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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: kritika06

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Green Vertical Wall

A Vertical Green Wall Wall

Why Living Wall? Beautiful: Colorful, Fragrant CreateWellness: Clean Air, Comfort, Peace,Tranquility Inspire: Creativity, Productivity, Energy Produce: Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers Save and Conserve: Habitat, Energy July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora2

Why LiveWall? •Most Sustainable •Durable •Low Maintenance living wall system •http://vimeo.com/liveroof /why-livewall July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora3

Vertical Garden Advantages: • Aesthetics Create Living works of art • Health benefits reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. • IndoorAir Quality Purify your air • Leed Credits • Building Protection • Energy Savings • PropertyValue • Acoustics • Sustainability July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora4

Certification • Innovation in Operation Installing a green wall does not only Help in gaining Leed points but does it in an innovative way. This is accomplished by simply incorporating the technology That nature has provided instead of replying on man made Solutions, which usually require more energy. July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora5

July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora6 Live Green Wall • Product contributes energy credits in each of the five certification categories of leed (leadership in energy and environmental design). Sustainable sites • Storm water design - live wall living wall system can help prevent excess storm water discharge. - live wall can help to filter and detoxify storm water by removing suspended solids and other pollutants. - potential credits : SS6.1 Stormwater Design, Quantity Control, 1 point SS 6.2 Stormwater Design, Quality Control, 1 point • Heat Island Effect -LiveWall system can reduce solar reflectance of a structure and significantly lower a building’s temperature -potential credits :SS7.1 , Heat Island Effect, Non –Roof , 1point

July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora7 Live GreenWall Water Efficiency • Water Efficient Landscaping - live wall requires very little irrigation . -harvested rainwater, air conditioning condensate and/or foundation drain water can be used to eliminate potable water use and reduce site runoff and wastewater usage. - live wall always requires irrigation connected. - potential credits :WE.1Water Efficient Landscaping , Option 1, 2 points WE 2.InnovativeWastewaterTechnologies , option 1 or 2 , 2 points Energy and Atmosphere Optimize Energy Performance -LiveWall system offer substantial energy saving to green homes and green buildings. - LiveWall system benefits vary with local climate. -potential credits :EA 1 , Optimize Energy Performance Option 1,2 or 3, 1 9point

July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora8 Live GreenWall Installation http://youtu.be/Q3aHppH1wCs Time to Install : 8 hrs Costing :Varies ( bigger costs less, small costs more (per square foot).

Step by Step Installation • Basic planning – wall suitability for livewall, type and extent of wall’s breathable moisture barrier. • VertiRail – vertical aluminum furring tracks will be used in almost all applications -16” to 24” o.c; 8’ length • Metal Walls – nylon washer/shims as insulators between wall and VertiRails to prevent galvanic reaction. • http://youtu.be/ypVYbGn5U-M Step 1 Basic planning Step 2 Verti Rail Step 3 irrigation strategy Step 4 Creating design layout Step 5 wall planter layout Step 6 Indicate water source Step 7 live wall plants Step 8 Match live wall to plants July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora9

Step by Step Installation • Lapped patterned walls (cedar, vinyl, concrete) –nylon shim spacer to bridge VertiRails in low spots . • Irrigation Strategy – determine irrigation source and drainage tie- in points. • Creating Design Layout –Live wall teams take care of it. • Pipe and Fittings – for irrigation feed • LiveWall Plants – choosing plants appropriate for the wall. • Match Live Soil to Plants – series of LiveSoils, specific to the particular plant material chosen for the system • http://youtu.be/ypVYbGn5U-M Step 1 Basic planning Step 2 Verti Rail Step 3 irrigation strategy Step 4 Creating design layout Step 5 wall planter layout Step 6 Indicate water source Step 7 live wall plants Step 8 Match live wall to plants July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora10

Diagram Showing Back July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora11 Design Layout VertiRail Irrigation Str. VertiRail

Diagram Showing Front July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora12 Custom Layouts WallPlanter Layout Match LiveSoil to plants

DifferentTypes of kits July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora13 • The "Plus" kits include components for automatic watering. • The advantages of this premium vertical garden system with automatic irrigation are freedom to come and go and to travel without worrying about daily watering. • This kit includes everything you need to create a living wall garden on your home or office. • The LiveWall Sprout is ideal for small to medium sized walls, and make for very inviting complements to entryways.

The End Thank you July 10th 2013 Kritika Arora14

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