A survey about user-centricity adoption in Europe

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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: fniglia

Source: slideshare.net


The new communication tools and the innovative applications based on the Web 2.0 are more and more enabling the participation of different stakeholders in the decision making processes, thus exploiting the user-centricity potentialities in different contexts. Among all, the brightest examples being are represented by websites as Wikipedia, Flicker, YouTube as well as others similar, showing how the end user assumes the content creator role.
The user-centricity is defined as a multi-layered process of user involvement in all the phases that represent a whatever service.
The aim of this work is to outline the analytical figures that represent the “best out of the best” within a set of examples of running services that are characterised by the application of some aspects of the user-centricity methodology. This step represents a check of examples of services that might be really of interest and effective for carrying out the “enhancement” of the user-centricity, the main scope of the NET-EUCEN network.
The essay provides some recommendations for an actual enhancement of the adoption in a wider European vision.

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