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Published on September 28, 2007

Author: FunSchool

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THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER:  THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER 1325 West Fletcher Ave., Tampa, Fl 33612 Phone: 813-908-8686 Fax: 813-908-2880 THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER:  THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER The Carter Jenkins Center, admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administrations of its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs. THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER:  THE CARTER-JENKINS CENTER The Carter-Jenkins Center is a non-profit organization created by the vision and generosity of: Mr. Charles Jenkins Sr. and the late Mrs. Mildred Carter-Jenkins Their Children Other Members of the Family Our benefactors, whose generosity made The Carter Jenkins Center possible: Mr.Charles Jenkins Sr. and the late Mrs Mildred Carter-Jenkins:  Our benefactors, whose generosity made The Carter Jenkins Center possible: Mr.Charles Jenkins Sr. and the late Mrs Mildred Carter-Jenkins Aims of the Carter-Jenkins Center:  Aims of the Carter-Jenkins Center The First aim is educational: The Center has a wide range of interests. From genetic research and psychopharmacological interventions, to various forms of psychological treatments, including psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis No less significant are our educational programs in mental health addressed to the professional community. (CEU’s and CME’s credits available) Educational Aims (continued) :  Educational Aims (continued) The Center trains child fellows and residents of psychiatry from the University of South Florida The Center offers internships to social workers, psychologists and others The Center’s mission includes as well the education of the public at large through an active program of Lectures dealing with common mental health problems in the community I) The Carter-Jenkins Center Educational Activities:  I) The Carter-Jenkins Center Educational Activities 1) List of Lectures given or about to be given to the community : a) On the Developmental Difficulties of Adopted Children b) On Attention Deficit Disorders Through the Life Cycle c) The Consequences of Trauma and/or Abuse (physical, sexual or both) d) Divorce and its Consequences for Adults and Children. Reconstituted Families e) Illness and Hospitalizations of Children f) On Mourning and Losses of Relatives and/or Friends g) Prevention of Suicide in Children, Adolescents and Adults h) Suicide in Adults and the Geriatric population i) The Imaginary Companions of Children, etc j) Dealing with obsessions in children, adolescents and adults k) Day Care Centers: All you need to know l) Dealing with adolescents: Problems and Blessings m) Eating disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia For all the above type of problems The Center will make available support groups or direct patients to community resources. The groups will meet regularly and when necessary pharmacological, individual, group or family psychotherapy will be provided Educational aims:  Educational aims 1) Training in child, adolescent and adult psychoanalysis (through The Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Institute, a branch of the CJC) as well as offering international psychoanalytic education by means of a distinguished international faculty 2) The Center trains professionals in the community in Child Development (normal and pathological) Educational Activities (continued):  Educational Activities (continued) 3) Lectures will be provided too for the professional community including all mental health workers such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc. (CEU’s and CME’s available) See list of lectures and dates for both the professional and the community series in our Web page 4) Our library is open to members of the community as well as professionals by special arrangement 11 Aims (continued):  Aims (continued) The Second Aim consists of Community Outreach Programs as well as Clinical Services: The Center will provide various forms of treatments for children, adolescents, adults and their families, including psychopharmacological treatment Treatment at The Center will be based on need, not on ability to pay II) Treatment Programs:  II) Treatment Programs The Carter-Jenkins Center will offer a variety of treatment programs for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families: 1) Psycho-pharmacological interventions when necessary 2) Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy 3) Psychoanalytic Treatment for children, adolescents and adults when indicated Treatment Programs (continuation):  Treatment Programs (continuation) At The Carter-Jenkins Center’s Evaluation Clinic patients can be assessed and assigned to the most suitable modality of treatment Treatments are offered on a need basis, not on ability to pay Sliding scales are available when necessary Aims (continued) :  Aims (continued) The Third aim is to develop research in relevant areas: The Center aims at enlarging our fund of knowledge about normal and pathological development of infants and adolescents Similarly, we want