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Published on March 10, 2014

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Alumni Association of Gulmohur's Newsletter Volume#04. It covers the activities conducted by AAG in the past year, the plans/events for the coming year and article contributions by the Alumni.

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 VO L #4 2014 ISSUE #1 Alumni Association ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF GULMOHUR LAUNCHES ITS Of Gulmohur NEW SLETTER VOLUME #4 ISSUE #1 Dear All, Its Spring Time.. The sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade !! Time has come for our 4th edition Newsletter which would cover the new core structure of AAG, activities by AAG in the year 2014 and beyond. As we move into 2014 , "The 'Wow' starts now." The AAG core team is ready with a lot of passion and drive to achieve greater heights than the years past. Successful Completion of 5 Years of AAG Alumni Association of Gulmohur has already completed its 5 years of establishment on 6th June 2013. AAG has organized career counseling activities for School Students to sharpen their career decision making process. It was one of the many activities conducted by AAG. Volume#4 | Issue #1

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Core Team Structure of AAG The Alumni Assocation of Gulmohur social account has reached 1155 members. From the President’s Desk Rahul Kumar President, AAG Volume#4 | Issue #1 I am honored to take up the role as the new President of AAG. This is my first AAG Newsletter as President. I’m honored to write to you through the columns of the fourth volume of the AAG Newsletter. The year 2013 was a milestone in the history of AAG. Our AAG team had put in a lot of hard work in organizing all the events in 2013. We will continue with this effort in the year 2014 too. I hope more people from Gulmohur School would come and join AAG and help us reach our objectives. AAG helped a few students of Gulmohur financially , to continue their school education. AAG contributed small amount of money to AAKASH MAITY , a Gulmohur High school student, to fund his cancer treatment. 2

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 From the President’s Desk (contd..) The first order of business I wanted to clarify to the AAG community at large is what AAG stands for and what is our mission statement. Our mission statement drives the focus of our work through out the year. Mission Statement of AAG Bringing together Alumni of Gulmohur - Students and Teachers Serving the students of Gulmohur through career counseling and other activities. Serving the community we live in through blood drive & other similar activities. While we are still working on a completed list of goals for the calendar year, here are a few that are planned. This year we wish to continue with the blood drive and student counseling sessions as in the year past. We will continue to sponsor students in need of financial assistance to continue their education. This year marks 60 years of our Alma Mater. The school has a lot of activities planned throughout the year. We plan to support some of the school activities planned around the diamond jubilee celebrations. Recently one of our advisors Mr. Tanmoy Bhadra visited the school and the students had a list of items that they wanted happen at the school. We are looking at the list and some of the items on the list like book drive for the school library seem very doable. One other goal we plan on is ‘Each one Teach one’ - each alumni takes up teaching an economically disadvantaged person in his/her community, spend at least 1 hour a week. Progress being monitored by regular feedback. All these planned activities call for funds. We plan to have 2 fundraisers this year to sponsor the activities which we are planning. So please donate generously when we reach out to you. Volume#4 | Issue #1 3

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 From the Event Management Desk Nikhil Kumar Event Management Head, AAG For the cause of charity for helping people AAG has conducted a blood donation camp in Gulmohur School campus. On behalf of AAG , we thank all of you for making this camp a great success. We appreciate the effort you took to make a difference in community you live in. We have collected 38 units of blood and donated it to Jamshedpur Blood Bank Here are 38 heroes who donated blood. Follow them at https://www.facebook.com/ groups/ aag.ghs/579452862101294/ Volume#4 | Issue #1 4

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 From the Student Development Desk Abu Nasim Ashraf Student Development Team Head , AAG Newspaper: Dainik Bhaskar [http://epaper.bhaskar.com/ jamshedpur/195/30112013/ jarkhand/1/ ] Volume#4 | Issue #1 Alumni Association of Gulmohur (AAG) has organized a Career counseling session for Std 12 students of Gulmohur High School. The event was held on 29th November 2013 from 9:30a.m. to 1:00p.m. The Guest Speakers invited were from the Alumni of Gulmohur School. The counseling was grouped into 5 sessions. The speakers for the event were C.A. Happy Mukherjee (G.M. Finance, Tata Cummins Ltd.) who spoke about Finance and Management, Er. Kamaljit Bomrah (Engineer, Tata Motors Ltd.) who spoke about engineering opportunities , a group of Counselors from Amity University who spoke on a range of diverse fields, Adv. Sangeeta Jha (a renowned Advocate of Jamshedpur) who conducted a session on law, Dr. Arvind Arya (Senior Medical Officer, National Meteorological Laboratories) who encouraged the students to pursue medicine. AAG has been organizing Career counseling sessions on a regular basis every year. AAG is working with Gulmohur High School to nurture and develop the educational skills of the students . 5

