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Information about AACE-PSP

Published on March 20, 2019

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slide 1: CertsChief Guaranteed Success with Accurate Updated Questions. Questions Answers PDF For More Information - Visit: https://www.certschief.com/ ProductFull Version Features:  90 Days Free Updates  30 Days Money Back Guarantee  Instant Download Once Purchased  24/7 Online Chat Support AACE International AACE-PSP Planning Scheduling Professional PSP Exam Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 2: Question: 1 What method would be the best way to determine the most likely as-built critical path of a project that is underway and the schedule of which has been partially progressed A. Use the progressed portion of the critical path of the baseline schedule. B. Use the forward-looking critical path of the most current updates. C. Use the progressed portion of the critical path of all the updates previous to the current update. D. Interview the project personnel for their perceptions and opinions because the schedule is usually inadequate. Answer: B Question: 2 For the late finish for Activity 11001 select the most appropriate response for transitioning from the forward pass. Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 3: Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 4: A. 02-19-04. B. EF.11001. C. EF.11001 + 1 day. D. LS.11001 + 25 days. Answer: A Question: 3 Identify the minimum project duration. A. 21 months. Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 5: B. 16 months. C. 19 months. D. 20 months. Answer: D Question: 4 At the end of month one did the delay to the parking structure foundation delay the project A. Yes by 14 calendar days. B. Yes by 4 calendar days. C. Question: D. Yes by 9 calendar days. Answer: B Question: 5 As a change to the network for the current update activity 6002 is required to begin ten days after the beginning of activity 6001. Which is the simplest logic organization Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 6: Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 7: A. A finish-to-start relationship with a ten-day lag assigned to activity 6002 activity 6001 will be dependent on activity 6002 B. A start-to-finish relationship with both activities 6001 and 6002 having a ten-day lag C. A start-to-start to relationship for both activities 6001 and 6002 with a ten-day lag assigned to activity 6002. D. A start-to-start relationship with a ten-day lag assigned to activity 6001 activity 6002 will be dependent on activity 6001 Answer: A Question: 6 Which is NOT an industry-recognized methodology for quantifying critical delay A. Time Impact. B. Periodic Windows. C. Collapsed As-Built. D. Gantt Chart. Answer: D Question: 7 What is the primary difference between the arrow diagramming method ADM and the precedence diagramming method PDM A. ADM is manual CPM calculations while PDM is computerized. B. ADM is limited to finish-to-start logic relationships while PDM is not. C. ADM uses arrows while PDM uses boxes. D. PDM is a bar chart with network logic while ADM is a pure logic network. Answer: B Question: 8 Estimate to complete ETC is __________________. A. The expected total cost of an activity group of activities or the project B. The costs actually incurred in accomplishing the work performed C. The value of the completed work expressed in terms of the budget assigned to that work D. The expected remaining cost needed to complete an activity group of activities or the project Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 8: Answer: D Question: 9 Which activity is drawn in the incorrect position A. Activity E. B. Activity C. Activity G. D. Activity Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 9: Answer: D Question: 10 What is the remaining work duration of Active D A. 11 B. 8. C. 3. D. 4. Answer: D Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 10: Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/ slide 11: Page | 1 http://www.certschief.com/exam/0B0-104/ For More Information - Visit: https://www.certschief.com/ 20 Discount Coupon Code: 20off2019 Powered by TCPDF www.tcpdf.org Visit us athttps://www.certschief.com/exam/aace-psp/

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