A trip to Riaza. Learning more about the present continuous: "going to" (Grammar)

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Information about A trip to Riaza. Learning more about the present continuous: "going to"...

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: marianamorales



Some ideas to teach the present continuous in the form "going to", for 1st ESO. Students learn to use the structure in the context of a real trip they are going to do with the school.

A trip to Riaza Learning more about the Present Continuous Mariana Morales Lobo View Profile

Context and meaningful learning 1st ESO students go to Riaza (Segovia) at the beginning of May. They stay for a week and learn in a different way. They enjoy this trip very much and look forward to it during the year. Therefore, there is a high motivation towards Riaza. In this context we are going to learn a grammar structure. It will make sense to students as it is a preparation for the trip: their learning will be meaningful.

Objectives In this didactical unit we are going to learn how to communicate plans in the future, according to the Decreto 22/2007 de 10 de mayo de la CAM: “1º ESO: Expresar planes e intenciones para el futuro. […]. El presente continuo con valor de futuro going to ”

Presentation: The hook • Several strategies may be useful in order to present the activities to students: – Watch a video from last year – Read the invitation letter in English – Let an older student explain last year’s trip in English

Previous questions • What do we know about Riaza? – Suggested answers:     It’s a place It’s in Segovia We are going with the school We are going to like it • What are we going to do there? – Suggested answers:     We are going to have fun We are going to be with friends We are going to dance We are going to play football

• Other questions: – What places are we going to visit? – How long are you going to stay? – What objects are you going to take? • Write on the board and underline the expressions the students have said using the present continuous to make a future plan. • Ask students to find the Grammar Rule • Fix the structure on the wall

Game • Work in groups of three students • Role-playing: a student plays an action and the rest of the group must guess it, using the expression “you are going to….”

Pair work • Find information about Riaza and other villages in Segovia: images, etc. • Elaborate a pp presentation of 8-10 images • Present the village. What you are going to visit there and what activities are you going to do? » Use the present continuous » Use I and We

Practice • Do some exercises from de text book: fill in the gaps, rewriting sentences, etc.

Writing • Choose a village from another group • Describe what your fellow students are going to visit there and what activities they are going to do. » Use they, he or she. » Use the structure “going to”

Assessment • • • • • • Oral skills Writing skills Grammar Pair group Computer literacy Learning to learn • Define the skills that are going to be marked. Choose some. • Tell students BEFORE doing the activity • Give them qualitative feedback as soon as possible

High level students • Write the Wikipedia article for Riaza in English.

Calendar and place – 1st session: Presentation (hook), previous questions and game – 2nd session: Pair work (and assessment) in the School Library – 3rd session: Oral presentations and practice (and assessment) – 4th session: Writing (and assessment)

Visualize what you have learnt • Fix photos of Riaza on the wall • Fix in capital letters the structure we are learning

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