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Published on February 19, 2009

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Slide 2: Who We Are www.graphicsecurity.com Scrambled Indicia®, GSSC’s core technology, was patented in 1977. British American Banknote Corp. was our first licensee of the Scrambled Indicia® process. GSSC was founded in 1981 with a background of Bank Note security printing technology. We have achieved several major patents in authentication and anti-counterfeiting processes for the protection of : Brands, Packaging, Currencies, Passports, Postage Stamps, Stock Certificates, Photo IDs, and other sensitive documents. Graphic Security Systems Corporation is an anti-counterfeiting technology company that provides covert brand protection and document security with patented technology, software products and authentication devices. We offer customized, covert encoding for each client, worldwide authentication and brand protection development services. Slide 3: What We Do www.graphicsecurity.com Scrambled Indicia® or SI® for short is a covert brand & document protection technology that encodes imagery into existing artwork of packaging, labels, nameplates, holograms, etc.  It is a secure way to provide a stand-alone anti-counterfeiting feature to a brand or to incorporate with other technologies as a layered approach.  This patented SI® technology is available to encode static or variable data and uses the existing printing inks in almost any printing process, including: flexo, inkjet, laser, digital, offset, gravure, guilloche, letterpress, thermal, etc.  Since it does not require any special inks, taggants or machine-readable devices, the process of incorporating SI® into documents, packaging, labels, etc. is much less demanding than other covert technologies. Even the printing speeds are constant without change. Resistant to latest counterfeiting techniques Customized encoding for each client Transparent to the existing printing process Multi-layered protection Can be easily integrated into software for tracking, monitoring and record keeping Multiple authentication choices (Optical, digital, web and mobile decoding) Worldwide authentication Slide 4: SI Examples www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 5: Encoding System www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 6: Decoding System www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 7: Compatible Printing Processes www.graphicsecurity.com …and much more! Slide 9: www.graphicsecurity.com What It Does Software that embeds hidden images and information into documents such as driver licenses, credit cards, passports, etc. The hidden information in the photo is directly linked to the visible data printed on the document. The only security feature that protects against all forms of document fraud:   Counterfeiting Alteration Photo Substitution Cannibalization   VIPhoto does not affect facial recognition software. Slide 10: How It Works www.graphicsecurity.com Static “VALID” message is revealed in hologram. Variable data is revealed in photo and compared to data on card. Static logo and name are revealed throughout the card. Slide 11: How It Works www.graphicsecurity.com 1. Flatbed or Pass-Through scanner with minimum 300DPI resolution 3. Digital Decodertm software. 2. Acquired document image is decoded. 1. Document is scanned. 2. Document encoded with VIP®Photo Cardholder’s Name Date of Birth Issuing State Requirements: Authentication: The following data is embedded into the background and photo of the document: Slide 13: What It Is www.graphicsecurity.com Stealth SI® is an anti-scanning technology that combines base Scrambled Indicia® technology with anti-scanning layers dedicated to anti-scanning protection. SI® Clear Varnish Coating™ and Minimum Density Structure™ are some examples of SI® anti-scanning protection layers. Hidden artwork is seamlessly embedded into the existing graphic design, without changing its printed appearance. The encoded data cannot be reproduced by color copiers or digital scanners and can only be clearly viewed and verified from the original impression by the use of a unique decoding lens or software. Can be layered with overt identifiers such as color-shifting ink and holograms. Scrambled Indicia® technologies can be inexpensively incorporated into existing processes Printed on packaging, labeling, or documents Etched or embossed in metal or plastic Easily authenticated covert features. Very difficult for counterfeiters to copy. Slide 14: Digital Decoding www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 15: Web Decoding www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 16: Some Success Stories… www.graphicsecurity.com USPS – 28 stamps More than a billion printed! SI ® added into the holograms and hot-stamp foils Below is a list of some of our clients for your reference: United States Postal Service U.S. Passport New York City Welfare Stamps General Motors, Chrysler & Toyota automobiles Gift Certificates for Macy’s & Boots, etc. Belgium Passport Lotteries in Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala Hong Kong Passport Zaire Passport Currencies of Uruguay, Oman and others Transportation Passes for multiple countries Tariff Stamps for multiple countries Hang Tags for numerous designer clothing companies Pharmaceutical packaging Land certificates Birth certificates Shipping documents Education certificates *Due to the nature of our business and the non-disclosure agreements we abide by, we can only provide document protection type clients.  In the brand protection area, it is important to keep a tight lip when current client discussions arise.  Brand owners invest a lot of time, energy and money into protecting their intellectual property and we need to help them keep the technology used in their products under the radar.  In the case of most document protection projects, we are typically in an open-bid environment and it is public knowledge who is offering what. Slide 18: What It Does www.graphicsecurity.com World’s first compact portable forensic lab, available anytime & anywhere 3 in 1 device. Standard Digital Camera & and a High Power Microscope and UV LED Built in Adjustable LED Lighting High Resolution 6 mega-pixel Canon Camera 30x, 60x and 150x objective lenses available Instant on-site authentication Excellent decoding Independent Light Source No need to remove protective coverings On-site quality control of printed encoded images Enables usage of a non existing optical frequencies and Minimum Density Structure Infra-Red option Slide 19: How It Works www.graphicsecurity.com Digital Mobile Slide 20: Security Technologies Comparison www.graphicsecurity.com Slide 21: 4450 Jog Road Lake Worth, FL 33467 (866) 355-2772

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