to study the short and long term consequences of trauma, sexual or physical abuse, parental loss, abandonment, adoption problems, divorce, attention deficit disorders, etc III) Research Activities :  III) Research Activities 1) The Carter-Jenkins Center coordinates as far as possible the educational activities, the treatment programs and the research endeavors 2) Thus for example, the educational programs mentioned earlier, such as the Lectures to the community on Adoption, ADHD, Mourning and Losses , Trauma, Consequences of Divorce, etc will likely identify a patient population suffering from these various ailments Research Activities (continuation):  Research Activities (continuation) 3) Such patients will receive treatment as needed. The experience accumulated from such treatments will constitute an important and varied database for research activities 4) In this way we will not only improve our understanding of the damage done to the development of children and adolescents and how and why it takes place Research Activities (continuation):  Research Activities (continuation) 5) Simultaneously, all these activities are bound to enrich our trainees experiences thus allowing us to create a significant number of professionals trained to a degree of excellence not easily available today 6) By the same token we will be refining our treatment methods for the various problems tackled Research Activities (continuation):  Research Activities (continuation) 7) We hope as well in the future to publish the results of our research efforts to make widely available the knowledge thus gathered 8) For the above purpose we plan to develop The Carter-Jenkins Center’s Library Publications, as well as offering contributions to scientific journals in the field Educational Aims (continued):  Educational Aims (continued) Because there are very few trained psychoanalysts in Tampa, we have approached a group of distinguished psychoanalysts, across the world. I am happy to say that we have now an International Faculty consisting of over thirty psychoanalytic teachers, supervisors and personal training analysts. Given our extensive video-conferencing facilities this has become a possible reality. Consequently, we can offer some of the best psychoanalytic training in the world right here in Tampa. Further, the psychoanalytic branch of The Carter Jenkins Center plans to help promote psycho-analytic education in the USA and Internationally. Active International Faculty:  Active International Faculty Melvin Bornstein M.D, A, Training Analyst, Detroit, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Donald Campbell MSW, A&C, Training Analyst, London, British Psychoanalytic Institute (Anna Freud Centre). Cynthia L Carlson MSW, A&C, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Institute (Anna Freud Centre). Nancy R Goodman PhD, A, Training Analyst, New York, New York Freudian Society. Theodore J Jacobs M.D, A&C, Training Analyst, New York, New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Jill M.Miller PhD, A&C, Training Analyst, Denver, Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis (Anna Freud Centre). Marianne Parsons B Ed, A&C, London, British Psychoanalytic Institute (Training Analyst for The Anna Freud Centre). D.G.Rao M.D, A, Ann Arbor, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Frederick F Shevin M.D, A, Training Analyst, Detroit, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Frances Thompson-Salo, A&C, Training Analyst, Melbourne, Australian Psychoanalytic Society, (The Anna Freud Centre).  Dushyant Trivedi M.D, A, Detroit, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Kerry K Novick, A&C, New York Freudian Society, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, (The Anna Freud Centre)   Active International Faculty (cont):  Active International Faculty (cont) Jack Novick Ph.D, A&C, Training Analyst, New York Freudian Society, Member Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute/British Psychoanalytic Society, (The Anna Freud Centre). Harvey Falit M.D, A, Training Analyst, Detroit, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Irvin Milowe M.D, A&C, Training Analyst, Miami, Miami Psychoanalytic Institute. Susan Furman Ph.D, A, Miami, New York Freudian Society/Miami Psychoanalytic Society. Alex Holder Dr.Phil, A&C, Hamburg, Germany, British Psychoanalytic Society, (Anna Freud Centre). Fred Bush PhD, A, Training Analyst, Boston Psychoanalytic Society. Harold Boverman MD, A&C, Training Analyst, Portland, Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. Bernard Barnett Ph D, A&C, Training Analyst, London, British Psychoanalytic Institute. Arlene Kramer-Richards Ed. D, A, Training Analyst, New York, Iptar & New York Freudian Society. Siobhan O’Connor M.D, A, London, British Psychoanalytic Institute. Charles Mangham M.D, A&C, Training Analyst, Seattle, Seattle Psychoanalytic Institute. John J. Hartman Ph.D, A, Ann Arbor, Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute. Plus all psychoanalysts members of the faculty of The Tampa Bay Psycho- analytic Institute: Horacio Arias M.D Julio Nunez M.D Frances Marton MSW Elizabeth Reese MSW Humberto Nagera M.D Arnold Schneider Ph.D. Aims (continued):  Aims (continued) Psychoanalysis can be applied to many fields of knowledge and collaboration with other