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Published on September 30, 2014

Author: anneeblossemberry

Source: slideshare.net


A2 Media studies story board draft.

Story board 1 By Anita Ofori

Scene 1 • In Scene 1 Diana walks into the street from the front entrance with her clique. A wide shot is added as this action is taken place so that the audience can clearly visualise her friends and the setting of the scene. • The editing technique will be a slow motion effect to show how cool Diana and her friends are. • The focus pull will be on Diana however, the lighting will be high to make Diana and her group of friends appear like stars. • The camera will be placed on eye level to show everything from a normal perspective. • Ideal Image:

Scene 2 • As we go towards scene 2, their will be an ellipsis of Diana’s movement towards the locker so that the action can appear quicker to the audience. Scene 2 is a over the shoulder shot of Diana receiving a text as she gets something out of her locker. The text reads: ‘Karma has no deadlines’. The lighting will be 3.0 as mutual action is occurring. We will ask permission from a student into whether we can use their locker. View slide

Scene 3 • After the text Diana receives, Diana turns behind and sees a ghostly figure sitting on the tables in the street. As Diana turns behind their will be a close up of Diana’s face to vividly show her movement however, when the camera faces the ghostly figure a wide shot and a hand held effect will be added to add suspense to the situation as the classification of the extract is horror. The ghostly figure will have jet black hair which covers ¼ of her face. 1) 2) View slide

Scene 4 • Diana blinks and the figure disappears. Extreme close up will be added towards Diana’s eyes as her eyes are the most important feature in this scene. The hand held effect will be removed straight after the ghostly figure is shown from a distance. The transition will fade from a white screen to the next scene. Ideal Image:

Scene 5 • Diana is in her room (Geneva’s room to be precise); Diana is already changed in her pyjamas and she is about to head to bed. The only source of light will be from the lamp in the room so that the action of Diana going to bed is relevant to the scene. A tracking shot and a worm’s eye view of Diana’s feet will be added as she is walking towards her bed. The lighting will be 3.0 so that the audience can clearly see what is going on.

Scene 6 • In scene 6, Diana is reading her bible on her bed; their will be a birds eye view of this action to show Diana’s full body and the verse in which she is reading which we be ‘Revelation’. The focus pull will be on Diana so that the audience can see Diana amongst the dark surroundings.

Scene 7 • While Diana reads the bible their will be a close up of Diana as she is about to drink cranberry juice beside her table. After Diana drinks the cranberry juice, a zoom in to the phone will be added as the phone vibrates and Diana receives a second text. The text reads: ‘Karma tastes sweet doesn’t it?’ 1) 2)

Scene 8 • Diana vomits blood. The blood may be fake blood purchased from a Halloween shop. While Diana vomits blood Diana has a quick flashback of Priscilla crying in a dark room. When Diana vomits blood the camera will slowly tilt down towards the blood dripping all over Diana’s white duvet. A sound effect of a female screaming will occur as the audience view the blood on the duvet; this sound effect is added to intensify the situation.

Scene 9 • Transition to scene 9 will be a fade from a black screen. Location: Outside the gates of the school. A long shot of Diana as she arrives and shows her ID to the security guard. The scene will be set in the day as this is relevant to the college’s opening and closing times. Afterwards zoom in to Diana’s face will also be added to show how tired and unhealthy she looks from last night.

Scene 10 • The transition will be a cut to Diana in the performing arts toilets. Diana walks out of the toilet (middle shot) and sees the taps flooded with blood (shot reverse shot). In shock Diana moves closer towards the taps to observe it in greater detail (over the shoulder shot). Afterwards Diana slowly looks up (low angle and middle shot) at the mirror and sees the address of a park written in red lipstick (hand held effect and a long shot of the mirror).

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