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Published on August 2, 2007

Author: Shariyar

Source: authorstream.com

Personality Disorders:  Personality Disorders Odd/Eccentric Cluster Dramatic/Erratic Cluster Anxious/Fearful Cluster Defining features:  Defining features Long lasting, pervasive, inflexible patterns of behavior and inner experience Deviate from the person’s culture Impair social and occupational functioning May cause emotional distress Additional characteristics:  Additional characteristics Features are found in normal folks Beware 1st-year medical school syndrome Characteristics begin in adolescence or early adulthood Be careful with diagnosis if the symptoms have persisted for less than 10 years Axis II disorders High degree of comorbidity with Axis I disorders Reliability of diagnoses of personality disorders:  Reliability of diagnoses of personality disorders Interrater reliabilities are good Test-retest reliabilities are often poor: Schizotypal .11; Dependent .15; Narcissistic .32; Histrionic .40; Avoidant .41 Problems with diagnosis:  Problems with diagnosis Actual symptoms of people may fit more than one personality disorder Personality traits may be on a continuum, making categorical diagnosis inappropriate The characteristics listed as symptoms are features which diagnosticians find particularly difficult to deal with Odd/Eccentric Cluster: Loners:  Odd/Eccentric Cluster: Loners Paranoid Personality Disorder Distrust, suspicion, see malevolent motives Need to be autonomous and in control Schizoid Personality Disorder Detached relationships; do not seek intimacy Limited variability of emotional expression Schizotypal Personality Disorder Sharp discomfort with close relationships Mental distortions and behavioral oddities Dramatic/Erratic Cluster: Annoying:  Dramatic/Erratic Cluster: Annoying Borderline Personality Disorder Unstable relationships, self-image, mood Impulsiveness Histrionic Personality Disorder Intense affect and attention-seeking Narcissistic Personality Disorder Grandiose, needs admiration Lacks empathy Antisocial Personality Disorder:  Antisocial Personality Disorder Ignores and overrules rights of others At least three of: Repeated violations of legal social norms Repeated deceitfulness Impulsiveness or lack of planning Repeated fights or assaults Reckless disregard for safety: Self or others Repeated failure to meet obligations Lack of remorse: Indifference or rationalizing Had conduct disorder before age 15 Cleckley’s criteria:  Cleckley’s criteria Interpersonal: Charming, poised, calm Unreliable, irresponsible, impulsive Ungrateful, vulgar, rude Cognitive: Average to above-average IQ No delusions or irrational thinking Poor judgment, lack of insight and planning Manie sans delire More Cleckley...:  More Cleckley... Emotional: No anxiety, incapable of love No deep, lasting emotions; quick shifts Moral: Untruthful and insincere Lacking in remorse and shame Impersonal and trivial sex life No real suicide attempts Natural Born Killers Slide11:  Lykken’s Apparatus Anxious/Fearful Cluster:  Anxious/Fearful Cluster Avoidant Personality Disorder Socially inhibited, feels inadequate Very sensitive to criticism Dependent Personality Disorder Overly submissive, clinging, 'Care for me.' Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder Neatness, perfectionism, control systems

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