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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: francisvillendc

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Free your dreams! F rancis V ille P roduct L ine FNDC Manufacturing Division WFD Program 1708 Ridge Avenue. Phila, Pa. 19130 1-267-687-7544 1-267-687-7538 fax www.francisvillendc.org Profits support the ongoing work of FNDC Programs & Operations and to increase awareness and advocacy for Sustainable Economic Diversity Via Property Tax Reform PowerPoint Presentation:  Unacceptable! No one should live in conditions like this yet this is a seemingly unescapable reality for poor people and families generation after generation regardless of race but for those who are African American in this country it has been since the time the first of us poured out the boughs of the one percent ’ rs salve ships. We believe the centuries of data from this country alone speaks volumes! Poverty should come with a warning: The condition of a community mirrors the condition of the souls who inhabit it. The story of our Neighborhood is the story of every neighborhood that once was a mixed income neighborhood and then became a predominately low income neighborhood because the people who had means to leave did and when that happens the community loses it ’ s tax base and ability to sustain the businesses that we worked and shopped in and for some that their family owned. Property taxes fund public education; a poor tax base = poor performing schools and everybody knows you need to be adequately educated in this country to have any chance of moving yourself and family out of poverty. Crime rises as businesses leave because there is not enough disposable income to support them anymore. Businesses leave and the jobs with them. Blight slowly becomes the norm and getting money for many means dealing drugs and taking from others. This is the legacy of economic segregation on the human species. It is the cause of bad human behavior. All of us regardless of race who are among the 99% must understand this simple thing. If we want a better community, city, planet and future we have to stop dividing and learn to co-exist for the survival of the majority; “ Us ” the poor, moderate, middle, upper middle, millionaires… We are the 99%! Sustainable Economic Diversity is absolutely necessary for a community to thrive; This is what we learned when we decided we wanted to revitalize our Commercial Corridor Ridge Avenue. We understood that if we wanted our neighborhood to be a place where quality education, employment, safety and cleanliness is the predominate reality, we needed to regain our population, increase our economic diversity and; We had to clean up! We had to accept responsibility for the visual condition and safety of our neighborhood. We had to organize, clean it and keep it clean! We did and we still do. In 2008 we began a 2 year process of stabilizing the 400 + severely blighted and crime infested vacant lots scattered all over our neighborhood. Amazingly, cleaning and consistent maintenance is a huge crime deterrent because criminals have less places to do the stuff that ironically puts the final nail in our collective coffin; provide addictive narcotics to poor people and thus the cycle continues. Reversing the cycle of poverty and putting and end to GENTRIFICATION: Our strategy is working so far. Our neighborhood is turning around. Our population, ethnic and economic diversity has increased and continues to grow. Businesses are coming back. There are people paying attention to the quality of education our neighborhood grade school is providing our youngest minds and our property values are rising. This is all great stuff except for one HUGE problem…. Higher property values = higher property taxes = lo w income homeowners being forced out = GENTRIFICATION. This is because our “ Property Tax System ” is the kind supports and maintains the separation of economic and ethnic classes within our 99%. Prolonged exposure to poverty leads to extreme human malfunction. Google “ the benefit of Sustainable Economic Diversity & Land Value Tax PowerPoint Presentation: Before After Before After We organized a Clean & Green Volunteer Team, hired our youth and residents…. PowerPoint Presentation: I ncreased Economic D iversity makes it possible for FNDC to train and employ youth and adults providing a pathway away from or out of crime. When you purchase our products and services you become a partner in rebuilding the lives and families of the people in the neighborhood who need it the most. Purchase & Partner

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