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Information about Abbreviation

Published on March 23, 2014

Author: m.v2000


PowerPoint Presentation: Keep going, it would be good for you to recognize your role in life. PowerPoint Presentation: Do you know what is family? Do you really understand what is behind the word family? It gives us a shock when we know the answer. PowerPoint Presentation: FAMILY F ather A nd M other, I L ove Y ou PowerPoint Presentation: WHY does a man want to have a WIFE ? Because: W ---Washing I ---Ironing F ---Food E ---Entertainment PowerPoint Presentation: WHY does a woman want to have a HUSBAND ? Because: H ---Housing U ---Understanding S ---Sharing B ---Buying A ---and N ---Never D ---Demanding PowerPoint Presentation: Do you know that a simple "HELLO" can be a sweet one? Especially from our loved ones. The word HELLO means: H =How are you? E =Everything all right? L =Like to hear from you L =Love to see you soon! O =Obviously, I miss you ..... so, HELLO! Good day! PowerPoint Presentation: Send this message to the persons you care and just say hello to them.

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Als Abbreviation (lat. „abbreviatio“: Abkürzung) bezeichnet man in der Zoologie die Verkürzung der Individualentwicklung eines Individuums durch den ...
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An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. It consists of a group of letters taken from the word or phrase.
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abbreviation (of) Abbrev. abbreviation(s) Abd. Aberdeen: Aberd. Aberdeen: Aberdeensh. ... Place names in the Oxford English Dictionary; Surnames as sources ...
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