disciplines will be established for the mutual enrichment of these various fields IV) Applied Psychoanalysis:  IV) Applied Psychoanalysis Thus, interaction with disciplines such as art, literature, law, judicial systems, neuro-sciences, development, human relations, education, anthropology, industry, politics and so on are being established Similarly, we are planning several Study Groups such as Psychoanalysis and Law, Psycho-analysis and Neuro-sciences, Psychoanalysis and Education, Psychoanalysis and Forensic Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Art to mention just a few Applied Psychoanalysis (continuation):  Applied Psychoanalysis (continuation) Because The Carter-Jenkins Center has available the best video-conferencing facilities available we can form study groups of up to ten people anywhere in the world Given our extensive connections we can involve distinguished authorities in their respective fields from practically any place in the world Thus we create a unique opportunity for the educational enhancement of our staff, students and trainees, as observers and participants in such groups Applied Psychoanalysis (continuation):  Applied Psychoanalysis (continuation) It will also allow our faculty and trainees to benefit from the lectures, seminars, supervision and other contributions of many distinguished professionals in the world Hopefully, these Study Groups will make important contributions to The Carter-Jenkins Center publication plans Other Future and Present Plans and Activities:  Other Future and Present Plans and Activities We have a formal relationship with the University of South Florida through a partial affiliation with that Institution (through both the Department of Psychiatry and The Counseling Center) The University recognizes the significant role that The Carter-Jenkins Center can play in the education of some of their trainees, given our special areas of expertise on development, child psychopathology, dynamic psychiatry, dynamic psychotherapies, psychoanalysis, etc Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) Residents from the department of Psychiatry will rotate through the Center as part of their ongoing training and education Similarly, Interns from The Counseling Center have the option of rotations at the Carter-Jenkins Center Ph.D. trainees in psychology from The Fielding Institute are fulfilling their internship graduate requirements at the Center Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) The Carter-Jenkins Center contributed funds to finance research on the genetic background to ADHD at the University of South Florida Preliminary findings are soon to be published. After that it would be possible to apply for grants at the NIMH to continue this investigation If the genes responsible are identified between 5 % and 10% of school age children who suffer from this disorder will be cured. This vexing problem will then disappear Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) Similarly, we have made fund contributions to the improvement and further development of the training programs in psychotherapy at the Department of Psychiatry, USF School of Medicine Our hopes for the future include the development of a well baby clinic, infant and toddler groups as well as a nursery school Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) Our students will be able to observe the vicissitudes of development, do research, and parents can consult our developmental experts thus enhancing the normal progression of their children This may be particularly important for those children showing early signs of difficulties and where prompt interventions may prove essential Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) We hope as well to establish gradually, connections with the Juvenile Courts helping to represent the best interest of the child Many times, failure to do so may have unwelcome consequences in such cases as custody issues, parental neglect, parental abuse etc Other Present and Future Plans (continuation):  Other Present and Future Plans (continuation) Gradually, we hope too, to offer help to schools with problems with bullies, aggression, discipline and order, all in a developmental meaningful manner This presentation may have given you an idea of our goals and aims Feel free to contact The Carter-Jenkins Center for further information at 813-908-8686 Contributions:  Contributions Several members of the community have already made contributions to The Carter-Jenkins Center As a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization your contributions to The Carter Jenkins Center are tax deductible. We are in great need for volunteers to cover the reception room and for a variety of other activities. Please contact us for further information at: 813-908-8686 For any further information about::  For any further information about: 1) The Carter Jenkins Center 2) The monthly programs for the community 3) The monthly programs for the professionals 4) Psychoanalytic Training in Tampa 5) The International (Virtual) Psychoanalytic Institute 6) The International (Virtual) Psychoanalytic Society, VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT: www.thecjc.org THE END:  THE END Many thanks for your attention and interest

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