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Published on March 10, 2009

Author: flashbackflip

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We establish the place for media-art and creativity development, using the unique space called ‘The Big Wine Storehouse’ at the ‘Winzavod’ art-complex

With the support of scientific, social and cultural organizations we unite youth making it possible for them to implement their projects and develop new ones

We form the interactive environment combining academic art, pop culture and experimental tech

abracadabra aBrAcAdAbRa Electronic music and media-art festival © 2009 НП «Абракадабра»

subject Music — a universal, pre-lingual means of communication, which possesses a magical ability to unite people

research instrument and form Technology — a contemporary reality-modeling apparatus Media-art— an experiment devoted to science and art synthesis

Mission and Purpose Development of music and media-culture in Russia Integration of Russian audio-visual culture into a worldwide context Exchange of experience, ideas and tech know-how Research into new ways of using tech in art Creation of a platform for new music and media-art talents

A brief history of the festival 2004 2007

abracadabra 2004 • 1 day • 20 musicians and media-artists [from 5 Russian cities and 5 countries] • > 2000 attendees • Guerilla marketing only [stickers] • First time there was the art exhibition called «Synesthesia»

abracadabra 2007 • 3 days • 4 stages • 114 musicians and media-artists [7 Russian cities and 10 countries] • > 5000 attendees

Info partners

abracadabra 2009

the concept evolution new capabilities

social mission • Following the state tendencies, we support able art and tech youth • Consolidating the community of active creators in the field of music, tech and media- art, we provide the opportunity for the promising developments to be implemented • We make creation and education trendy 2009 - the year of the Youth and even opportunities

description •We establish the place for media-art and creativity development, using the unique space called ‘The Big Wine Storehouse’ at the ‘Winzavod’ art-complex • With the support of scientific, social and cultural organizations we unite youth making it possible for them to implement their projects and develop new ones •We form the interactive environment combining academic art, pop culture and experimental tech

the space green link is active • ‘The Big Wine Storehouse’ at the ‘Winzavod’ art-complex • unique space with six galleries and one big room and it’s suitable for exhibiting several media projects simultaneously 2 500 m2

festival schedule april 2009 - june 2009

festival description • Young musicians and media-artists work together in creative groups to implement their common projects • Each group works in the Big Wine Storehouse for the duration of one to three weeks, making the space ‘media-activated’ • After the preparation process the group throws a party to present the achievements • Some really experienced artists work with groups as counsellors • Three stages of multimedia activations leads to the full-scale international festival with all the young media-artists and the headliners as even participators of the fest. • In September - the most active month for our target audience - we launch a concert of the worldwide electronic music scene guru

festival schedule september april may june creative laboratories [AbraLive] festival concert [AbraFest] 1 session 2 session 3 session [AbraShow] 1 day 2 day 1 day 2 scenes

creative laboratories [AbraLive] 7 000 expected visitors •Creative groups work with the global concept in mind: New capabilities’ • ‘Evolution. • Themes of the sessions are unified with the ideas of scientific, spiritual and creative development of society and human being • Possible key-messages: • human - space; water - information; the Earth - organism; action - reaction; personality - process; thought - wave

curators of the festival green links are active • Musical program curators • Andrey Smirnov [the founder and the director of Termen-center Moscow Conservatoire affiliated] • Keith Fullerton Whitman [american composer and tutor at Berkley University] • Sergey Kasich [Love Live Electronic / D.I.Y. форум] • Visual program curators • Vadim Epstein [russian video-artist] • Piter Tolly and Graham Daniels [Addictive TV]

AbraLive for kids •While the creative groups are assembling their projects we launch series of master-classes for kids •The purpose of these classes is to acquaint youth with the tools and techniques of the new and contemporary media-art creation process •We work with the already-formed art and technical hobby groups, but the classes are open for everybody’s attendance •The classes are colloquium in their nature

international festival [AbraFest] 5 000 expected visitors green links are active • The festival is two days long and it consists of academic concert, interactive installations exhibition made during [AbraLive] and headliners’ show • Main feature of the second day is the headliners’ show which takes place at the adjoining Winzavod space called the Big Hangar 2 day - dance/exhibition 1 day - concert/exhibition 2 scenes • Steim (Holland)_/experimental • Autecrhe (UK) /idm • Doravideo (JP) /audiovisual /drums • Burial (UK) /dubstep • Little Boots (UK) /mixed-media /experimental • Love Live Electronic (RU) /D.I.Y. /experimental audio • проекты AbraLive • Simian Mobile Disco (USA) /electro /psychedelic • Вячеслав Колейчук (RU) /свето-кинетические • Ito Atsuhiro (JP) /audiovisual /optotron скульптуры • Bogdan Raczynski (UK) /techno /jungle • проект Reactable (SP)

concert [AbraShow] 3 000 expected visitors • In September - the most active month for our target audience - we launch a concert of the worldwide electronic music scene guru APHEX TWIN • The show attracts people aged from 19 to 40 - creative, technical as well as artistic, club attenders, young professionals, media persons

