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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Reginaldo

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AAMAS 2007 in HONOLULU, HAWAI`I May 14-18, 2007:  AAMAS 2007 in HONOLULU, HAWAI`I May 14-18, 2007 www.aamas2007.org Why Hawaii?:  Why Hawaii? Is there really any question? Honolulu is consistently ranked as the U.S. city with the best climate, lowest crime rate, and for its beauty and cleanliness Hawaii is great for pre/post (but not during) AAMAS07 activities: Hawaii is among the top three destinations of choice for leisure travel in the U.S., and is the number one choice in Japan. Technical Program:  Technical Program Program co-Chairs: Michael Huhns and Onn Shehory Stimulating and informative technical program… …which depends on you to submit papers! Key dates: Oct 20, 2006: electronic abstract submission deadline Oct 23, 2006: electronic paper submission deadline Dec 19, 2006: notification Holiday season: Dream about your trip! Getting There:  Getting There Honolulu International Airport receives more than six million visitors each year SOURCE: DBEDT 2003 REPORT Getting There (continued):  Getting There (continued) A few airfares (might change of course): Los Angeles (NW) : $350, 6 hours Detroit (NW): $800, 12 hours Tokyo (JAL): 70,000yen, 7hours Amsterdam (NW/KLM): 1,200EUR, 20 hours (via Seattle, includes connection time) HONOLULU:  HONOLULU HONOLULU:  HONOLULU HOTEL ROOMS :  HOTEL ROOMS ALA MOANA HAWAI`I PRINCE Many hotels are located in Waikiki within one mile of the Hawai`i Convention Center. We’re getting blocks of rooms for good prices. (Reserve early!) THE HAWAI`I CONVENTION CENTER Where BUSINESS and Aloha Meet:  THE HAWAI`I CONVENTION CENTER Where BUSINESS and Aloha Meet Other Technical Activities:  Other Technical Activities Workshops: Chair: Elizabeth Sklar Tutorials: Chair: Jaime Sichman Demos: Co-chairs: Elizabeth Andre and Zili Zhang Doctoral Mentoring: Co-chairs: Kate Larson and Iyad Rahwan Industry Track: Co-chairs: Monique Calisti and Shigeo Matsubara LOCAL INDUSTRY SUPPORT TO DATE :  LOCAL INDUSTRY SUPPORT TO DATE Decision Research Corporation http://decisionresearch.com 21st Century Systems, Inc. http://21csi.com Quantum Leap http://www.quantumleap.us UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI`I:  UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI`I Manoa (main) UH campus 20,000+ students < 2 miles from convention center Information and Computer Sciences Department 24 full time tenure-track faculty B.A. and B.S. in Computer Science - 400+ undergraduate students MS. and Ph.D. in Computer Science - 50+ graduate students M.S. in Library and Information Sciences - 140+ students Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences – 50+ students 3rd floor of P.O.S.T. building Other UH units John A. Burns School of Medicine College of Engineering College of Business Administration, … Pacific Ocean Science and Technology Building http://www.hawaii.edu Other Important Folks:  Other Important Folks Local Organization Chair: Nancy Reed Advisor to Local Organization: Lewis Johnson Finance Chair: Wiebe van der Hoek Publications Chair: Pragnesh Jay Modi Student Scholarships co-Chairs: Sandip Sen and Sascha Ossowski Sponsorships co-Chairs: Van Parunak, Akihiko Ohsuga Publicity Chair: Chris Brooks Slide14:  Durfee Yokoo Huhns Shehory Sklar Reed Sichman Modi vanderHoek Parunak Brooks Andre Larson Zhang Rahwan Calisti Matsubara Ossowski Sen Calisti Ohsuga After AAMAS07 THE ALOHA SPIRIT:  THE ALOHA SPIRIT The people of Hawai`i are as warm and welcoming as the weather (which, in May, averages 29C/84F for highs and 21C/70F lows with lots of sun)! Kama`aina (local residents) call this outpouring of hospitality the Aloha Spirit. AAMAS 2007 in HONOLULU, HAWAI`I May 14-18, 2007:  AAMAS 2007 in HONOLULU, HAWAI`I May 14-18, 2007 www.aamas2007.org www.aamas-conference.org (coming soon)

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