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Published on April 27, 2008

Author: heyalipona

Source: slideshare.net


Isn't a shame for you and me while we are claiming as 'human being'? Go through this presentation & ponder upon the fact, you may not think of!

For someone......... Foods depict the luxury.

Not really...........it's a basic need !

Some where, People know........how to waste foods (Tomato).

No where but in this world.........people die of starvation.

Wasting food..............for more entertainment (pie throwing).

Waiting............to become food.

Standing still: Which one is more amusing ??

As someone eats more than requirement.......

Others don't find to eat !

While misusage is a festival.........


Please!!! Don't waste your foods. Please!!! Don't ear more than requirement.

" Fill up 1/3 of the stomach by foods, 1/3 by water & let another 1/3 to be filled by your breathing." - Muhammad (PBUH)

Please pass this presentation to at least one of your friends....as many of us are not aware of this! Send your feedback: diretruth@yahoo.com


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