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Published on February 26, 2016

Author: SeanLogan

Source: authorstream.com

About Repairing Spiral Staircases : About Repairing Spiral Staircases Slide 2: You love your spiral staircase. It’s an appealing eye-catcher with a humble footprint, preserving precious floor space in your home. When repair needs arise, however, things can get a little tricky. Most spiral staircases are built from steel, meaning fixes are likely to require more than just a trip to your local hardware store. Make sure you take the right approach to maintain proper safety in your residence.   Locate the Problem   The first item of business should be to determine where the repair needs to be made. Most commonly, issues surface when the handrail becomes detached from the greater structure, Slide 3: although dislodged steps can be a big safety concern as well. If others live in the home, make sure everyone’s well informed of any problems until they can be repaired.   Get Informed   If you have access to the original installer, it might be prudent to ask for input regarding potential fixes. In most instances, contractors will be able to recommend a safe approach to handling repairs, which in many cases will involve a welder. Slide 4: As spiral staircases often must handle substantial weight loads, the integrity of any repair work is crucial. Welding fuses metal components together for greater holding strength than adhesives to epoxies. To learn more about spiral staircase repair in Santee, please visit this website .

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