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Published on November 29, 2013

Author: jravishanker

Source: slideshare.net


This presentation is for for students, professionals and entrepreneurs to improve their soft skills. This is basic orientation in each area of soft skills. Trainers can use this presentation to build their content and span. Keep visiting the page for each area of soft skill in future.

to for students, professionals and entrepreneurs J Ravi Shanker Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, career prospect and productivity

note… J Ravi Shanker This presentation is made for youngsters who want to progress and make a statement of their own in this competitive world. It helps you to become a better person. It is exhaustive and prescriptive as well. It will be wise to go through this presentation over a period of time rather complete it at one go. This will give you time to ponder over each point and reflect at ease. I would encourage group discussion over each slide for diverse view points. Happy Surfing… This presentation is only for educative non commercial use. All photographs and art forms illustrated are of respective individuals sources.

The A to Z of Soft skill basics. J Ravi Shanker AAttitude BBehavior CCommuni ca-tion NNegotiatio n OOptimism PProfession alism CCoach DDetermina tion EEtiquettes PProblem solving PPresentation PPersonal Hygiene EEthics FFriendship G- Group work QQuestion RResponsib i-lity S- Social grace HHumor IInterperso nal Skills I - Integrity T- Time management UUnderstan ding V- Voice ideas JJust do it KKnowledg e LLeadershi p WWinning spirit XX factor Y- Young at heart MMotivation ZZeal

Attitude J Ravi Shanker         Carry realistic self image Keep a winning Attitude Think positive Talk positive Accept and learn from criticism Always respect others’ culture Be practical Keep a check on your attitude

Behavior J Ravi Shanker         Be nice to people around you Be courteous / polite Dress to the occasion Always greet people with smile Never be arrogant Leave the place if you can’t fit in Don’t argue for the sake of it Do not over indulge

Communication-i J Ravi Shanker  Verbal Communication (Includes both spoken and written forms)   Non-verbal communication (Understanding Body Language) Develop listening skills (Active, Passive and Reflective Listening) Refrain from negative communication  Engage positive tone, words/verbs  Build up the topic before you deliver  Know the importance of ‘silence’  Your body language should be of acceptable standards 

Communication-ii J Ravi Shanker        Learn strategies to improve your fluency and confidence in official /business language & local language Develop the speaking skills to clearly express your ideas Improve your range and accuracy in business language Work on your accent, intonation and production of individual sounds. Should not sound artificial. Practice elocution skills in meetings and presentations Write reports, letters and emails as practice Work on effective speaking, presentation skills, public speaking, handling questions, team presentations, and telephone etiquette most business communications remains confusing, ungrammatical, unfocused or unnecessary. Focus on how to write clearly and precisely, and how to identify and correct common errors in grammar, usage, and sentence structure, persuasive letters, memos,

Coach J Ravi Shanker Always try to share your learning  Don’t discourage others  Encourage fresher to experiment  Encourage discussion  Promote creativity  Look at scope for learning  Appreciate even smallest achievement  Overcome insecurities 

Determination J Ravi Shanker         Always be determined to achieve higher goals Do not get distracted Keep yourself motivated Express confidence Do not easily give up Possibilities are endless One failure is not ‘the end’ Take support of others

Etiquette-i J Ravi Shanker          Where ever you go, follow the rules Always greet people with smile Be courteous to all Stand straight Sit in decent posture Never be rude to people Do not haggle with people While driving don’t honk too much Don’t indulge in rash driving

Etiquettes-ii J Ravi Shanker         While travelling don’t throw garbage out of window At lift / elevator /public transport don’t push people Give way to elders, children and women Keep your workstation / laptop / tab organized While sipping coffee / tea don’t make noise While dining wait for others to start Don’t litter / split in public places Don’t talk loudly on mobile / phone

Ethics J Ravi Shanker Never cause harm to public property  Uphold country / institutional values  Be honest to the possible extent  Follow rules even if no one watching you  Set principles in personal and work life  Adhere to own value system  Do not deviate from ethics for short term gains 

Friendship J Ravi Shanker          Win friends on your way Don’t make enemies; they eat your time Keep regular contact with people Greet them on special days If you can afford, give occasional gifts Treat them with respect Never ignore your friends Don’t hesitate to take help Don’t exploit friendship

Group Work J Ravi Shanker        Know how to work in group Be a team player Treat your colleagues with respect Motivate your colleagues Be assertive Ready to confront if needed Always resolve      Listen to your colleagues Promote team work Invest in team building Appreciate their contribution Ready to negotiate.

