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Published on October 14, 2008

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A reflective student’s SWOT Analysis : 14/10/2008 1 A reflective student’s SWOT Analysis By A R Student IntroductionThese were the six core modules taken in semester 1 : 14/10/2008 2 IntroductionThese were the six core modules taken in semester 1 MS0013A: Basic Mathematical Methods I MA000IA: Background & Study Skills I ME001A: Foundations of Physics I BB0071A: Foundations of Chemistry I BB0011A: Intro to Cellular & Molecular Biology GY0007A: Understanding Planet Earth MS0013A: Basic Mathematical Methods I : 14/10/2008 3 MS0013A: Basic Mathematical Methods I Topics covered in this module: Algebra. i.e-polynomial/quadratic equations/partial fractions Indices and Logarithms. i.e. binomial expansion Differentiation Part I. i.e. product rule Angles and Elementary Special Functions. i.e. trig functions Integration Part. i.e area under the curve My Strengths: Overall this was a successful module which allowed me to refresh my mind on the concepts of the subjects. Algebra was just a case of brushing up on the basics, The product rule was easy to come to terms with. Integration was demanding but fair when understood. MS0013A: Basic Mathematical Methods I : 14/10/2008 4 MS0013A: Basic Mathematical Methods I My Weaknesses: I found these topics to be harder in which I felt my knowledge of the subject been challenged. The binomial expansion was tricky and took more time and effort to understand. The sine, cosine and tangent; rules and derivatives took more effort to come to grips with. Overall Performance: Overall this module was successful. The different topics covered in module were well understood. Relearning the topics and practising their methods helped to refresh my memory. MA0001A: Background & Study Skills I : 14/10/2008 5 MA0001A: Background & Study Skills I Contents of the module: Computing Skills. i.e. Microsoft package/emailing Basic Mathematical skills. i.e. prime factorisation Descriptive Statistics. i.e. representation of data Study Skills. i.e. revision and exam technique Technical Literacy. i.e. report writing/CV’s My Strengths: My main strengths lied in the practical use of computers and my mathematical skills. Finding my way around the computer proved a reasonable task, and once I knew the basics, I was able to follow through easily with an assignment. The maths session helped to re-jog my memory on some the topics as well as being a useful way to revise. MA0001A: Background & Study Skills I : 14/10/2008 6 MA0001A: Background & Study Skills I My Weaknesses: I found my weaknesses to be in areas that I have always found harder. Writing reports and essays proved to be a problem for me, I would struggle at these exercises. My actual study skills weren’t well established. I never developed a good exam technique and revision in other modules were kept to a minimum. Overall Performance: This module progressed reasonably well. The module has boosted my confidence, allowing me to use the packages, email and internet easily. ME0013A: Foundations of Physics I : 14/10/2008 7 ME0013A: Foundations of Physics I Topics covered is this module: Mechanics. i.e. kinematics equations, resultant force in static and dynamics. Free body diagrams, Newton’s law of motion. Optics. i.e Nature of light/wave motion Heat. My Strengths: Having an informed knowledge of maths helped me with the mathematical side of physics. I felt that using the kinematics equations and applying them to practical problems was reasonably simple. Drawing free body diagram and find results using sine,cosine and tangent seemed easier once the question was constructed on paper. ME0013A: Foundations of Physics I : 14/10/2008 8 ME0013A: Foundations of Physics I My Weaknesses: I found both heat and optics really hard to understand. Optics proved very hard to come to grips with. It was difficult to learn all the factors. I found the complexity of the heat topics hard to grasp, especially as I found it hard apply the mathematics. Overall performance: This module was upsettingly unsuccessful. In mechanics, I found the problems difficult especially when you had to apply the laws to it. Both optics and heat went disastrously, I became increasing confused towards the end of the semester. BB0071A: Foundations ofChemistry I : 14/10/2008 9 BB0071A: Foundations ofChemistry I The Module Content: General and Inorganic Chemistry. i.e. historical chemistry/structure of an atom/oxidation and reduction. Organic Chemistry. i.e. calculations of empirical and molecular formulae/structural formula and isomers. Physical Chemistry. i.e.the structure of the atom/ thermodynamics. Lab Practical. e.g solubility studies. My Strengths: I felt that I could relate with the physical chemistry the most as I had some knowledge on it. I found that we were required to calculate formulas. I understood the ideas of atomic theory such as the importance of proton and mass number. BB0071A: Foundations ofChemistry I : 14/10/2008 10 BB0071A: Foundations ofChemistry I My Weaknesses: Chemistry was an extremely burdensome module for me. Once I got down to doing private study, I found it hard to understand the work. Overall knowledge in poor. I constantly needed help from friends. It would be hard for me to grasp any topic or concept. Overall Performance: Sceptical! However there is definitely room for improvement. The practical weren’t as good as I’d like- I missed one of two of tem. In my