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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: loususi

Source: slideshare.net


Although I've included little bits and hints to this topic in more casual presentations I've given in the recent past, this SlideShare Deck captures the recent lecture I gave as part of Massachusetts College of Art and Designs 2014 Thursday Evening Lecture Series through their Continuing and Professional Education Department.

The talk ran a little under an hour long and covered approaches to leveraging looser, human-feeling storytelling methods to help inform, design, develop and iteratively optimize experience design for: garnering better personal awareness and contextual understanding in the world; professional, collaborative practices with corporate UX design and development teams { in ways that closely align and play well with current, industry-standard Agile and Lean UX methodologies }; philosophical 'life-design' guidance for yourself and others; thinking about ways to designEmpower 'Design for Good' for The Bigger Picture when thinking about ways to actively and consciously design and promote positive change for humanity and the world.

This was the official premiere lecture for 'A storyFirst Approach to Human-Centered Design' — not exactly a 'beta,' but also the first of many iterative talks focused on the themes of design, awareness and creating positive change by actively living with a certain design philosophy and perspective in heart and mind.

astory rst APPROACH to human-centered DESIGN.

don’t call it a beta

don’t worry

you’re in the right place


astory rst APPROACH to human-centered DESIGN.

? story why

. DESIGN empower ethic-actionable accountability and people-centric designwork

story my

lou susi DESIGN


or be designed

dynamic  media  institute

Bureau of investigation

the laughterLife he who laughs last laughs for eternity

embed myself

study the culture

understand the full context of life

find areas of unintended usage to exploit

make fun

say wuh?

i know

i’m all over the place, right?

don’t worry

you’re still in the right place

next up ...

a little bit a story back


Mommy, where did story rst come from?

interaction DESIGN

its almost inevitable

first assignment


no context

give it some life

tell me a story

bring stories to the room

ux wtf?

the future is a story

an evening of interaction DESIGN absurdity







interaction DESIGN

here’s the story work


how to leverage a story rst APPROACH for your professional DESIGNlife.

a quick case study

please note

this work is private and confidential

develop personas as you go

human stories

not as technical as AGILE dev stories

ordinary, everyday language

iterate on everything

not just the design

not just the code

common current standard practices

astory rst APPROACH

the bigger picture

honest story

about today

be critical

be brutal

capture your current story

the story about who you are today

what do you want your story to be?

big blue sky

be ridiculous

never say ‘no’

‘we can’t’ is NOT an option

that shit’s boring

pretend your budget is limitless

pretend that you have all the time in the world

pretend you have all the resources you need to do amazing work

dream big

now dream bigger

be big and bold

what would be your ultimate story?

the story you’d like to tell the world

the story you’d like to leave behind

what story do you want others to tell?

do it

get nuts

own it

aim right for your dream story

higher than she’s aiming, right?

keep iteratively designing + developing the story as you progress

test with your target audience

test with your stakeholders

test with your anyone + everyone


bring the feedback into your process

feed your stories

what’s the story BIGGER gonna be ?

we live our stories

what’s our story?

it’s story our

we gotta own it


SpeakerRate http:/ /spkr8.com/t/28611

stay in touch ls@loususi.com | @loususi + @storyfirst | storyfirst.com + loususi.com


if you enjoyed story rst . LIFEDESIGN PHILOSOPHY you’ll love ...


thank you

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