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 From the Public Relations Desk Social networking sites and Blogs have been a very useful medium for connecting people across the globe. AAG has a group on Facebook—the most common social networking site which is moderated daily. It has all the latest information about AAG. Join it now to stay updated. The goal here is to put alumni in touch with each other to hangout , know the activities that are planned by AAG, hobnob for career advice / networking for career opportunities. Gaurav Prasad We have created a new forum which will help our Gulmohur School students to answer there career related question. You can reach us at careerquestions@gulmohurschool.org When writing to us let us know whether you are a student or an alumni who would like to help a student (Please mention your year of graduation and field of expertise where you can give career advice). Public Relation Head, AAG Here are some views about AAG from few active members of AAG Gazala Anjum Deputy PR, AAG Volume#4 | Issue #1 6

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 From the Public Relations Desk (contd..) We have created a new forum for alumni who were leaders when in Gulmohur School. If you were a school/house captain, vice captain, president, vice president, prefect, event organizer, etc., you can reach us at leaders@gulmohurschool.org When writing please mention your year of graduation and the position you held. We would like to thank the alumni who have funded the education of some students who were in a financial crunch and would have had to discontinue their studies. Also we would like to thank Amit Sinha for interviewing teachers of Gulmohur. You can read about it on his Facebook posts. An advisor of AAG, Tanmoy Bhadra recently was at Gulmohur School and talked to the students on giving back. He was accompanied by other core members and advisors, Ashok Nayak, Abhijit Gope and Nikhil Kumar. An overwhelming number of students signed up for volunteering for AAG. Sumanto Ghosh was recently at the school to discuss and talk with Priti Sinha on a new program that the school is planning to launch called “Young Leaders Program”. Sumanto has unselfishly been there for the school and did not bat a eyelid to be there when the school asked for his expertise and guidance for this program. Aakash Maity continues his fight against cancer. Unfortunately his treatment was extended by another 3 months. AAG members have contributed to fund his treatment. We pray for his speedy recovery. Aakash Maity Student, Gulmohur School Volume#4 | Issue #1 Amit Sinha Batch: ISC 2007 Tanmoy Bhadra Advisor, AAG Ashok Nayak Advisor, AAG Abhijit Gope Advisor , AAG Sumanto Ghosh Batch: ICSE 1984 7

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Indradhanush : Supported by AAG A fabulous idea struck to our Advisor’s mind, an innovative idea of a painting exhibition. It was then put forward to our Principal and it was instantly approved. The ideas improvised to a painting exhibition along with ‘Sit and draw competition’. The first ever painting exhibition organized by Alumni Association of Gulmohur along with the school committee was held on 10th and 11th November 2013 and it was named “INDRADHANUSH”. The first day began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony followed by the sit and draw competition whose judges were. And thus it ended. Then came the final day of the exhibition in which all the paintings were displayed. Almost 18 schools participated in the exhibition which also included our Principal Mrs. Sunita Sinha. A lot of paintings were displayed as well as sold. Each painting had its own importance, beauty, texture which described the painter’s feelings. The art of playing with colors depicted the whole story behind the painting. Many of our Alumni participated in this exhibition. One more successful event was included in the history of Alumni Association of Gulmohur and a grand one. This event would not have been successful without the support of the entire core team of Alumni Association of Gulmohur. Volume#4 | Issue #1 8

