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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Lucianna

Source: authorstream.com

Are We Spiritual Machines?:  Are We Spiritual Machines? Ray Kurzweil vs. the Critics of Strong A.I. Bill Joy:  Bill Joy Chief scientist, founder of Sun Microsystems. April 2000, Wired, “Why the Future doesn’t need us” Moore’s Law - will meet or exceed for next thirty years. Computers will be a million times as fast, sufficient to produce the dreams of Ray Kurzweil. Slide3:  About Ray http://www.kurzweiltech.com/aboutray.html Creativity: The Mind, Machines, and Mathematics http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/422/ KurzweilAI.net http://www.kurzweilai.net/ Ray Kurzweil:  Ray Kurzweil Intelligence of machines will surpass humans in the early part of the next century. 2019 - $1,000 computer = power of human brain = 20 million billion calculations per second. 2029 - Will take 10 years to organize the “software of intelligence” Once computers reach human intelligence levels, they will necessarily surpass it. Machine design:  Machine design “Software of intelligence” - copy the human brain. Bodies by nanotech Will claim to be human Have human feelings Tell us that they are human, convincingly. Are they real feelings? Or appearing to be real? Let’s move on, to singularity. Neural implants today:  Neural implants today Help counteract Parkinson’s Disease, tremors from neurological disorders. Deaf - cochlear implant Blind - development on retinal implant. Emory University - brain chip allowing communication and control of environment. Neural implants in the future:  Neural implants in the future Will not require surgery Improve sensory experiences, perception, memory, logical thinking. Web and virtual reality 2030 - any relationship, anywhere Flaws of futurist predictions:  Flaws of futurist predictions Only looking ahead one or two iterations. Only looking at one technology. Not understanding the exponential rate of technology. “The Law of Accelerating Returns” The Law of Accelerating Returns:  The Law of Accelerating Returns Use more powerful tools, to make more powerful tools. Can be quantified and predicted. Moore’s Law:  Moore’s Law Will die no later than 2019 Moore’s Law - S curve Law of Accelerated Returns - exponential. Current rate faster than two years Example - Human genome scan project Software of intelligence:  Software of intelligence Massively neural nets and “other paradigms” Reverse engineering the brain Destructive scanning Noninvasive scanning Scanning from inside Downloading the brain Singularity:  Singularity Computer as brain Living forever Critics of Strong A.I.:  Critics of Strong A.I. John Searle - philosopher Michael Denton - biologist Tom Ray - zoologist and evolutionary algorithm theorist. William Dembski - philosopher and mathematician. John Searle:  John Searle Deep Blue and the Chinese Room Simulation, a symbolic model of the process. John Searle:  John Searle Observer-independent and observer-relative Observer-independent Does not require thoughts of conscious agents for their existence Observer-relative Example - the dollar bill John Searle:  John Searle Confusion between observer-independent and observer-relative intelligance. It’s not “Artificial Intelligence”, it’s “Simulated Cognition” Bill Joy:  Bill Joy Dangers GNR (genetics, nanotechnology, robotics) - widely available Self-replication Nanotechnology - the “gray goo” Solution Relinquishment of research in certain technologies Federal oversight

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