A visit to Kakuma refugee camp

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Published on October 14, 2014

Author: CLWR

Source: slideshare.net


This summer CLWR staffer Derrick Nyamori returned to his native Kenya to visit friends and family. He took the opportunity to visit the Kakuma Refugee Camp to meet with Lutheran World Federation (LWF) staff and see first-hand how your donations in our We Care shipment might help. He offers this report.

1. In the North-Western region of Kenya, by the border to South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda Founded in 1992 to serve the “Lost Boys of Sudan” from the Sudanese Civil war 3km by 18km Population: 170,000 15+ nationalities

2. Ran by UNHCR helped by 13 implementing partners Divided into 4 sub-camps, Kakuma 1 through 4, and then further into blocks and zones LWF is the biggest UNHCR implementing agency in Kakuma Refugees hold elections every two years at every level* Food distributed to refugees every two weeks Program divided into 5 sectors: Community Services, Sustainable Livelihoods, Education, WASH and Security.

3. Offers services primarily to people with special needs Keeping peace within the camp Child Protection Unit (children make up 54.8%of camp) Youth protection and development Reception Centre management Gender equity and human rights Resolving conflicts Sustainable livelihoods

4. Asylum seekers stay here for about 2 weeks during assessment If approved, they are registered as refugees and let into the camp Expansion due to influx from South Sudan in late 2013 Priority for vulnerable to ensure they receive the care they need Population: 2074 (as of Aug 18, 2014).

5. Reception Centre

6. Unpredictable rain, about 300mm/year Plenty of water runs through during the rainy season: water harvesting not well implemented 12 boreholes – water pumped by generators No surface water most of the year

7. 4.3 million litres System built in 1993, and has since received only minor repairs 15-20% lost to leaks and overflows 15% of the water goes to agencies Approx 17L/refugee/day (UNHCR standard is 20L) Newer parts of camp have refugees making do with as little as 9L/day Host community walks about 5km for unsanitary water

8. 41,000 at high risk of contracting water borne diseases – Cholera out break in South Sudan hasn’t transferred into the camp… yet. The water system is ran by the refugees, and the management will contact them to help with small repairs for an incentive. This is compliant with the participation principle

9. There are 29 schools for 50,000 students There are 4 secondary schools, among which 2 are girls boarding schools focussing on protection from early marriage and FGM Angelina Jolie funded a girls’ primary boarding school, and Morneau Shepell funded a secondary school

10. 90% of education staff are refugees This tent is a typical class, some of which have upwards of 100 students Learning in shifts to accommodate numbers Teacher:Student ratio is about 1:120

11. The refugees are involved in several income generating activities: › Shops › Salon/barber shops › Restaurants/catering › Transportation › Clothes, bags, art pieces › Power generation

12. The camp is doing its best to cope with limited resources and an ever increasing demand for the services they provide Security risks in Kenya have been linked to refugees and the country is thus becoming less receptive to them The camp is in the process of requesting the government for more land

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