A very personal web server

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Published on October 14, 2007

Author: pip

Source: slideshare.net


A presentation about running Apache on the Nokia N95 I gave at BarcampBristol

A very personal web server Phil Wilson philwilson.org phil@philwilson.org

What are we talking about?

your phone

how personal?

The science bit Apache2 ● mod_python ● mod_rewrite ● etc. ●

A demo! (which may or may not work) of the de ve lo pe r version

what about the real thing? better phone-based client for cre at ing content online gateway for int e ract ing with content

gateways for scale

What kind of stuff? Everything that's on your phone data-based mashups

What does this mean? micro-broadcasting

Micro-whatnow? not small status updates just scale

Facebook is fine, thanks ha ha!

social networking just accesses the data on your phone (and you still own it!)

social how? you address book = your network

Facebook has applications, sucka! we have the internet

Data security?

what can we do? we have the internet plus cellular network plus sms

OK, what about me? your content isn't just for others

phone-hosted applications calendar sync? calendar shcmnyc phone at home? meh.

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