessing: God promised that, in Abraham’s seed, all nations of the earth will be blessed 

Abraham is a man of faith  He believes and obeys even if, to him, promises seems unattainable 

God wants to save the people of the world  He gives people an opportunity to gain salvation  Rite of circumcision Rite of initiation: Baptism (Christianity; Trinitarian Formula) 

God call and blesses Abraham and he moves west into Canaan  Abraham risks the promise of a son by taking Hagar to bear Ishmael  Abraham shows his blessing by interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah  God gives the blessing of a sin, Isaac, and sends Ishmael away  Abraham sacrifice Isaac in Obedience to God 

Descendants  Promise of nation  Sense of generativity 

 To sacrifice his only son, Isaac Silence of Abraham Obedience (less compliant) a) Promised son/child b) Descendants c) Sense of generativity (desire to be remembered)

   Rising early (excitement) Wood + fire (willingness) Brought along companions (sense of security)

Angel • Symbolic for God’s intervention Abraham • Courageous, determined, confidence Reward • Fulfillment of promise

God calls certain individuals life the patriarchs to offer his saving plan for all  God’s salvation is for free  Our response to God’s salvation is faith  God called Abraham to bring about salvation not only to his descendants, but for many  Abraham is blessed to be called our father in faith 

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