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Published on March 12, 2014

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Duchess The Kitty Corner series. Author: Ellen Miles

About my book A girl named Mia finds a Persian cat named Duchess and Mia wants to call Duchess her own but when her half Birthday is coming up, she has to ask nona, their upstairs neighbor if she can watch her until the party’s over.

My favorite part of the book When Mia and Logan go upstairs to see Duchess they find Duchess sleeping on nona’s lap. Mia finally realizes who should take care of Duchess.

Characters in the book Mia Logan Micheal Duchess Mia’s mom and dad Nona

The Setting Of My Book It is in a nice neighborhood in Chicago. They live in an apartment and their upstairs neighbor is Nona.

The Authors Purpose The authors purpose is to entertain you.

Interesting Information Ellen Miles (the author) has a website called www.ellenmiles.net/bookskittycorner.htm l Would you like to see the website? Would you like for me to go through the website with you?


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