opinion my coursework was satisfactory. The exams were good and I felt that I answered them as well as I could have. BB0011A: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology : 14/10/2008 11 BB0011A: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology Topics covered in this module: Cell Biology & Organelles. i.e. ultra-structure of plant and animal cells. Biochemistry topics. i.e. carbohydrates/amino acids Genetics I & II. i.e. Dominant and recessive alleles/ meiosis and mitosis. My Strengths: Biology was a fair module. Once the topics were explained, it was easier for me to reinforce facts by going home and studying privately. Learning about the ultra-structure of cells and the different functions that the organelles had was more simplistic. The concepts of genetics was agreeable with me as I had been a little familiar with this topic from beforehand. BB0011A: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology : 14/10/2008 12 BB0011A: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology My Weaknesses: I discovered that I would find the biochemistry part of the module much more difficult for me I had a hard time remembering about the different enzymes and substrates. I found it tough when it came to hydrogen bonds, disulphide bridges, and lipids. Overall Performance: I could have done much better! There were although I understood some concepts, I never learnt them well enough, which probably resulted in poor marks. I found the material approachable, but would not retain the information. GY0007A:Understanding Planet Earth : 14/10/2008 13 GY0007A:Understanding Planet Earth Contents of the module: Introduction to the study and understanding of our dynamic planet. An introduction to geological time The formation and internal structure of the Earth Plate tectonics and plate boundary processes Earthquakes and the elastic rebound theory Alpine/Caledonian mountain building in Britain My Strengths: The weren’t many strengths in this module. I found that when it came to learning about our planet and its composition it was fascinating making it easier to digest. The ideas and usage of s and p waves were clear. GY0007A:Understanding Planet Earth : 14/10/2008 14 GY0007A:Understanding Planet Earth My weakness: This module was broad based and at times I found it hard to find a starting point on the topics. Due to the lack of enthusiasm I attend near to none of the lectures. No background reading or private study was given to this module thus I lost out on a vast amount of information. Overall Performance: This module was disastrous for the simple fact that I never gave it any time or effort. My knowledge on this module minimum where I can recognise words but not be able to explain their meanings. Semester I: How was it? : 14/10/2008 15 Semester I: How was it? The Facts: Looking back on semester I, it was pretty disastrous. My subjects didn’t go well at all. Even though I realised that my modules would be hard and that I would have to work at it; I still didn’t. I lazed off attending only ¾ of my course (or maybe less). I hung out with my friends who are in the 1st year of their degrees and who have completely different timetables to me, i.e more free time. I found myself doing what they did and staying up late when I have a lecture at 9:00 in the morning Exam time was the most stressful time in my life as I found myself trying to learn four modules in a month. Semester II: How to be successful : 14/10/2008 16 Semester II: How to be successful Reality check: The feeling of stress, depression and stupidity over the exam period has really opened my eyes. This semester there will be no messing around. I intend to work, balance my time between the books and my friends. I cannot afford to be or bear the thought of being kicked out of university and I really want to do my degree. What to do: Attend all lessons! If not possible then make sure to collect notes and catch up on what I have missed. Construct a timetable! Organise my time making sure that enough time is spent on both private study and free time to myself. Semester II: How to be Successful : 14/10/2008 17 Semester II: How to be Successful What to do (cont...): A syllabus for each module! This way it gives me a chance to keep on top of each module, or even be one step ahead! A good night! I must make sure that I get a good nights rest to prepare for my morning lectures. Early start! Get an early start on revision, making sure to plan at least 8 weeks in advance Enough Attention. Give each module the attention it deserves and work harder for those module that are disagreeable with me. What to prevent this semester: Every thing that I did in the 1st semester! (as follows) Leaving coursework and assignments to the last minute. Avoiding the topics/modules that I find hard to tackle. Late nights My Personal Timetable : 14/10/2008 18 My Personal Timetable My Time Plan : 14/10/2008 19 My Time Plan My Degree Choice: and why : 14/10/2008 20 My Degree Choice: and why Mathematics and Statistics with Management: I am 99% certain that I want to do this degree Mathematics has always been my strongest subject. I enjoy the challenge and like learning about new topics. Statistics is a tedious subject, but it is still enjoyed and is found to be a subject that I can relate to well as long as effort is put into learning it. Management: Hopefully the management modules will help me when I am ready to face the big bad world of work.

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