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Published on June 16, 2007

Author: Pumbaa

Source: authorstream.com

A Thai Way:  A Thai Way Cooking Live Chef Jason Reynolds Nov 2006 Slide2:  How do you get to happy guests like this? Slide3:  …start with fresh Asian ingredients like these… Lemongrass Galangal Lime Coconut Rice Fish Sauce Garlic Slide4:  ….add hard working chefs… Slide5:  Slide6:  …include a little Thai influence like this… Slide7:  …design the room… Slide8:  …top it off with great food… Lemongrass Spareribs Cucumber Salad Slide9:  Fish Cakes Sautéed Bean Sprouts Acorn Squash with Coconut Custard Slide10:  …take the food to the guests and set-up the buffet… Slide11:  Fish Cakes and Stir-Fried Oriental Broccoli w/Oyster Sauce Chicken Satay Slide12:  …sit back, relax, and listen to Chef Reynolds… Slide13:  …enjoy good food and great friends! That’s the Thai Way!:  That’s the Thai Way!

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