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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: maakali

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About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Evolve and help other to evolve Acharya Girish Jha 1

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) About Simply Shanti Meditation Evolve and help other to evolve You are welcome as  An expert to share your wisdom  As client to evolve and experience the CHANGE  As sponsor to support seniors, youth, military, women and others  As person to gift Inner Peace to someone  As partner to help other to evolve Simply Shanti Meditation(SSM) Site: www.girishjha.org Blog : www.satyamayi.com 2

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) About US  Foresight, innovative and creative aims at your wellbeing, growth, evolution and transformation  Simple, easy, effective, targeted programs and practices  Transparent , rational, clear and free from jargons, confusions  Proven , experiential programs and practices 3

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Our approach  Highly systematic , organized approach to help/ guide/mentor  Our goal is human excellence at personal, professional, social and higher levels  Combine the wisdoms of science, eastern applied philosophy and yet free from cult, dogma, belief, religion 4

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Our programs and practices  Simple, easy, effective, targeted programs and practices  Transparent , rational, clear and free from jargons, confusions  Foresight, innovative and creative aims at your wellbeing, growth, evolution and transformation  Follow approach of learning-engagement , education, experiment and experience, evolution and transformation 5

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Experience and Expertise  33 years of experience in taking care of clients , groups, families and more  Constantly updating programs for the best to offer  Experienced working with corporates, high schools, higher educational institutions, defense and seniors centers  Service excellence aims at successful outcome  Equally capable of working for individuals/ families / groups 6

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Top participants  High school students and kids  College students  High school teachers, educators and administrators  Defense officers  Bureaucrats, diplomat and ambassadors  Corporate executives and programmers  Individuals  Individuals who are looking beyond habitual, conventional services  Aims at excellence in their life  People suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship issues etc. 7

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) What our clients use us for Evolving to new dimension of consciousness for peace, prosperity and success  Anxiety, stress, mental illness management  Kids, youth, corporate, defense stress management  Individual/ group development - resilience training  Educating high schools students to drop anti social behavior and join main stream  Simply Shanti meditation for inner peace and happiness  Physical , mental illnesses management and minimizing the impact of illnesses  Conscious evolution and transformation  Positive well being, development , goal setting, self esteem and more …… Regular offline/ online programs , workshops, seminars, talks, training  8

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) What we did until date        Proven , experiential programs and practices given to more than 90000 people Successful training /research program for army officers for managing high altitude sickness Simply Shanti Meditation Program aims at inner peace, performance, happiness , creativity for ambassadors, diplomats Awakening and empowerment to High School Students Trained / educated medical doctors, executives, groups and individuals in personal development programs Successfully helped people to manage illnesses and minimize the impact of illnesses Helped people to awaken to their potential, raise performance , productivity, creativity , goal setting , and more 9

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Recent projects/ programs        Helped 13 inmates to join the main stream Self help program to mange asthma of 12 years old kid effectively Helping/helped individual clients to manage mental illness/ relationship problems/ depression and more Healthy lifestyle groups All inclusive meditation programs to individuals Supporting by specialized programs for ADD, PTSD, anxiety etc. Regular online/offline programs on meditation, personal transformation and awakening 10

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Our process of mentioning        Understanding your history – horizontal and vertical ( covers body, life, mind and personal, professional, social lives) Goal setting – goal in life ( outside) and goal of life ( inside) Learning – customized passive, active, passive-active, active-passive, dynamic practices in a program to mutually know the inner layers and levels of consciousness Engagement and educating by participation Experiment and experience – sharing for progress and perfection Empowering with wisdom to take charge of life Evolution and transformation for a whole NEW BEING 11

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) in present for future  Everyone on earth to evolve and excel to make earth a better place to live  Individual support by program / practices – online  Simplifying , innovating and offering services aims at awakening to inner peace, creativity, performance, motivation,  Looking for collective evolution and empowerment  Let everyone evolve in peace, harmony to excel in personal and professional lives 12

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Looking into the future   Youth Education-Empowerment program in every schools Military Transformation program to reach every veterans and serving to prevent , manage PTSD and other illnesses  Women Awakening Program to reach to every woman  Seniors healthy program to reach every seniors  Simply Shanti meditation for one and all  Simply Kundalini Meditation  Simply Rest and Relaxation Program  Simply Personal Transformation Program  And much more 13

About us (Simply Shanti Meditation) Let us join for celebration of life  View and read information at www.girishjha.org or www.girishjha.us Send email about your issues at info@girishjha.org or info@giishjha.us or send details email message Read blog at www.satyamayi.com Register for online program at HelpOuts*** or at send details email for attending online program Follow Us/ Like Us 14

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