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Contributions from Alumni That bloodshed… Womanhood… It doesn't matter on which side of the road i'm walking, at least i have roads to freely walk upon. Think about the ladies who are not able to at least see the roads... It doesn't matter on which side of the bed i'm sleeping, at least i have bed to sleep on. Think about the people who are not able to get at least 2 inches land to sleep upon... It doesn't matter which kind of food i'm having, at least i have money to buy it. Think about the children who are not able to see at least one bite to eat... It doesn't matter which kind of drink i'm consuming, at least i have mouth to drink it. Think about the people who are not able to at least take a sip... It doesn't matter which kind of dress i'm wearing, at least i have something to cover myself. Think about the people who are not able to get at least one part of that cloth... It doesn't matter how i am spending my life, at least i have life to live it. She is beauty… but why is her beauty ruined by acid attacks She is holy…but why is she broken down on bed She is lovely…but why is her love sold out in the market She is divine…but why is she scared of this rotten world She is a star…but why is her shine eclipsed by certain superstitions She is a sister…but why is she cut through only for the sake of their bloody prestige She is a mother…but why is she killed only for her love and care She is a wife…but why is she turned into the slave of these fake babas She is a life…but why is she thrown on the streets She is a child…but why is she raped over and over She is a fetus…but why is she aborted only because her sex She is a daughter…but why is she burnt into ashes only for few bucks She is a lover…but why she has to sleep with him just to prove her love She is a girl…but why is she forced to become a slut She is a human…but why is she discriminated from others She is love…but why is her internal parts torn apart by some bloody men She is a worshipper…but why is her heart and body is used She is eternal…but why is her soul pushed into the mortal society She is an honor…but why is she treated as a servant in her own house She is an employee…but why she has to fulfill the illegal desires of higher officials She is a feeling…but why is she teased only for her private parts She is independent…but why is she not allowed to fly in her own dreams She is intelligent…but why is her thoughts bounded to a certain level She is an angel…but why her wings are torn apart by the devils of this world Though she loves you a lot but never play with her heart…if she can love you to an extreme, she can also hate you to an extreme… Though she trusts you blindly but never break her trust…if she can have fate in you, she can also have fate in your death… Though she doesn’t speak but never underestimate the power of women…if she is the reason of your construction, she can also be the reason of your destruction… Think about the people who are not able to at least live a single day of their lives... Dedicated to all the people who were killed in Syria… -Gazala Anjum -Gazala Anjum Gazala Anjum Deputy PR, AAG Volume#4 | Issue #1 9

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 INDIA Where an old man sacrifices his seat for a pregnant woman. Where a Hindu writes a story named “MY NAME IS KHAN” Where every second man feels pity for poors. The girls ratio are increasing every year. Where customer satisfaction is the main aim of every company. Where a Hindu keeps Roza and a Muslim celebrates Diwali at his home. Where people donates thousand to Old Age Homes. Where divorce cases are least in the world and Love at its peak. We should be proud of being an INDIAN Lets not insult our motherland for some hypocrites. - Ajitabh Bose, ISC 2010 Mass Comm. Delhi-NCR Neha Sakuja ISC 2010 GOT Member , AAG Art Work - Neha Sakuja Volume#4 | Issue #1 10

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Homecoming :) The place is the same, the times anew, Long time back, we had said 'adieu'. That wasn't easy, though we had to move on...... Years rolled by, as I never knew, That she will call me, in her own way, Homecoming to Gulmohur, on a bright new day. There she sat, wearing a smile, They welcomed me, very agile. Times had changed and I was a teacher, Tables have turned now, life's strange feature. They were the ones who had taught me values, Guiding me throughout, with all the clues. I owe you my success, o dear ones, I owe you my success, o dear ones. Times have changed and faces anew, Words I have...... words very few, You gave me chance to prove myself, Mingling with young souls, now guiding them through. They look upto me, once I did so, Values never change, time rolls by though...... My message to you is loud and clear, Never fear failure, never fear, Make hard-work your ladder, team-work your zeal, Wounded though, would surely heal. Homecoming is what I truly celebrate, Values and erudition, let them reverberate , Providence is all, the guiding force, Igniting the souls, instilling force. May we prosper, growing large and free, O hail GULMOHUR, Hail to thee!!! एक रोटी गाॉव में अकाऱ परा था, नेता जी मद-मस्त परे थे, एक-एक रोटी की कमी थी, ककसान मरे किर रहे थे, किर भी नेता जी मद-मस्त परे थे। एक गाॉव क बद्ध ने अपने एक हमउम्र से पछा, े ृ ू तब बढऊ ककतना रोटी खायेगा, ु बरा ही मासममयत से उसने जवाब ददया ५। ू पहऱा बढऊ ने पछा, ु ू इस उम्र में ५!! दसरे ने जवाब ददया "हाॉ"....!! ु पहऱे बढऊ ु ने पछा, ू एक खाने क बाद जगह बचेगी, े पेट है ही ककतना बरा तम्हारा?? ु दसरे बढऊ ने बरे ही भोऱेपन से जवाब ददया, ु ु यही तो मऱाऱ है , एक रोटी ही कहाॉ नसीब हो रही?? सोचियेगा जरुर....!! -Sujeet Kumar -Joydeep Mukherjee Joydeep Mukherjee English Teacher, Gulmohur School Volume#4 | Issue #1 Sujeet Kumar, ISC 2012 NIFT, Bangalore 11

