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Information about aadcrocodile

Published on October 11, 2007

Author: funnyside



West African Dwarf Crocodile:  West African Dwarf Crocodile Zoorithmetic Project 2003 Alfred 6th grade Table of Contents Table of Contents :  Table of Contents Title page All about me Information Problem #1 Problem #2 Problem #3 Bibliography Information:  Information A male dwarf crocodile is about 6 feet long and weighs about 175 pounds. But a female is much smaller it is 3-4 feet long and weighs less than 40 pounds. They can live 50-100 years and can lay 5-15 eggs at a time. Also they have 60 teeth and can have 3000 in a life time. They have a four-chambered heart not like other three reptiles which ha. They live in Africa and in the swamps and rainforests. They eat mainly fish but also frogs, birds, and small mammals. Table of Contents Problem #1:  Problem #1 If a Dwarf Crocodile lost 24 teeth. Then he lost ¼ of what was left. After that he lost 17 more. The next day he lost ½ of what was left. The last day he lost his last 8 teeth. How many teeth did he start with? Table of Contents Problem #2:  Problem #2 There are 7/23 crocodile species critically endangered. 6/23 that are endangered and 10/23 that aren’t endangered at all. What percent are critically endangered, endangered and abundant.(not endangered) Table of Contents Problem #3:  Problem #3 An adult male Dwarf Crocodile can eat 25 fish and an adult female can eat 20 fish. The teenager males can eat 20 fish and a teen female can eat 7 fish. If there are 30 males 15 adults 15 are teens. Also there are 20 females 10 are adults and 10 are teens. If there are 112 fish and the order went adult male, adult female, teen male, and teen female, what percent of the crocodiles would be fed and what percent wouldn’t be fed? Table of Contents Bibliography:  Bibliography by Endangered Earth Store by The Lincoln Zoo by The Woodland Park Zoo Table of Contents All About Me:  All About Me My name is Alfred and I’m a sixth grader at Martin Sortun. My favorite hobbies are sports but mainly soccer. I enjoy playing my Game Cube. I have two brothers and a sister. My favorite show is Dragonball Z. My favorite pastimes are going outside and watching T.V. I picked this animal because it’s most like my favorite animal the alligator. Table of Contents Year of the Horse

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