A Week in the Life 14-1 Teacher kickoff meeting

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Information about A Week in the Life 14-1 Teacher kickoff meeting

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: FlatConnections



A  Week  in  the  Life  Project  14-­‐1   Welcome!   Teacher  kickoff  mee:ng  February  18/19  2014   The  Project  wiki  can  be  found  at     h"p://aweekinthelife14-­‐     The  project  Teacher  Guide    can  be  found   ath"p://<     This  project  is  part  of  the  Flat  Connec:ons  group   of  global  projects   h"p://flatconnec<    

Meet  FuzeBox!   Our  virtual  classroom  for  Flat  Connec:ons  

Where  are  you  from?  Add  to  chat  your  name,  your   city/state/country  and  :me.  

Agenda   Part  1:  AWL  and  Flat  Connec<ons   Part  2:  Project  details   •  •  •  •  Introduc:ons   What  is  Flat  Connec:ons?   What  is  A  Week  in  the  Life?   Places  and  spaces   •  •  •  •  •  •  Project  content   Project  aims  and  challenges   Project  structure   Project  outcomes   How  to  get  started   What  to  do  now….and  next  

Introduc:ons   •  Project  Manager   –  Michelle  McGarvey   •  Lead  Teacher   –  Tina  Schmidt   •  ‘All  Projects’   Coordinator   –  Yvonne  Caples   •  Flat  Connec:ons   founder   –  Julie  Lindsay  

A  Flat  Connec:ons  project  is  about…..   CONNECTING   ●  Being  informed  -­‐  making  sure  you  receive   informa:on   ●  Making  valuable  connec:ons  with  other   par:cipants   ●  Building  a  learning  community  -­‐  teachers  and   students   ●  Being  comfortable  with  project  spaces  and   places  

A  Flat  Connec:ons  project  is  about…..   COMMUNICATING   ●  Synchronous  teacher  mee:ngs   ●  Asynchronous  Ning,  wiki,  Edmodo  work   ●  Sharing  resources  and  ideas  for  learning  to   improve  project  outcomes   ●  Observing  project  workflow  and  informing   partners  of  school  breaks  and  interrup:ons    

A  Flat  Connec:ons  project  is  about…..   COLLABORATING   ●  Contribu:ng  to  all  aspects  of  the  project   ●  Being  reliable  and  responsible  global   collaborators   ●  Monitoring  and  being  part  of  the  project   conversa:on  with  students   ●  Suppor:ng  co-­‐crea:on  objec:ves  

What  is  ‘A  Week  in  the  Life…’?   'A  Week  in  the  Life...'  is  a   Flat  Connec:ons  Project  for   Elementary  School  students   of  approximately  ages  8-­‐11.   The  curriculum  focus  is   Interdisciplinary,  including   concepts  for  how  we  live,   how  we  communicate,   cultural  understanding  and   global  awareness.   Teachers  will  meet  most   weeks  to  discuss  project   goals,  aims  and  progress.   Classes  will  be  grouped  into   teams  on  each  topic.   The  aim  of  the  project  is  to  join   Elementary  School  classrooms  globally   with  a  view  to  exploring  what  life  is  like  in   each  country  through  discussion,  sharing   and  collec:ng  mul:media  to  create  final   products  together.  These  are  then   compared  and  contrasted  and  become   the  focus  of  further  educa:onal  ac:vi:es   aber  the  project.   The  project  is  designed  to  develop  cultural   understanding,  skills  with  Web  2.0  and   other  sobware,  experience  in  global   collabora:on  and  online  learning,   awareness  of  what  it  means  to  live  and   learn  in  a  flat  world.  

Places and Spaces…… Getting a handle on where to g

AWLTeacher Community •  Flat Connection network (Ning) o  Join teacher group ( o •  AWL Google group o  Set your own email preferences and make sure you are receiving mail during the project For private email communication • •  Email:


Good  Tips  for  Wikispaces   1. Take  this  week  to  get  yourself  comfortable   with  Wikispaces.  Make  sure  you  join!   2. Topics  are  always  on  the  leb  to  click  on   3. To  edit,  first  make  sure  you  are  on  the  page   you  want  to  edit,  then  click  “edit”  in  the  top   right  of  the  screen.  Always  preview  your   changes  before  saving.    

hgp://   Ning  Group  –  Important  resources  

Essen<al  Ques<ons  Which  Will  Be   Answered  as  Part  of  the  Project   •  What  are  the  similari<es  and  differences   among  children  around  the  world?   •  How  can  we  connect  with  each  other  through   our  commonali<es?   •  How  does  your  geography  where  you  live   impact  your  topic?  

