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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Oceane

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IPv6 over DSL - Deployment Scenarios - :  IPv6 over DSL - Deployment Scenarios - Franck Leclercq, 6WIND VP sales Asia-Pacific Deployment steps:  Deployment steps Products are available today SW & HW Numerous legacy applications are running on v6, others are arriving IPv6 is progressively integrated into network architectures With the goal to provide value added services IPv6 will progressively arrive in corporations and houses with the new OS versions and applications How will IPv6 change the world?:  Allowing Peer-to-peer application deployment VoIP, videoconferencing, content sharing, games… Plug and Play IP services have to become commodity services IP connectivity everywhere at anytime Efficient mobility IP on all wireless technologies Secured transfers How will IPv6 change the world? DSL Deployment:  DSL Deployment +25 Millions DSL Lines worldwide 80% for residential users Penetration of DSL (DSL Lines per 100 population) South Korea 12.12 Taiwan 6.28 Japan 2.60 France 1.24 China 0.05 (www.point-topic.com) IPv6 and DSL...:  IPv6 and DSL... DSL => Always-On => more IP addresses needed IPv6 128 bits address space is a solution to public IPv4 address shortage DSL => Always-On => Peer-To-Peer IPv6 allows end-to-end global connections with no NAT and stable addresses DSL => Asia => IPv4 address shortage today IPv6 is a solution for Internet access in Asia DSL => Broadband Internet Access => Line Sharing IPv6 address allocation mechanisms facilitate several public addresses behind a single DSL line Come back to origin:  Come back to origin IP was designed to allow end-to-end data transfers Whatever the transmission technology Offering a global addressing scheme Implementing simple protocols and mechanisms DSL-Based IP Services Reference Model:  DSL-Based IP Services Reference Model Access Network Enterprise Home Branch Office Access Router Edge Router DSL Modem Core Router DSL Modem DSL Router Internet NSP Network “Aggressive” Scenario:  “Aggressive” Scenario IPv6-only access network Translation mechanisms for IPv4 resource access IPv6 Bridged Access:  IPv6 Internet NSP IPv6 Backbone Core Router DNSv6 Server Home v6 v6 IPv6 Bridged Access ATM over ADSL v6 ATM BASv6 “Aggressive” Scenario Eth/ADSL Modem IPv6 auto-configuration IPv6 auto-configuration Prefix Advertising 6WINDEdge PPPv6 Routed Access:  ATM Enterprise & Branch Office 6WINDGate ADSL Routerv6 v6 Prefix Adv. IPv6 Internet NSP IPv6 Backbone Core Router DNSv6 Server PPPv6 Routed Access Authentication Link Establishment ADSL “Aggressive” Scenario RADIUSv6 Server v6 v6 IPv6 auto-configuration IPv6 auto-configuration BASv6 6WINDEdge PPPv6 Access & L2TP Forwarding:  v6 v6 v6 IPv6 Internet NSP IPv6 Backbone Core Router DNSv6 Server RADIUSv6 Server PPPv6 Access & L2TP Forwarding ATM / ADSL NAP IPv4 Backbone “Aggressive” Scenario PPPoE or PPPoA PPPv6 in L2TP Home DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation IPv6CP BASv4 LNSv6 ADSL Routerv6 6WINDEdge Protocol Translation:  v6 v6 v6 Home Protocol Translation ATM over ADSL NAT-PT “Aggressive” Scenario BASv6 DNS v4 & v6 Server IPv6 + DNSv6 IPv4 + DNSv4 NAT-PT 6WINDEdge “Progressive” Scenario:  “Progressive” Scenario IPv6 Tunneling in IPv4 network access Native IPv4 AND IPv6 network access IPv6 in IPv4 Tunneling:  Enterprise & Branch Office v6 v6 v4 IPv6 in IPv4 Tunneling ATM over ADSL Tunnel Server “Progressive” Scenario ADSL Router v6 & v4 6WINDGate IPv6 IPv6 in IPv4 DNS v4 & v6 Server BASv4 PPPv4+PPPv6 Routed Access:  ATM Enterprise & Branch Office v6 v6 v4 ADSL Router v6 & v4 6WINDGate PPPv4+PPPv6 Routed Access BAS v6 & v4 “Progressive” Scenario DHCPv4 RADIUS v4 & v6 Server DNS v4 & v6 Server IPv6, a chance for the Internet:  Restoration of the Internet model with IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 Simple, stable network service => higher performance, more robust, more secure, more manageable Enabling anyone to offer new applications and services => allowing rapid innovation and growth IPv6, a chance for the Internet Conclusion:  Conclusion IPv6 deployment could be done at different paces, either "aggressively" or "progressively" IPv4-only, IPv6-only and IPv4+IPv6 subscribers can be mixed in the same ADSL zone. IPv4 data path can be preserved under certain circumstances while moving to IPv4+IPv6 access Both bridged and routed access could be envisaged for IPv4+IPv6. Unlike for IPv4, bridged access for multiple IPv6 terminals is feasible due to the large IPv6 address space and the prefix allocation mechanisms Subscriber’s management systems based on PPP and RADIUS for IPv4 can be reused while deploying IPv4+IPv6 access. For more Information:  For more Information www.6wind.com daniel.friedmann@6wind.com patrick.cocquet@6wind.com 6WIND Asia Pacific (Singapore) franck.leclercq@6wind.com Tel: +65 6232 2355 Fax: +65 6232 2888

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