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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: toolatwork

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Acesse - A Silicon Valley based internet technology company that pays users for using its powerful search engine.

Email isaacrho@gmail.com for more information.





We need to increase our streams of income.

Acesse provides RESIDUAL INCOME.

Before I explain how Acesse works, I need to show you a few numbers.


50,578. Google’s revenue from online advertising in 2013 in Millions.


96,229. How much Google earns per minute through online advertising.


4.68. Yahoo’s 2013 revenue in billions.


3.57. Baidu’s 2012 revenue in billions.

These companies charge advertisers through a Pay Per Click system.

CPC = Cost per click. Google charges $30-50 USD per click.

That’s right. Every click You make generates income for these companies.

WHY do advertisers pay so much?

High internet traffic translates into higher sales

Whoever controls internet traffic, controls internet wealth.

Out of the billions these companies make from your clicks, how much money do you earn? Zilch.

How does this relate to Acesse?

Acesse runs a powerful search engine.

Acesse pays you 70% of its revenue to increase network traffic to its search engine

This 70% Revenue Sharing can be earned through 3 methods.

METHOD ONE Watch 25 ads daily (30secs each) Pays $6-8 USD per day

METHOD TWO Referral bonus. Earn $300 USD on Level 1 referrals

METHOD THREE Overriding commissions from down line referrals Earn up to $3000 USD/day depending on no. of down line referrals

Build Small L1=3 L2=9 L3=27 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 L4=81 L5=243 GOAL 1% Infinite Pool 3 3

EQUITY SHARING PLAN Acesse aims to IPO in 2017.

This allows members to purchase stock at a discount.

Acesse deposits 15% of their annual pre-tax income into the Equity Sharing Plan (ESP) Trust. Click here for news article.

Acesse's Annual Revenue 1200 1000 800 600 Acesse's Annual Revenue 400 200 0 2012 2013 2014 (Projected) In 2013, it paid $175 million to members and $5.1 million to the ESP fund.

How does Acesse earn so much money?

How does Acesse earn so much money?

Our website our search engine Ads by Yahoo! Ads by Yahoo!

Classified Ad Listings

Local Business Listings

Social Networking

ACES Games

V-Webs Sitebuilder Over 200 customizable templates

Mobile Services Mobile Website Builder, Mobile Flyers

How much money can one make with Acesse?

There are consultants who earn $200-300 USD daily after just 5 months of hard work.

There are others who earn $3000-30,000 USD daily.

This is NOT an easy get rich quick scheme.


1. Debt Free

2. Has a 6 year history • 2006 – Established as an ISP • 2008 – V-Webs Services • 2008 – Created AdView System • 2011 – Launched Acesse Search Engine • 2013 – Launched Mobile and Business Services

2. Has a 6 year history Source: nvsos.gov

3. Technology office located in Silicon Valley

4. Headquarter in Minneapolis

5. Professional Management STEVE RENNER - FOUNDER AMY AYD - CFO Provided successful worldwide online services since 1998 BOB KINSELLA - PRESIDENT Highly experienced, talented, professional Finance and Business Manager Worked in Accounting Management with several Fortune 500 companies PETER WOLD – CORPORATE COUNSEL JAMES WONG - CTO A Silicon Valley superstar who worked with Oracle, Cisco, WebEx, Ma Labs With over 33 yrs experience, an expert in Corporate Law

6. Shut Down by FBI and Secret Service in Feb 2010

6. Approved by FBI and Secret Service

6. Approved by FBI and Secret Service Star Tribune Article: $22M returned to Inter-Mark by Feds

7. Never missed a payout in 6 years.

So how do you sign up?

$2000USD Initial capital • Private placement shares for 2017 IPO • $6/day AdView income = Approximately $2190/year • Domain hosting • Mobile Web • Potential to earn $100-1000USD/ day

Other ways to invest: $2000USD • Buy Shares (Win or lose risk) • Keep in DBS Bank (<1% interest) • Buy T.V. or Computer • Go on a holiday

Currently ranked: 770th

“Would you rather build a 30 year career to earn 20k/month OR “or work hard for 3-5 years and earn 20k/day?”

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