1.  Do  some  research  in  your  school   around  these  NINE  topics:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  School  <me   Languages   Clothing   Housing   Transporta<on   Leisure  <me   Holidays   Celebra<on   Environment  

2.  Collect  mul<media  and  share  with   team  members   •  Mul<media  choices:  3-­‐5  second  video,  audio,   slideshow,  cartoons,  etc.   •  Share  mul<media  online  via  VoiceThread  and   team  wiki  pages   •  Discuss  differences  and  similari<es  between   mul<media  

3.  Complete  a  final  project   •  Each  classroom  will  be  responsible  to   assemble  a  number  of  team  projects   •  Upload  finished  projects  to  the  wiki   •  View  all  the  group  projects  and  compare  and   contrast  the  results.    

Project  Tools  -­‐  Students   •  Edmodo  –  Our  ‘social’  educa:onal  network   –  Students  in  teams   –  ‘Handshake’  –  introduc:ons   –  Share  ideas,  converse,  solve  problems   –  Answer  essen:al  ques:ons     •  Wikispaces    -­‐  Our  collabora:ve  working  area   –  Co-­‐create  wiki  pages  with  material  share  for  each   topic    

How  many  of  you  have  used  Edmodo?    

Good  Tips  for  Edmodo   1. Take  this  week  to  get  yourself  comfortable   with  Edmodo  before  we  add  students.   2. YouTube  official  Edmodo  videos   3. Think  of  Edmodo  as  an  educa:onal   Facebook  

How  will  Workflow  support  AWL  14-­‐1?   •  Online  Teacher  Informa:on  Mee:ng:  before   March  1   •  Classroom  and  Student  Handshake:  March  1-­‐15   •  Team  Forma:on  and  Project  Discussions:  March   15-­‐April  15   •  Mul:media  Collec:on  and  Sharing:  April  15-­‐30   •  Media  Colla:on  and  Product  Development:  May   1-­‐15   •  Celebra:on,  Summits  and  Reflec:ons:  May  15-­‐ June  1  

A  Week  in  the  Life  Project  Structure   Edmodo,  Handshakes,  Wiki   Team  Forma<on,  Mul<media   Collec<on   Project  development  and  co-­‐ crea<on   Celebra<on,  Reflec<on,   Sharing  outcomes  

Adding  Your  School  on  the  Wiki   •  All  Teachers  will  need  to  join  the  wiki   •  Add  their  school  on  the  home  page  with   –  Their  school  logo   –  A  :me  stamp  from   –  A  school  photograph  of  students  or  the  school  

What  are  Project  Outcomes  for   Students?   •  Online  learning  community  interac:on     –  Real  :me  interac:ons  e.g.  Skype   –  Sharing  mul:media    -­‐images,  videos  e.g.  class   handshakes   •  Collabora:ve  learning  and  team  skills   •  Major  outcome  1:  Contribu<on  to  one  of  the   Team  topics   •  Major  outcome  2:  Co-­‐created  ar<facts  

Crea:ng  the  Handshake   ●  Handshake  phase   ○  ○  Reach  out  and  “shake  hands”  over  the  next  week   Share  this  experience  via  the  Ning  or  the  Wiki   ●  Tools  for  the  Handshake   ○  ○  ○  You  decide   Skype  -­‐  Mystery?   Video  

What  now?   •  PM  will  email  a  mee:ng  summary  and   recording  link  for  this  kickoff  (and  this  info  will   be  on  the  Ning!)   •  Invita:on  to  Google  group,  Ning  group,   Timebridge,  join  the  wiki   •  Week  star:ng  February  24:   –  Another  teacher  mee:ng  run  by  Michelle  and  Tina   –  Teachers  start  introducing  students  to  the  project   –  Real  :me  connec:ons  explored  

Badges    -­‐Teachers  &  Students   Flat  Connec<ons  will   introduce  ‘Badges’  this   semester.   More  informa<on   coming  soon!   h"p://    

Discussion  and  Ques:ons  

Final  words………   •  Anyone  who  has  never  made  a  mistake  has   never  tried  anything  new.   -­‐  Albert  Einstein   •  The  important  thing  is  not  to  stop  ques:oning.   -­‐  Albert  Einstein  

FLAT  professional  development    Flat  Connec:ons  Global  Educator   FLAT  encounters    Sydney  June  2014   FLAT  projects  for  K-­‐12   hgp://  

Global  Portal       Teacher  Network   Email           Twiger         Julie  Lindsay    @flatconnec:ons  

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