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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Quintino

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Bart Simpson’s Guide?:  Bart Simpson’s Guide? How do we sell systems engineering convincingly to: your customer? your CEO? the technical director of a 10-man SME? Your 17-year-old son or daughter? A 2nd year undergraduate? Tony Blair? And having sold, how do you make sure you deliver on the expectation? A possible framework:  A possible framework Scale Invariant Only on big projects Only on small projects more on bigger projects The key issues:  The key issues Scale Invariant Only on big projects Only on small projects more on bigger projects What now?:  What now? “Actors” will roleplay each character to give a 2-3 minute precis of things they have heard about systems engineering that interest them, and their objections to using it. The audience is invited to note the first and respond to the second. Rapporteurs will try to capture a consensus that captures the plus points and deals with the objections. Focus on “scale invariant” and “scaleable” aspects; be wary of things only relevant to “big projects” but a possible conclusion is that systems engineering’s value is to do things we can’t do any other way - i.e. big projects. SEPDC chair will then explore best way to turn the results into an INCOSE UK Chapter “product”. Volunteers for working group to do this are solicited! Closing remarks:  Closing remarks Hillary Sillitto President elect UK Chapter Thanks to:  Thanks to Presenters John Mead and Pete Lister for the admin Dipesh for organising the programme Every one of you for your enthusiasm and the brilliant audience participation Themes:  Themes How we are organised, what we’re doing new tech board, local groups, working groups please comment on tech vision and competency framework Risk - different viewpoints and perspectives financial model mountaineering analogy business benefit different ways of looking at SE, business benefits, - - people stuff: simple practical deployment, competencies and requirements Bart Simpson’s Guide Modelling - SysML is coming! West Coast Main Line - programme delivery Some key points:  Some key points The central INCOSE organisation is “INCOSE centre” or “INCOSE International” EuSEC 2006 in UK Papers for Spring Conference integration of complex systems innovation and creativity in system creation metrics - - - Please fill in conference assessment form Back to basics - can we define Bart Simpson’s Guide to Systems Engineering?:  Back to basics - can we define Bart Simpson’s Guide to Systems Engineering? The customer:  The customer I want reassurance that I will get what I asked for and am paying for. If the supplier has to change things or has to do trade-offs I won’t feel hoodwinked but will be included in the process. Traceability will allow me to understand how technical features relate to my needs and help me to decide when it is worth persisting to solve difficult technical problems. The CEO:  The CEO I have been offered all sorts of silver bullets over the past ten years - EFQM, 6 sigma, PRINCE 2, TQM, CMMI, - - and none has delivered the claimed benefits. I agree most of my projects are running late and I’d like to improve that situation. But you’re telling me that systems engineering will add delays up front. So if you want me to take you seriously, you have to show me the ROI from introducing systems engineering - and prove it! Technical Director of 10-man SME:  Technical Director of 10-man SME I want systems engineering sold as a simple exercise to integrating engineering activities to deliver what’s wanted when it’s wanted, and give me a broad perspective on the technical aspects of the business. Prime minister:  Prime minister Systems engineering would be interesting if it can resolve conflicts to deliver vital public services - health service - transportation - schools - and deal with the huge security issues we now face. This is important to me because I want to make sure I am remembered for the enduring success of the achievements of my three terms in office But there isn’t much time left and I need results soon. Undergraduate:  Undergraduate INCOSE needs to know what it’s selling. I’ve only been involved in systems engineering for 2 months and lots of people have described systems engineering to me but all the descriptions are different. A “unified theory of everything” would be a really good idea. We need to show how systems engineering works with other disciplines and what other disciplines need to understand about systems engineering. More input from recent graduate:  More input from recent graduate What does a systems engineer do? INCOSE needs to know/present purpose - as with any project, present a unified front. Interaction of SE with other disciplines To sell SE to undergraduates, the SE community needs to know what they are selling, and know how to sell it and show benefits to different groups. Show SE is part of all engineering disciplines make sure undergraduates on other engineering courses understand SE needs to be part of their skill base, show them how what they are learning can be applied within SE show the undergrads what they can expect in the future - NOT ALL OF THEM WILL BE RIGHT FOR SE. Empower them with the information to make that decision for themselves. Unified theory - very difficult but necessary other disciplines are very well defined SE has many definitions (some complementary, some at different ends of spectrum) Fewer diagrams/processes/lifecycles but better defined; Simplify language, remove buzzwords Communication very important - relate ideas to known domains, everyday events, Simple ideas, analogies, case studies: supermarket choice, mountaineering, - - Sell through use of SE on real projects: show successes/failures of exciting projects with/without SE Successes - battle of britain - failures - many defence projects Final thought It’s not just about recruiting new systems engineers - it’s also making sure that other undergrads understand the role of SE at an early stage in their career Consider re-branding: “Structured problem solving” does it for schoolkids! 17-year-old:  17-year-old Can you explain to me what you do at work in 2 minutes in words I can understand? Why are you often so stressed when you get home? Can you make me a mobile that looks cool and works properly? Will I get paid more as a systems engineer than as an accountant? And by the way, can I have the car keys please? Key themes:  Key themes SIMPLE UNIFIED THEORY STRUCTURED PROBLEM SOLVING REASSURANCE ROI MAKE A DIFFERENCE The plan:  The plan “Snapshot” article in Pre-View Offers to take this forward in a working group are solicited desired INCOSE UK product(s): a 2-side A4 sheet that sells SE effectively to “non-believers” and if possible validate/expand stakeholder viewpoints? well-documented case studies - successes, failures and why ??

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I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again

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