A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Redesign

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Published on October 6, 2012

Author: branditlikebarker

Source: slideshare.net


Details each step needed to redesign your business website maximum web traffic and conversions.

Created by Joey Barker

“Hmmm…then why’s he here?”

1. Leads Generated 5. Domain Authority ◦ 3,000 – 4,000 (approx.) ◦ 41 (mozRANK)2. Unique Visitors 6. Total Sales ◦ 2,233 / mo. ◦ $8MM (Hoovers)3. Bounce Rate 7. SEO rankings ◦ 61.59 % ◦ #1 Keyword or Phrase?4. Time on Site  Employee Benefits Software ◦ Share = 5.08 % ◦ 00:04:07

Be found. Be clear. Be memorable.1. Increase the Number of Visitors to the Site  Let’s face it, this is the reason for Redesign, isn’t it?  Use inbound marketing to increase channel presence and overall web traffic2. Lead Gen & New Business  Establish industry need with useful, non-obtrusive content  Provide 90% of knowledge for free in content  Sell with the 10% offering needed to achieve results  Convert views into opt-in Sales leads

Be found. Be clear. Be memorable.3. Increase search rankings & results  Optimize site and individual page titles/descriptions  Use inbound marketing to increase channel presence and overall web traffic  Focus on 1-2 keywords for each page topic/page  Home Page = 3-5 maximum

More Traffic = More Leads = More Business60000 1.20% 8000 1.00% 0.80% 6000 Now40000 Now Now 0.60% 4000 0.40%20000 Q4 Q4 Q4 0.20% 2000 2012 2012 2012 0.00% 0 0 Conversion Rates Sales Leads Unique Visitors 35%  33%  80% 

Increase new business by up to 28.8 % Traffic Conversion Rate New Leads• NOW: 37k • NOW: 0.9 % • NOW: 4000• 2013: 50k • 2013: 1.2 % • 2013: 7200 • Up 35 % • Up 33 % • Up 80 %

Increase number of new clients by 28.8% (average 2% lead-to-client conversion in one Fiscal year) New Business up 28.8% Conversion rate up 33% Web & Search Traffic up 80%

Inventory of AssetsAction items to improveUser Search insights

Needs Assessment301 redirect needed Auto-discoverable RSS Sign-up CTAsBlog integration Unique page descriptions Landing page linkingSocial sharing Meta viewport tag Unique content titles

Keep your best digital content.1. SEO 7. Newsletters2. Images (alt tags) 8. Event Calendar3. Blog content 9. Product page4. Videos  Meta tags  Images (alt tags)5. Webinars  Individual page tags6. Email alerts 10. Affiliate links

Competitor 1 Competitor 4Competitor 2 Competitor 5Competitor 3 Competitor 6

Competitor 1High site engagement Blog integration No mobile optimizationLeadership messaging Zero Automation Weak social integrationSocial sharing Poor SEO tagging Landing pages w/ forms

Competitor 2No blog or Community Poor SEO efforts Very engaged usersMobile Optimized No Brand persona No marketing automationWeak social presence Landing pages w/ forms Zero analytics usage

Competitor 3Get automation usage No known blog usage Landing pages w/ formsWeak mobile integration VERY good linking Decent user engagementNo social sharing Good Twitter usage Good unique visits #

Competitor 4Good product branding Poor linking strategy Landing pages w/ formsBlog integration; no RSS Mobile needs help Poor visitor repetitionGreat SEO tagging Poor conversion tactics Automation usage

TASCGreat product branding Worst index tagging Good unique/no repeatsNo social sharing Very weak social No analytics usageWeak navigation Poor conversions Good blogging presence

Competitor 5Tailors content to user Best linking authority Decent user engagementThought leader message Best online PR usage Messaging too broadPoor individual pg tags Very weak conversions No social sharing

Competitor 6No blog Decent linking Landing pages w/ formsNot Mobile optimized Good social integration Good lead generationNot indexing invl pages Best user engagement Poor conversion

Identify Value PropositionDesign Site around PersonasOptimize for SearchIdentify Calls-to-ActionOngoing Content Strategy

 Experience ◦ Over 25 years in the employee benefits industry enables us to analyze todays market and predict tomorrows. Rather than waste time on pitfalls of the past, we respond to trends of today…and design solutions for tomorrow. Relationships ◦ Relationships require understanding, and understanding begins with each individual. Our staff is a group of individuals with various backgrounds, interests, and beliefs. Flexibility ◦ We know that one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to benefit solutions, so we offer our users a wide range of system functions and capacities. ◦ All of our products are built to work in sync with each other no matter which solutions a client requires.

“(COMPANY) partners with (B2B Clients) to deliver world-class (solution) today……for the (offering) of tomorrow.”

“COMPANY is a (n) X consultancy.We help clients deliver the mostpowerful, easy-to-use OFFERING today- while pursuing the SOLUTION oftomorrow.”

 Persona 1: Website ◦ Build the first based demographics and holistic user buying behavior across the industry Persona 2: Communications ◦ Current value ◦ Predicted value ◦ Lifecycle stage ◦ By product  (email & LPO)  Search programs

 Document most search-valued pages Create a 301 Redirect Strategy ◦ This may be the most important step of retaining traffic and rankings Pick one or two keywords for EACH page Optimize header tags – AVOID company name as the first word of any of them

 eBooks & whitepapers New products & product purchases Email newsletter subscriptions Social Share buttons Free trial Consultation / demo

 Blog  Landing Pages & Calls- ◦ Sub-Nav into product to-Action categories  Add RSS subscription Social Media  Shareability ◦ Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Sli deShare, Tumblr  Analytics & CMS automation ◦ Use information-focused networks to drive draffic ◦ Facebook as a hub to direct traffic across channels


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