Partnership together we can do more

the unique ability • Contemporary avant-garde and intellectual hi-tech culture becoming mainstream quite fast • Now - when this culture is still changing- is the precious time for a decent brand to be integrated into it

the concept of partnership • We are interested in partnership with an IT/Telecom or other contemporary and developing brand • We want to put the most advanced creative ideas into action while brand is adequately integrated into the festival context • The uniqueness of the festival positioning [which is the Most Advanced Music and New Media Fest] and the space it will be implemented at gives us ability to put brand in the media-universe of the festival and into the minds of the attenders and participators

partnership reasons • Supporting the project reveals social concern of the brand in-line with GR support • Participation in this interactive creation experiment stresses interest in development newest culture and info-tech • Creative Labs [AbraLive] grants long-term positioning within participating creators as well as attendees of the most trendy art place in Moscow • Brand values are integrated in creative teams’ tasks for developing installations • Life-placement provides deeper and more cost-effective contact • The [AbraShow] in September will activate media once again, creating second wave PR coverage • Collaboration with Winzavod and ability to use their own marketing coverage raises effectiveness of the message spreading

qualities acquired • Being linked with the festival, brand gains and develops further such qualities as: innovative, progressive, intellectual artistic, bright, significant

marketing know-how web promo: interactive provocation: the content is promoted on 30 video-hostings, ambient we encode the exclusive headliners’ content and top content is pushed via LiveJournal the [AbraLive] participators’ media-insights into the media viral QR Code and place them into the city environment [as ambient media] mobile promo: placing the content in issues [‘free content’ area] mobile operator co-promo [mobile services/ on-line/off-line: direct marketing articles, highlighting events in friendly on-line and lifestyle off-line issues (afisha.ru, openspace.ru, geometria.ru, mixtura.org, 9linesmag.net, PR blogging - LiveJournal, LiveInternet: 44100.com) information is distributed as in the existing apt SMO communities so via influential opinion leaders info partnership: social networks - vkontakte, myspace, lookatme: radio/TV cross-promo with radio and TV channels information distributed via creating groups (Культура, A-One, 2x2, Megapolis.FM) and activation of the existing fans

new media tool • As the code is shot - the mobile media formatted media [3gp/mp3/ jpg] is downloaded. • these media-pieces are specially created by headliners and participators as well as massively reproduced and re-done by media-junkies • This code is activated via java-soft, available for more than 300 cell- phones’ models • This code could be executed on almost any surface and almost any size, providing us finest ambient/guerilla content! data matrix code a.k.a. QRcode

integration abilities • Several context fields are open for a brand to team up with aBrAcAdAbRa • some of them are listed and we are eager to develop more after acquaintance with your brand positioning hi-style pre party media education for kids interactive appliance art adoptation the ‘usual’ opportunities

media education for kids • Software acquaintance • video editing / sound editing / music making • iMovie • GarageBand • Ableton Live • Animation classes • WACOM training and tutorials • VJ-ing classes • VDMX / modul 8

Partnership solution count in Euro

partner of the festival Abracadabra title partner 200,000 partner 50,000 official partner 100,000

partner of the festival event [AbraLive] [AbraFest] титульный партнёр [AbraShow] 50,000 партнёр 15,000 официальный партнёр 30,000

special offer Abracadabra [++] [powered by] [++] • Supporting festival with [multi]media hardware, materials or tech support •you gain honorable status aBrAcAdAbRa [powered by]

We are proud to invite you to become the partner of aBrAcAdAbRa festival april 2009 - september 2009 Larissa Melikiants Serge Schukin director marketing and communications larissa@abracadabra.ru flashbackflip@abracadabra.ru © 2009 НП «Абракадабра»

bonus tracks http://www.youtube.com/user/abracadabrafestival • NEW MUSIC STUDIO ft. VJ ZDEN meet me there • VENETIAN SNARES ft. VJ EPS click the links • AMOEBA AV • S. PERES ft. VJ ANTISHANTI watch in HD! • aBrAcAbAbRa 2004 • aBrAcAdAbRa 2007

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