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 LIFE LIFE for sake of saying is just a four letter word but for living-it is infinite number of emotions beating in our heart with every experience we go through. Experience; being someone from software field I could technically define it as token of life. Something that individually doesn’t hold any meaning until couple of them brings us success or failure. It is something that can make us or break us, take us as high as up in the sky or dump us as down as in the hell, gives us wings to fly and explore or cut them down to bring us back to reality, give freedom to love and gift wisdom to see that we were fooled. I have gone through life's ups and downs and got the most precious return gift of life-TRUTH, certain immovable truth about life. Truth, that nothing is constant in this life but change itself. You can’t hold on to anything forever and you would realize it soon when they slip through your fingers like sand. Truth, that life is like a see-saw. One time you are up there, the other time you are down. One moment if you are enjoying it to its fullest, the other moment you would endure its pain with scrolling tears. I would not say life is just about sadness or happiness but i would say it is its primary colours. Colours that have different shades and thus can surprise you every time when it comes up with the new colour of experience by mixing different shades. I don’t say to fear from future if you are happy because you may never know what would be the combination of shades will make your life portray look like. It is not possible to explain any person what value each colour holds except if that person is a painter itself. He can tell you that even a dead black shade can give touch of life to posture of a man by being its shadow. Either you may be bleached by pain of life and turn out to be strong shining as diamond or you may be lost in the mist of confusion until you see the sun of your conscience rising that will guide you through. You may be dawned with the darkness of guilt until you find your way to the end of tunnel and wash them away with brightness of light. I have told about all positive effect of life experience because I remember someone saying me to be always positive. I myself have dealt with them in one of the way mentioned. I don’t say that i turned to be philosophical about life but i definitely turned to be logical about its "change" mechanism. May be things ahead of us won’t change but we could surely change the way we approach it. Live your life with your CHOICE. I would end this article with one inspiring saying: "There is not to make reply, there is not to reason why, there is but to do and die." -Rashmi Joglekar WISH Sometimes i wish to go back on the ground, and crawl on my knees to my beloved mom. Go into her arms and weep aloud, and wait for her to reason out. Hug her tight with all my hands, till i could hear her beats divine. Move my fingers through her strangled hair, and free myself from the random fears. Look round the world and down the ground, find my home all around. Throw up my hands open and jump in joy, to find I’m once more my mumma's toy. Rashmi Joglekar ISC 2010 NMIET, Bhubaneshwar Volume#4 | Issue #1 -Rashmi Joglekar 12

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Late Breaking News . The treatment for Aakash Maity took a twist recently as he continues his fight against cancer. AAG wishes the brave lad a speedy recovery and return to his beloved basketball and running events. He is continuing his treatment at Sushrut hospital in Mumbai. Enter Sanjay Singh. AAG asked Sanjay, since he was in Mumbai, if he could stop by and meet Aakash and wish him well from AAG. The timing was such that at that time Aakash’s family wanted to pursue his treatment in another hospital (Sushrut). Needless to say Sanjay was there, he really stepped up, providing emotional, logistical and financial support to the family. He took time off work to visit the family at more than one occasion and has been extremely humble and unassuming about the whole thing. He has advised the family and literally has taken the family under his wings. It is people like Sanjay who make this world a better place. Sanjay, AAG salutes you. There have been other AAG members who have contributed by providing information for a second opinion or providing funds for his treatment . When AAG reached out, Anil Menon was quick to provide information of another hospital in Kochi where the doctor is rated very highly. This information has been passed on to the family in case they decide to pursue that option. Other AAG members who have provided funds are Devdeep Kabiraj, Amandeep Singh, Ashok Nayak and Tanmoy Bhadra. It is simply amazing what the extended family of AAG can do to help another GHS student. We ask you to step in and step up like Sanjay Singh and many others. - Sanjay Singh, ICSE– 1987 Volume#4 | Issue #1 13

Alumni Association of Gulmohur | March 2014 Alumni Association Of Gulmohur Alumni Association of Gulmohur C/o- Gulmohur High School Outer Road, Telco Colony Jamshedpur- 831004 Jharkhand Phone: 9031736973, 9031988230 E-mail: aag.info@gulmohurschool.org (For queries& info) aag@gulmohurschool.org (President) Concept by : Tanmoy Bhadra Editing By : Gaurav Prasad Formatting by : Rahul Kumar aagnewsletter@gulmohurschool.org (Contributions and feedback) Volume#4 | Issue #1 14

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