A Study on the Effectiveness of Promotion Tools Used by a Sports Retail Outlet

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Information about A Study on the Effectiveness of Promotion Tools Used by a Sports Retail...

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: christasinha

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Objective: To check the effectiveness of the tools of promotion employed by a sports retail outlet
Commencement of the project: 22 Jan 2014
Place where the project was conducted: Decathlon, Mysore Road

Promoting to the Right People - A Live Project Report By Aakash Sinha, MBA - Marketing (2013-15), Christ University Institute of Management

Details of the Project • Objective: To check the effectiveness of the tools of promotion employed by a sports retail outlet • Commencement of the project: 22 Jan 2014 • Place where the project was conducted: Decathlon, Mysore Road • Duration of the project: 15 Days (excluding holidays) • Key POC: Hari Menon, Customer Relationship Manager

The various promotional tools used by this branch are listed below as follows:


The Process of the Study

Questionnaire Design A questionnaire was administered to the customers, who visited the store. The questionnaire included questions on the personal information of customers such as their place of residence and phone number. Customers who visited the store were asked about their relationship with Decathlon, i.e., whether they were existing customers who had made purchases in other store locations or if they were completely new to the Decathlon brand. They were asked about how they came to know about the Mysore road branch. Catchment Categorization The results were collected from the respondents. The place of residence of the respondents, who had visited the store, was classified into four broad catchment categories. These categories have been represented in a diagram below as follows.

Categorization of Catchments

Research and Analysis It should be noted that a random sample of 583 customers was surveyed. Mode was used to map the maximum frequency of respondents from each catchment area along with the promotional tool that attracted them to the store. The size of each and every catchment is not uniform. A respondent was free to choose more than one promotion tool that induced him to visit the store branch on Mysore Road. So, it was found out that even though there were 583 respondents in total, there were actually 632 responses in relation to which promotion tool induced them to visit the store. It would not have hence been adequate to scale every catchment and express it as a percentage of the total number of responses due to unequal weightage of responses within each catchment.

Generated Reports from the study

Bar graph displaying the number of old and new customers and the frequency of customers who have been induced by the respective promotion tool in the corresponding catchment (Note: Y-Axis- Count of Customers, X-Axis- Catchment Category): 350 300 250 Count of Hoarding/Signages Count of Passing by the store 200 Count of WOM Count of Other Decathlon stores Count of Events 150 Count of Sms Count of Online Count of New or Old 100 50 0 A B C D

Results of the study: • There were 319 new customers for the Mysore Road branch of Decathlon. • There were 237 old or existing customers from other branches of Decathlon. • There were 25 customers, who had not specified their relationship with Decathlon as being new or old. • Hence about 54% of the total number of store visitors were new and about 40% were old customers. The remaining 6% did not disclose their customer relationship with customers. • Most customers had received information about the Mysore Road branch from the following catchment areas: Kengeri, Kumbalgodu, Naindanhalli and Rajarajeshwari Nagar, i.e. from Catchment A. • Most people visited this store because they were passing by this store on Mysore Road. So majority of the customers may have been attracted by the store’s visual merchandizing, i.e., a large playing field where customers had a scope to try out the product they purchased. Such events may have led to a demonstration effect among passersby.

Thank you for viewing this presentation and please contact me for additional information via e-Mail: aakash.sinha@mba.christuniversity.in Linkedin: in.linkedin.com/pub/aakash-sinha/51/592/a85/

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