Humor J Ravi Shanker Have sense of humor  Do not anger people  Don’t belittle others in humor  Be sensitive in your humor  Your humor should relieve stress  Send refreshing messages/ mails  Don’t mock your mentor 

Interpersonal skills J Ravi Shanker          Keep good working relationship with colleagues Always respect their opinion If disagree, express it with dignity Be non-judgmental Respect confidentiality of others Don’t gossip others’ personal life If you can’t appreciate, stay silent Overcome prejudice Ready to cooperate

Integrity J Ravi Shanker        Be clear about your beliefs / values Don’t be scared to accept mistake Don’t lie Don’t try to bribe Be honest Be courageous Deliver what you commit

Just do it J Ravi Shanker Don’t spend too much time on thinking  Complete the task in time to get results  Don’t let smaller issues become bigger hurdles  Never leave the task midway  Roll up sleeves & rope in others  Don’t let the fear of failure overpower you  Don’t get disheartened easily 

Knowledge J Ravi Shanker         Knowledge is nothing but common sense Always be alert Read/watch news regularly Be thorough in your subject of interest Think before you talk Carry 360o perspective Read books regularly Questioning is source of learning

Leadership J Ravi Shanker          See the big picture Be a democratic leader Involve others Consult before decide Show the path to others Be open for feedback Learn from mistakes Lead from front Keep members together

Motivation J Ravi Shanker         Motivate yourself & others Have patience Keep trying and never give up Demonstrate the success Celebrate success Appreciate good work Reward success Recognize the achievement

Negotiation skills J Ravi Shanker        Understand the problem and actors Don’t loose focus Work out win-win situation Lead / facilitate discussion to end result Always pacify conflict Do not overstretch dialogue Be well mannered

Optimism J Ravi Shanker        Be optimistic Never be pessimistic Cynicism is destructive Infuse optimism in colleagues / followers Carry positive attitude Believe in yourself Trust your colleagues

Professionalism J Ravi Shanker           Respect time & resources Be committed to task Uphold professional values Separate professional and personal life Organize your work Do not over commit Don’t step into others role Carry mutual respect Don’t deviate from rules Never violate law

Problem solving J Ravi Shanker          Exude confidence Don’t celebrate problem Instill hope in others Seek help & cooperation Be ready to apologize or course correction Be creative / out of the box Look for alternatives Ready to accept failure Never aggravate problem

Presentation J Ravi Shanker           Dress appropriately for the presentation Keep eye contact with the audience Modulate your voice and tone through out Be precise and crisp in your presentation Allow time to discuss Keep content visually appealing Use neutral colors Use wit and humor cautiously Don’t block your presentation Involve audience

Personal Hygiene J Ravi Shanker       Dress well. Never look shabby or stinky Keep check on body odor Don’t over spray perfume Check your oral hygiene After using toilet make sure its clean Don’t poke nose in    While coughing use tissue Trim hair & nails regularly Rehydrate yourself at regular intervals

Question J Ravi Shanker         Never hesitate to question Question to know but not to judge Question yourself before you question others Accept others questioning with grace Don’t be reactive to questions Never question with bias Don’t get emotional Don’t be judgmental

Responsibility J Ravi Shanker        Take initiative Assume responsibility Never shy away from responsibility Take additional responsibilities However, don’t over burden yourself Be realistic about your abilities Demonstrate your abilities

Social grace J Ravi Shanker Be sensitive to local culture  Dress to the cultural  Be conscious about social values  Be conscious about environment  Be conscious about vulnerable  Don’t display wealth  Be humble to others  Be sensitive to problems  Be careful with selection of your words 

Time Management J Ravi Shanker          Multitask and prioritize your to-do list Always schedule your task Stick to time schedules Apologize if not punctual Work to deliver task in time Convey the delay in advance Respect other’s time Don’t overbook yourself Never leave work to last hour

Understanding J Ravi Shanker         Understand before you conclude Understand others position and point Understand others limitations and strengths Be realistic in your expectations Ask for some time to understand Study various aspects Allow benefit of doubt if needed Check out past experiences

Voice ideas J Ravi Shanker       Don’t hesitate to express your views / ideas Give voice to your thoughts Don’t let your position restrict you form expressing your ideas Don’t bother about ‘what others think?’ Sharing ideas is always appreciated Have a winning idea ? share it

Winning spirit J Ravi Shanker         Always carry ‘winning spirit’ Don’t carry ‘self doubt’ Some may discourage you but don’t loose your spirit Hurdles are part of the game. Your winning spirit can create ‘magic’ Carry ‘never die’ attitude Keep smiling Encourage others not to give up

X factor J Ravi Shanker        Every individual is unique & special Identify the X factor in you Always carry the X factor with you Be conscious and proud of it Never let others demoralize you Take advantage of your X factor Your uniqueness is your strength

Youthful J Ravi Shanker          Always stay young at heart Never let your age dominate you Youthfulness is productive Youthfulness brings happiness You can always inspire others Carry ability to laugh together Take criticism with smile Don’t hesitate to crack joke at self Be ready to take challenge

Zeal J Ravi Shanker      Zeal or high spirit sustains your life Have zeal to know more Have zeal to learn at any age Have zeal to grow Have zeal to contribute more

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