A zanessa story ep 1 make you mine

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Information about A zanessa story ep 1 make you mine

Published on October 7, 2007

Author: misslovalota

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  A ZANESSA STORY A ZANESSA STORY EPISODE 1 [MAKE YOU MINE] Slide2:  STARRING Slide3:  “ZAC EFRON” “VANESSA HUDGENS” “ASHLEY TISDALE” “LUCAS GRABEEL” “MONIQUE COLEMAN” “CORBIN BLEU” Slide5:  Ash : YEAY!! Finally, we finished the high school musical! *grins* Slide6:  Mo : *excited* Yeah! FINALLY! Hey, guys. What about we celebrate this together? We can do it at Ash’s house. Slide7:  Vanessa : Sorry, guys. I still have something to do. What about I catch up LATER? Slide8:  Ash : Ok, but make sure that you come okay! Zac? Slide9:  Zac : Huh? Oh, maybe I will be little late. I have some works to be done. *smiles* Slide10:  Corbin : Oh, a little work eyh? Or, are you trying to get closer with Vanessa alone? *huge grin* Slide11:  Z and V : *blushing* Slide12:  Luc : Ah, lets go guys. We don’t wanna to interrupt the lovey-dovey sweet moments together *laughs* Slide13:  Mo: Totally Luc! Come on guys. *winks at Vanessa* Slide14:  All: Bye you two! *waving* Slide15:  Zac: *running towards V* V! Wait up! I have something to tell you and its important. Slide16:  Vanessa: *turns back* What? Slide17:  Zac: *shy* But, you have to promise me not to FREAK out. Slide18:  Vanessa: *nervous* What, Zac? You make me feels nervous. Slide19:  Zac: I… I… want to tell you that *pause*… Slide20:  Vanessa: Just say it, you know I will be listening. We’re friends, REMEMBER? Slide21:  Zac: *silent* I just want to tell you that… Slide22:  Vanessa: *anxious* What is it? Spill it out Zac! Slide23:  Zac: *relax and cools down* I think that I have found my soulmate. Slide24:  Vanessa: *wondering* Who is it? She must be sooo LUCKY! Slide25:  Zac: Shes really brighten up my day, makes me always wanna be with her 24 hours! Slide26:  Vanessa: Who? Slide27:  Zac: Shes just nearby. *thought: did I have to tell her now?* Slide28:  Vanessa: Where? Slide29:  Zac: She is now standing in front of me . *looking at V* Slide30:  Vanessa: *speechless* Me? Slide31:  Zac: Yar, YOU! Mss Vanessa, I really-really LOVE you. Slide32:  Vanessa: *speechless and standing still* Slide33:  Zac: V, are you ok? *worried* Slide34:  Vanessa: *crying* Slide35:  Zac: Why, are you crying? *super worried* Slide36:  Wanna know what happening to them? Why Vanessa is crying? Will she accepts Zac? Or the other way round? If you guys wanna know the next episode, just stay tune. Slide37:  Credits: By misslovalota SONGS Theme song: vanessa-say ok Vanessa-make you mine PICTURES Google & various sites. A zanessa story ep. 1 The end

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